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The Wisdom Notes June 2013

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  • prometheus_973
    First, let me revisit this as a reminder of Klemp s hypocrisy: In the 12/2005 H.I. Letter Klemp (the M/LEM) gave special instructions/teachings to his Higher
    Message 1 of 1 , May 17, 2013
      First, let me revisit this
      as a reminder of Klemp's

      In the 12/2005 H.I. Letter
      Klemp (the M/LEM) gave special
      instructions/teachings to his
      Higher Initiates on the use of
      "If, And, or But:" However, using
      "BUT" was, especially, to be
      avoided with fellow ECKists!

      Here's what KLEMP had to say
      in this 12/2005 H.I. Letter:

      "Many are sharing their ideas
      from the Mental Arena, and it
      uplifts people.

      I look at the Ideas and Thoughts
      of Philosophers.

      One thing that strikes me about
      Immanuel Kant was something
      he said that Acts Out an appreciation
      for life, which shows Gratitude in

      He said, NO Ifs, Ands, or Buts.
      By this he meant, Make Your
      Statement Clean and Clear....

      When someone says BUT it is
      a Nail in the Coffin of Invention.
      A Constant Stream of Contradictions
      Shuts Off Creativity and a Gift
      that may be offered.

      And when someone says BUT,
      he's [HK] Stopped Listening.

      So Be Aware when using if.

      And Especially when using BUT,
      because it's Limiting. Move straight
      ahead. Don't Clutter things with if,
      and, or BUT. It throws a Condition
      Under Your Feet that is a Trip Wire."


      Now for Klemp's words of "Wisdom:"

      "The ancient Irish had a saying:
      'No one is better than I am, BUT
      I am no better than anyone else.'

      Sad to say, a few higher initiates
      are remiss in practicing the four
      Zoas (laws) for the initiates of the
      Fifth Circle and above."

      Klemp is having problems with
      keeping a handle on things, It
      seems his "Inner Guidance" isn't
      working too well.

      Thus, Klemp points out their
      faults while giving most others
      an attaboy. Then, he points out
      EK scripture from the 2nd of the
      Holy Books of PT. "[The Mahdis]
      must show that the disciple in
      the human body must have a
      Master in the human body. This
      is a fixed law of the Sugmad."

      It seems Klemp feels the need
      to drop the "S" bomb! As though
      it really matters since Twitwit
      created it all by stealing most
      of the EK dogma from Sant Mat.
      Karma and the Caste System is
      one reason why India is so screwed
      up! Yet, Klemp uses what works
      and what the New Age ECKists
      can relate to. Do most EKists
      really believe in this other version
      of "God" they were taught when
      children? Maybe not. Maybe that's
      why these H.I.s aren't following
      the mind control tactics of the
      Four Zoas or of HK's Guidelines!
      Really, Klemp claims to be the
      Son of God, but doesn't want to
      be worshipped because he's not
      perfect. Yet, when HK comes out
      on stage one can tell by the starry
      eyed looks, applause, and laughter
      at stupid comments and grunts
      that he is worshipped! Amazing!

      "Yet some 'leaders' delay in
      answering the ESC's inquires
      into certain matters. They
      rather take the stance that the
      ESC does not understand that
      those things do not apply to
      their region. Yet, there must
      be an open discussion to see
      what can be done to resolve
      thorny issues."

      For one thing, RESAs and the
      other local ECK Leaders don't
      get paid a salary as do the
      ESC staffers. Every area has
      their own consciousness. The
      thing that doesn't make sense,
      if an ECKist really gave it some
      thought and perspective, is why
      doesn't the Mahanta (Klemp)
      resolve these things with Inner
      Communication? Doesn't a High
      Initiation mean that this person
      is more spiritually advanced than
      anyone else in the Lower Planes
      of Consciousness who is not
      an ECKist? Of course! So, why
      does Klemp have a problem?
      Because Twitchell, Gross and
      Klemp are liars and conmen!
      They make big promises but
      can't deliver. Where's that protection?

      "BUT their arrogance and vanity
      block any resolutions. So are they
      above the Master's direction?....
      So be wary of the few 'leaders'
      who disparage some portion of
      the ECK Guidelines."

