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Re: Eckankar Renews, Revitalizes, Revamps, Repeats, and Regurgitates

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Janice, Thanks for sharing your insights. I can relate to what you ve experienced. I always tried, like others, to buy into the whole spiel, about the
    Message 1 of 8 , Jul 27, 2013
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      Hello Janice,
      Thanks for sharing your
      insights. I can relate to
      what you've experienced.

      I always tried, like others,
      to buy into the whole spiel,
      about the Mahanta, but there
      were just too many holes in
      the logic. I really tried and
      at one time thought it was
      me who was the problem.

      However, I was an observer
      and I looked and listened
      closely to what the H.I.s
      were doing and saying
      (behind closed doors too).
      It was schizophrenic and
      hypocritical at best. Still,
      they were 6ths and 7ths.
      Why was that? To violate
      the Four Zoas and yet the
      Mahanta knew nothing
      about it and would promote
      them! The whole goal was
      that next initiation, more
      and more were needed
      to reach that ultimate goal.

      Eckankar became a second
      job... in sales. And to be a
      good salesman you have to
      believe in the product.... or
      at least make it sound like
      you do. I could talk the talk
      and I had plenty of phenomenal
      experiences to walk the walk.

      However, the real problem
      was not sounding like every
      one else in a New Age religion
      or philosophy. One's described
      "spiritual benefits" sounded
      like every other religious
      testimonial. This is why many
      ECKists don't like reading
      non-approved books, although,
      many do. Most EKists don't
      want to clutter their minds
      with mental complexities.
      Thus, simple minded books
      on Animal Angels fulfills
      their non-discourse needs.

      Many H.I.s don't really buy
      into Klemp's Guidelines or
      his (and Twitchell's) exaggerated
      description of the Mahanta's
      abilities. After all, shouldn't
      some of that "All Knowingness"
      and Prophecy carryover into
      the Physical? Klemp is a low
      scale pretender who can only
      get away with his act when
      using it on those who have
      already bought and drank
      the kool-aid. They have
      nothing else except for
      Eckankar, their friends,
      their hopes, everything
      is illusion, especially, those
      initiations. Thus, Eckankar
      and it's dogma, ECK Masters,
      etc. is all fictional.

      I wonder how EKists justify
      having a Garden of Eden
      (see Polarians) with Adom
      and Ede... another letter
      switch around, addition
      and omission used by PT.
      ECKists have laughed at
      Christians for believing
      in a Garden of Eden when,
      if they'd read and pay attention,
      would see that Eckankar had
      one as well.... the same one!


      Janice Pfeiffer wrote:
      While I was in the org, whenever I heard HK speak, I felt like I had to slow down my hearing. my thinking and my feelings because he was so incredibly slow, bland and unimaginative and every fiber of my being was aware of it. I made continued pitiful attempts to say that my attitude was to blame and I needed to learn respect and appreciation for the LEM. In fact, I beat myself up a lot because try though I might, I couldn't get past those ideas about HKs deficiencies. I didn't talk about him at all while I tried to reconcile myself about the LEM. There was some pretty good stuff in all the books I read and so I just tried to stop myself from thinking about the obvious idiot who no one would dare call an idiot and who was touted as the most developed, the most powerful and the most remarkable individual living in physical form. Today, I am proud to say that I have forgotten all about that ridiculous self denial and I am pleased to be able to say that I believe HK to border on being mentally challenged and most definitely, I feel his talks show blatant lack of inspiration and creativity. I say these things with out malice but state I do have a need to express what I tried to deny as a good eckist. I just couldn't get to the point of total disillusion as other good eckist and I could not get mesmerized by the power that this man was touted as having since it wasn't evidenced by his thoughts, words or deeds. In fact, he showed blatant immaturity and so did a lot of the H.Is.. So I will simple say it now like I SEE it is. Him who look and act like idiot, most likely is idiot.

      eckchains wrote:

      To those who actually want to believe that klemp is the highest state of consciousness, well anything that he utters, no matter how inane or outright dumb, is considered some kind of golden wisdom. The eckist may actually believe that he is being a shifty Godman that is showing proof of no ego or some other absurd rationalization.

