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RE: Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Fw: Your technique please:

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Janice and All, I enjoyed reading your insightful comments. Doesn t it seems somewhat strange that Eckists have bought into the whole goD thing? They,
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 2, 2013

      Hello Janice and All,

      I enjoyed reading your

      insightful comments.

      Doesn't it seems somewhat

      strange that Eckists 

      have bought into the

      whole goD thing? They, 

      think they are so open 

      minded but are merely 

      following the herd with 

      acceptance, faith and 

      belief in an imaginary

      world of powerful beings. 

      And, for EKists to think 

      Klemp was in the 'true' 

      spiritual hierarchy, just 

      under God, is the height 

      of their delusion! However, 

      he did include them down 

      the ladder from himself. 

      That was nice of him,

      except, for slowing down

      Initiations 28 years ago.

      But, at least Eckists are 

      miles higher in consciousness 

      than all non-Eckists. LOL!

      What egocentric and

      foolish thinking! Eckists

      practice narrow mindedness,

      just look at the books

      they read, the movies

      they watch, their friends 

      and their limited seminar 

      vacations! They refuse

      to read the truth about

      Eckankar because the

      truth hurts. And if It hurts 

      it must be bad and what's 

      bad is wrong and negative... 

      right? Thus, truth should 

      be avoided. That's the

      Easy Way! But, it's also

      the way of all religions

      and not just Eckankar.


      Oops! I've digressed 

      about hierarchies. PT, 

      DG, and HK made it seem 

      that having a hierarchy 

      and 'rankings' (initiations) 

      were connected to the 

      invisible/inner and in a 

      "spiritual" way, although,

      Initiations are only valid

      and used on the Outer

      and in this Real World.

      These (false prophets)

      always seem to use 

      God to justify the trickle-

      down effects. Actually,

      it's: As Below, So Above.

      Men have created their

      God/Gods in their image

      and then created religion

      to explain away the cosmos

      and, then, used Dogma 

      for the rules that benefit 


      Belief in God is psychosomatic

      and can act as a placebo

      for what ails you, until,

      what ails you kills you!

      But, religion acts as a

      distraction too. It's like 

      a hobby and a habit

      (a vocation for Klemp)

      to take the mind away

      from seeing a broader

      more exciting or frightening 

      view of life that's unique 

      to the human mind. 

      However, one of the

      more fulfilling aspects

      of life are with relationships.

      Unfortunately, religions

      tend to interfere with 

      these too. Eckists are 

      as judgmental as any

      religionist. And, if they're

      not in agreement on the

      M/LEM belief they will

      turn their backs on family

      just as some family members 

      will turn their backs on 

      them. Yet, either one is 

      claiming to be a member

      of a Love Based religion.

      That's what Eckankar 

      does, it breaks up families. 

      Klemp even encourages 

      this disenfranchisement 

      due to his own problems

      that he caused with his

      father. Thus, many Eckists

      have deprived themselves

      of meaningful relationships

      with family members due

      to Klemp's psychosis and

      arrested development.

      Yes, I too learned a lot

      from being an Eckist.

      It makes you even more

      grateful after leaving the

      org. And, afterwards, one

      is given such clarity of 

      mind! Quite amazing! The 

      more responsibilities and 

      stress one had as a H.I. 

      the more is lifted from

      one's shoulders. It's such

      a light airy feeling! And,

      contentment comes as

      well. I always thought

      that Contentment was 

      just a pipe dream until 

      experiencing it for such 

      a prolonged period, and

      in such a pure form, 

      after leaving the EK org.

      This was greater than 

      any experience I ever 

      had (and I had many

      phenomenal experiences)

      while a 30 + year member.

      That's another contention.

      Why does it take so long

      to advance in consciousness,

      i.e. initiations, if HK is the

      great master he claims

      and if eckankar is the

      advanced religion it claims

      to be with all of those 

      invisible/inner 'Masters' 

      everywhere that are helping

      EKists 24/7? If they are

      so advanced why are 

      they so screwed up and

      out-of-balance? See! If

      it doesn't make sense

      it's not true, especially,

      if you take a long hard


      Then again, ECKists aren't

      allowed to ask questions

      beyond the 2nd Initiation.

      Too many or the wrong

      questions will get an EKist

      shunned and Black Listed.

      It's not acceptable to question

      authority. They will always

      tell you to Take It To The

      Inner... sleep and dream

      on it and you'll give up

      asking and become Stepford

      like, passive and placid

      (brain-washed). People 

      on either side of an issue

      don't like confrontation so

      one learns to Keep Silent.

      Actually, is it any wonder

      that Silence is one of the 

      keys to becoming a good 



      --- In eckankarsurvivorsanonymous@yahoogroups.com, <jepfeiffer@...> wrote:

      Well it can be some what disconcerting when you get to the point that you feel there is you and only you scripting the movie called life.  I think all of us would feel better if we got absolute proof that God is in heaven and he knows us, loves us and is protecting us.  Eventually, those of us who take the time to look, find that it just ain't so and if there is a Big Seer of all things, he really is not directly involved with us at all.  Now that is enough to leave the faint of heart shaking in its shoes.  But then again, for those who did seek and did not find, it can be a freeing experience because come what may, there is no need to go ask said Big Seer, what to do, how to feel and what's it going to cost me.  It's kind a neat knowing you make the rules, you pull the strings and you are dancing to the tune of your own making.  And further more, it don't matter a good GD what the rest of the world thinks about it.  How more free is that? 
      So most of us found the org, hoping to find the answers we didn't get elsewhere. Now it wasn't delivered to me in the way that I expected or they might have hoped for.  But once I was clear of that raunchy org, I did find the ability to answer my own questions. And that is why I am grateful to that org.  It's a shame they would not approve of my gratitude.  Ya Think?

      From: Gnothe Seauton <prometheus_973@...>
      To: "eckankarsurvivorsanonymous@yahoogroups.com" <eckankarsurvivorsanonymous@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Saturday, August 24, 2013 12:50 PM
      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Fw: Your technique please:
      Hello Keefer and All,
      I received this email a few 
      days ago and didn't know 
      how to respond except to
      say that we are all our own
      'spiritual technique.' 

      I used to meditate but now 
      I do so only on occasion. 
      I've found HU to be an 
      easy mantra and I use 
      it physiologically to calm
      the mind. For me, there 
      are no connections to eck 
      or to any religious dogma.
      I've disassociated this word/
      sound to eckankar, to sant 
      mat, and to religion per se. 

      IMO, all religions are 
      false teachings.

      If anyone would like to 
      share their own thoughts 
      about akatha, eckankar, 
      or other 'techniques' and
      what you use or don't use
      please feel free to speak
      your mind and to opine.


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      From: keefer 
      Sent: Sunday, August 18, 2013 
      Subject: Your technique please:
      Hello Prometheus, I ran across your article from akatha, I wanted to get the technique from you, I have been practicing for 4yrs but nothings happening, was initiated by a sant mat guru from beas India and doing the akatha exercises also. Im not good with organizations and attending meetings/satsangs and getting programmed with only their instructions. I try to keep myself open to receive new information when it comes my way.  I do have a consistent meditation practice though. I just want real results.  keefe
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