      I remember when these Guidelines
      first came out. I was speaking to
      a former RESA (from another state)
      who was now a Spiritual Services
      Coordinator. He told me that he
      had no intention of following these
      Guidelines and that he knew better
      and had inner Guidance. Who can
      deny that the Inner Master trumps
      the Outer (imperfect) LEM! Correct?
      BTW- This same person had a flutist
      play a single note of a flute during
      a HU Chant at the EWS. Some people
      were fooled into thinking that they
      had an Inner "spiritual" experience.

      "You all have a stake in this. The
      way of ECK is to free you from the
      bonds of karma."

      I noticed that if just one word
      was changed (while omitting others)
      it would make a big difference in
      the meaning of this comment. Try
      this: The way of ECK (Spirit) is to
      be free.

      Okay, now for several more examples
      of how Klemp says one thing while
      doing another. That means he's a
      hypocrite and a conman!

      "What is really inspiring, though,
      is the other side of the coin. Many
      of you love the Master and thus
      receive his love and protection in
      return. Like 'Peter' from West Africa."

      That must mean that those ECKists
      who have died of cancer did not
      "Love" Klemp enough to receive
      his "Protection." Isn't that what he's

      The thing with 'Peter' is he had
      some enemies and his vehicle's
      brake line was cut without his
      knowledge so he HUed and his
      car miraculously slowed, along
      with the rest of the traffic, and
      his passengers and he were spared
      by the Mahanta. WOW! Klemp
      had to go to Africa for, yet, another
      minor miracle. What's shameful
      is that HK takes credit for the
      these ECK "miracles" when the
      same and greater "miracles" happen
      to Christians and non-believers
      daily. ECKists are soooo clueless!

      "BUT, Peter and his passengers were

      "Liz" also benefited from the Master's
      protection, BUT what seemed a less
      dramatic way."

      Klemp uses a lot of BUTs doesn't he?
      Here's a reminder with his own advice:

      "When someone says BUT it is
      a Nail in the Coffin of Invention.
      A Constant Stream of Contradictions
      Shuts Off Creativity and a Gift
      that may be offered. And when
      someone says BUT, he's Stopped

      "Immediately, she checked on her own
      daughter's family. Everyone there was
      Okay. BUT Liz stayed home anyway."

      "We are all somewhat too protective
      of our routines, because they bring
      order into our lives. BUT IF we let
      routines become too rigid, they may
      quickly turn into a spiritual hinderance.
      BUT don't worry. IF the Master sees
      the same routine or habit become so
      strong that it restricts your spiritual
      unfoldment, he breaks it up."

      Of course that's an obvious lie because
      if that were true Klemp wouldn't be
      having problems with H.I.s following
      the Four Zoas, The ECK Guidelines,
      or responding to the ESC. Klemp's

      See how confusing it is for EKists.
      They think they're getting guidance
      from the Inner, but get smacked
      down when they exert some Free
      Will as Soul. Apparently Soul does
      not equal Soul.

      "The mind, it is often said, is a good
      servant BUT a poor master. Too strong
      it is a monster."

      I don't know about that. Einstein
      wasn't a monster and Hawking's
      isn't either. I'm thinking that Klemp
      is confusing ego with intellect.

      "The ancient Irish culture had it
      right. They recognized their own
      importance, BUT also respected
      the equality of being--thought
      not of station--of all others."

      It seems that Klemp doesn't know
      all that much about Irish history.
      Many people were taken advantage
      of due to their low station in life.
      That's one reason why many left
      Ireland to come to the U.S. And,
      many of these Irish people became
      indentured servants after coming
      to America in the mid 1700s.

      "Peter and Liz have it. A few higher
      initiates, however, need to read
      and practice the four Zoas again."

      Again? Why? Twitchell stole these
      Zoas anyway and never practiced
      them himself!

      Besides, moderation/balance is
      the key... correct? And, I seem to
      remember that Klemp once told
      us H.I.s that if we are to drink and
      smoke to do it in privacy and away
      from the scrutiny of others.

      Millie Moore smoked and she was
      an 8th initiate. Isn't there some old
      story about EK Masters drinking
      wine? It's written somewhere in
      one of Twitchell's old books.

      My point? All of these rules, laws,
      Zoas, Guidelines are merely control

      Look at the Mormons! How has
      cleansing their bodies and minds
      of caffeine and alcohol helped them
      to make better decisions and become
      more "spiritual." What a Joke!

      Now, look at Klemp. He can't even
      protect himself with insight from
      slipping on black ice and breaking
      his hip!

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