      Non ;)

      prometheus wrote:
      > Hello Sharon and All,
      > Glad you are doing well as
      > are most of us who have left
      > the cult and the lies, delusions,
      > and codependency.
      > Correct! These are the same
      > 17 discourses, except, they've
      > been tweaked (edited), repackaged,
      > and include a workbook and
      > a CD. Klemp can't come up
      > with anything better worth
      > saying which, obviously, proves
      > he's not what he claims.
      > And, if one reads comments
      > and perspectives from the Dali
      > Lama or a host of other "spiritual"
      > masters you will see that Klemp
      > does not even come close to
      > these higher levels of intellect
      > or of consciousness.
      > This is a problem for ECKists
      > since Klemp claims, as the
      > Mahanta, to be of the "Highest
      > Consciousness" on earth and
      > of all other Planes.
      > Therefore, ECKists have to put
      > their blinders on and not read
      > other authors. Except, most
      > EKists do read Rumi (a Muslim)
      > and enjoy his perspectives of
      > god/spirit. Why, then, can't Klemp
      > express himself more cleverly
      > and with more inspiration and
      > spirituality than Rumi had? This
      > is why EKists are in denial. They
      > have no choice, unless, they begin
      > to question why that huge elephant
      > is standing in the corner of the room.
      > Really, Klemp can't even expand
      > upon the words of Rumi or of 2nd
      > initiate Jesus or the Buddha. And,
      > since HK is incapable of being more
      > than his and PT's redundant and
      > borrowed (past) thoughts and 20/20
      > hindsights don't expect much from
      > these discourses. What ever happened
      > to prophecy? HK claims to be a
      > Modern Prophet but he never proves
      > it. This is one more thing that EKists
      > are in denial about.
      > There's actually a long list of topics
      > that each ECkist must come to deny
      > and never question (out loud). After
      > awhile one simply accepts more and
      > more lies, distortions, promises,
      > assumptions, and hearsay testimonials
      > on "faith."
      > The belief or faith is reinforced via
      > self-hypnotic suggestions and from
      > the talks and discourses which result
      > in "special" dreams. This self-
      > hypnosis via desires has EKists look
      > for "signs" to reenforce their faith.
      > Others experience what seems to
      > be paranormal activities as proof
      > of faith and see this as Higher
      > Consciousness expectation and
      > promise. Little do they understand
      > that Klemp had nothing to do with
      > their subjective awareness of their
      > mental inner/outer surroundings.
      > Prometheus
      > Sharon wrote:
      > Ha, I bet the "new" study program is the same old, same old - maybe they've just
      > rearranged the order in which they send them out again?
      > When I first joined, I couldn't wait to get those "higher" discourses, looked
      > forward to learning all those great spirichul secruds they promised - except as
      > the years went on, they changed the order of the discourses around so formerly
      > "high" ones were sent a lot sooner, and I eventually learned that a lot of the
      > material was already in the "public" books - so much for those promises, and the
      > warnings about how the profane non-eckist would self-destruct if they were
      > allowed to peek at them!
      > Hey, if anyone's got the new stuff, hope they'll make them public, scan & post
      > them in the files here and at eckankartruth.
      > Looking back - I've been out since '98 - in spite of all those death-threats
      > about what happens when one leaves, I'd have to say the worst thing is I've got
      > more hairs on my chin than I did back then. <gg> And the usual arthritis -
      > except the hips & knees are mostly just fine, altho I know quite a few
      > non-eckists who've needed new ones.
      > Otherwise, my life is totally awesomely wonderful and I couldn't be happier!!
      > Well, except I wish I was younger again. <sigh>
      > Anyway - hi everyone!!!! Hope life is treating everyone well - and for any
      > newbie exes out there, yeah it's a bit rough at first but hang in there, it
      > takes a little time to wash the eck-crud out, but OMG you are going to be SO
      > happy you woke up & got out!
      > Think Snow, everyone!!
      > Hugs,
      > Sharon
      > prometheus wrote:
      > >
      > > Hello Janice and All,
      > > Yes, Klemp states that:
      > > "Eckankar is taking a vital
      > > step to bring a new spiritual
      > > opportunity to you, your
      > > fellow Eckists, and spiritual
      > > seekers around the world."
      > >
      > > The New ECK Study Program
      > > (2013) is based upon a 1970
      > > quote from PT's first Shariyat
      > > and the borrowed dogma from
      > > Sant Mat and a similar prophecy
      > > from the Judeo-Christian Bible
      > > as well as the Book of Mormon,
      > > et al.:
      > >
      > > "ECK [Spirit] is life itself, the
      > > Audible Life Stream. The time
      > > is coming that will bring ECK
      > > to the world as a universal
      > > spiritual belief. Mankind will
      > > accept it. ECK will serve all
      > > races of people and all countries."
      > >
      > > Harold is "updating the presentation"
      > > of the ECK discourses and the
      > > ECK study program with a "greater
      > > current" of the Light and Sound
      > > of God. Really! I don't know how
