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Re: Is Klemps X Brother in Law Ferreting Out Detractors?

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  • editor.ptha
    Hi Will, (and TY Prom) This is an interesting report, thanks for sharing it. Motivated me enough to join the group in order to reply. I have no direct
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      Hi Will,

      (and TY Prom)

      This is an interesting report, thanks for sharing it. Motivated me enough to join the group in order to reply.

      I have no direct knowledge about the matters you raise, so this is only my feelings about what you'd said. I didn't even know Marge had a brother, or that he was an Eckankar member at one time.

      I have no reason to doubt your report that the person on the tape via Akatha was this person. You would probably know.

      I'd find it hard to believe without some hard evidence that his involvement with Akatha was in any way sanctioned by the leadership in the Organisation to gain information about Akatha or ex-Eckists in that newish group.

      However, that does preclude the possibility that aren't some Eckists who might take on such a task on their own or as a 'independent group' as you described, for similar kinds of covert groups have occurred in the past and continue in the present I believe.

      More likely is that this person has genuinely switched to Akatha, though is nothing more than an idle opinion of my own. Others have, and one is known to have posted to this group last year or before singing the praises of Timothy Arnold.

      Around that time I emailed Timothy about some of the information stated on his then "new website" about Paul Twitchell and he replied personally. What was said wasn't at all convincing to me, and raised all kinds of doubts about his claimed authority and knowledge.

      As you mentioned, the Akatha website was hacked/corrupted earlier this year. It appeared to me to be the very same thing that infected Ford Johnson's The Truth Seeker website last year (or was that earlier?), but I didn't keep a record to be sure it';s the same cause.

      Ford's website was/is infected with JS/TRojanDownloader.Iframe.NKE trojan. @ thetruth-seeker.com It is still corrupted as far as I can tell.

      Ford's people were advised of this earlier this year, and apparently didn't even know. It has trashed their entire database system, and made bulletin board and files section unusable or accessible.

      It appears Akatha's website has suffered the same fate, and still not repaired. This infection is a major problem and needs $$$ to fix it. It's also possible both their "administration" IT system are likewise been hacked or interfered with.

      Also last year David Lane's radhasoami studies Yahoo discussion board was "hacked" as well. But being a Yahoo domain the damage was limited, but they did manage to switch his board from being listed under radhasoami/sant mat groups and moved into the Adults Only sub-Group Directory instead. It's still like that, meaning that one must have a Yahoo ID to be able to "login" to view the Messages, but all the archives of messages were maintained ok.

      I am not a default conspiracy theorist, however given the timing it sure presents as a kind of "waking dream" of stark coincidences. I don't know for sure obviously. No info has come back from Ford's people about their problems on TS site.

      But it was the only site that had scanned copies of some of the Sworn Affidavits and Court records regarding Darwin's suit against Eckankar in 84/85. That was quite unique. I asked twice via email thru HCS for a copy of ALL those files, have never received a reply.

      Maybe I should try again as they are 'public domain' court materials. Ford may well be past retirement age by now.

      I was going to email Timothy again and ask about their Akatha site situation too, but never got around to it. I'd love to know what happened accurately, when and what the infection attack consisted of. And if they reported it to Law Enforcement, which imho all should have. It's more than likely to meet the standard of a Federal Felony under US law, but I'm no expert on that.

      My bottom line about your message? Something is going on, what exactly I am unwilling or unable to state for certain.

      But I am all ears if something firm unfolds in the future.

      Regards Ed.

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "Will Faust" <ravikalam@...> wrote:
      > I have been bitting my tongue for a long time trying to make heads or tails of it?. So I will come out with it and you all can tell me if I am tripping my nards off.
      > In 1980 I was at the Riverside Eck Center in southern California minding my own business. In walked a guy who introduced himself as the brother of marjore klemp. I knew the klemp dude as i saw him speak a few times and sat next to him at one of the major seminars.
      > Anyway to the point. I remember distinctly the brother in law of klemps voice distinctly. I have the memory of an elephant. I saw him again in 2003 and again heard his voice. It was a voice you would not hire for any radio or television shows. It is a wimpish squeamish meterosexual voice such as klemp had somewhat before he became the man. And i guess after?. You know kinda like hanibal lexor meterosexualized working at the funeral parlor?
      > I came upon a website called akatha and there was a taped conversation amongst maybe 8 to 10 of its members. I listened to this taped conversation. I was taken back as I heard that exact distinct voice I was familiar with from 1980 and 2003 of the brother in law of klemp.
      > The akatha website was owned by someone in Minneapolis before it was taken down with claims that it was being repaired and was offline but a temporary site was now up. In other words the site I saw was no longer up but a newish one replaced it.
      > Wouldn't it be bizarre if the brother in law dude of klemp had infiltrated that group to ferret out eckies who had joined while still being members of the org? I got a really strange feeling about it. I know the talent of the klemp bunch to be into skull duggery and dark left handed tom foolery at punishing betrayers to their camp.
      > I caught wind that a number of people may have had the same notion as i and did some digging themselves. That is about the time the akafruity site disappeared from the internet. What are all of your thoughts on this?. I know the ecki machine is wound up tight with rage and quite frankly i would not put it past them to menace detractors and defectors in this fashion by joining their groups to weed out badies to the superior cause. x )
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