      > > he's doing it... more words(?) or
      > > why he's waited so long but that's
      > > the talk.
      > >
      > > Here's more from Klemp's business
      > > partner and the President of Eckankar,
      > > Peter Skelskey (he knows where the
      > > bodies are buried):
      > >
      > > "All available resources of time,
      > > energy, creativity, and finances
      > > are being put forth to support
      > > Sri Harold's vision for the future
      > > of the ECK teachings on earth."
      > >
      > > Wow! That sounds oddly familiar.
      > >
      > > "The costs are substantial, yet
      > > the spiritual benefits to mankind
      > > are beyond measure."
      > >
      > > That sound familiar too!
      > >
      > > I wonder if Peter and Harold
      > > will supply a financial report
      > > in order to show where all of
      > > these "costs" are going? LOL!
      > >
      > > ECK Mission Fund Goal -
      > > Eckankar has set an initial
      > > fund-raising goal for 2013
      > > of $3,000,000 to help support
      > > this program.
      > >
      > > Peter continues:
      > > "Will you lend your heart and
      > > hands to this great effort? Your
      > > gifts, in whatever amount, are
      > > truly appreciated. It will take
      > > each and every one of us to
      > > make it happen. You are the
      > > heart and soul of the ECK mission.
      > > You are a Co-worker with the
      > > Mahanta."
      > >
      > > See, now we all know that's Bullshit
      > > because we were never "Co-workers"
      > > "with" Sugmad or with the Mahanta.
      > > We were always "Underlings" versus
      > > Co-workers. It's a hierarchy! There's
      > > no equality! You work "For" the higher
      > > ups and not "with" the higher ups.
      > > You are evaluated by the higher ups,
      > > therefore, you are not peer to them.
      > > There is only the facade of Soul=Soul
      > > and of being a "Co-worker." It's
      > > double-talk, and smoke and mirrors.
      > >
      > > Here's more:
      > > "Your gifts of love and service will
      > > help many others find their way home
      > > to God. I thank you from the bottom
      > > of my heart for your help with this
      > > great mission."
      > >
      > > From the bottom of your heart?
      > > Can't you be more original than that?
      > >
      > > "PS If you want information on including
      > > Eckankar in your will or estate plans,
      > > check the designated box on the donation
      > > form and return it in the enclosed envelope.
      > >
      > > Also, if you would like to make a donation
      > > via the Eckankar website, visit xxxxxxxxx/
      > > Donate to make a secure donation via the
      > > Internet."
      > >
      > > "Learn to give, without ever
      > > thinking of a reward. That's
      > > how to find the treasures of
      > > heaven." --Sri HK The Language of Soul
      > >
      > > Of course there are several problems
      > > with the above quote. First, it's a
      > > lie. Next, Eckists expect and are
      > > owed rewards via outer Initiations.
      > > That's the way it's been set-up,
      > > except, Klemp (a narcissist) refuses
      > > to follow the established rules.
      > > And, let's talk about this "heaven"
      > > which is promised and is dangled
      > > like a carrot in lieu of higher initiations.
      > > Define this "heaven?" Where or what
      > > is it? What "level?" It's just words!
      > > It doesn't exist but if it did......
      > > Klemp would be the last one to
      > > know! Plus, Religious Dogma
      > > designed for the masses will
      > > never get you there (heaven) if
      > > there is even such a "place" or
      > > state. Isn't this obvious by now?!
      > >
      > > Prometheus
      > >
      > > Janice Pfeiffer wrote:
      > > Oh wow, that sounds like more money in dues since every now and then a guilt
      > trip will be laid on everybody to give and give some more to spread the word of
      > the Eck especially since they haven't been very successful in dragging in more
      > suckers. Hey, somebody has got to pay!
      > >
      > > prometheus wrote:
      > >
      > > Yes, more redundancy! After
      > > almost twenty years of promising
      > > "change" Klemp has finally
      > > decided how he is going to
      > > accomplish this. Unfortunately,
      > > HK's not stepping down, but
      > > there's always the hope that
      > > he will... only to be dashed to
      > > pieces after every Oct. 22. In
      > > any case, here are some of the
      > > incredible "program" changes
      > > ready to take place to revitalize
      > > a dying, stagnant, insignificant
      > > and inherited religious scam:
      > >
      > > * New discourse format with audio
      > > CD and dynamic workbook activities
      > >
      > > * Revitalized study program with
      > > updated discourses in sequence for
      > > chelas who have completed the first
      > > seventeen years of ECK study
      > >
      > > * Family membership to include two
      > > discourses and two copies of the Mystic
      > > World
      > >
      > > * Letter of Light youth newsletter to
      > > be included with each membership
      > > with children under 18
      > >
      > > * Easy membership donation options.
      > > You may give as you are able. You can
      > > now make monthly donations using a
      > > credit card in the amount of your choosing.
      > >
      > > See! What a change! What a revitalization!
      > > Whatever!!!
      > >
      > > Prometheus
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