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About Klemp and Such

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, When one really thinks about the men who created and promoted Eckankar one has to think What if. Or, WTF! What did Twit have in his story telling
    Message 1 of 1 , May 15, 2013
      Hello All,
      When one really thinks about
      the men who created and
      promoted Eckankar one has
      to think "What if." Or, WTF!

      What did Twit have in his
      story telling "tool box" to
      help him create a tax exempt
      religion? What do all of these
      people past, present and future
      have in common that helped
      them to create their scams?
      Dedicated followers donating
      time, money, and expertise
      is certainly needed. But, what
      did these early and present
      day followers want or expect
      in return? What did anyone
      desire when they started out
      on the "path?" How would they/
      we be recompensed? No more
      lifetimes here in the "ashcan?"
      What else? Followers have their
      egos stroked and are compensated
      via Initiations (the higher the
      better) and with position titles
      which give prestige and power
      and demands respect or else!
      Whether hierarchy or not this
      is the way religious businesses

      It's all about Product promises
      and imagined results and the
      client. But it's also about brand
      names and their generic copies.

      Most people need the mind
      alternating drugs provided by
      religious dogma. The mind is
      very powerful and will protect
      and medicate itself via hook
      or crook.

      Pretend is still as much fun for
      adults (it's more obvious with
      males) as it was when we were
      children. Adults simply disguise
      it, especially, when feeling unfulfilled
      for one reason or another. Fear,
      self-doubt, and curiosity create
      distractions and safe places.
      Games are okay as are books
      and movies, but the pretend
      involved with religious
      belief is serious business!
      After all; wars, torture, and
      murder are associated with
      religious pretending.

      I wonder, what did Darwin
      and Harold have in their
      "tool boxes" to be selected
      as replacement clones?

      What kind of an ego is needed
      to become a Mahanta "in training?"
      I would say that it helps to be
      somewhat sociopathic and
      narcissistic. These people
      had a strong desire and need
      to be in the spotlight and to be
      admired. But a lack of conscience
      is needed in order to mislead
      people for their, and your, own
      good of course! Darwin discovered
      that what PT preached was all
      a lie, but a part of him wanted
      and needed to believe the lie.
      Plus, he had admirers and a
      role to fulfill as a "spiritual"

      Klemp's psychopathy is closer
      to Twitchell's, except, for the
      Lutheran versus Eastern influence
      and the problem with role models.
      Both were social outcasts due
      to their own psychosis while
      trying to live up to their father's
      expectations. On the surface,
      it seems PT had more of a problem
      with his mother while Klemp had
      a problem with his father. One
      has to wonder if Twitchell was
      trying to disparage his father
      more than his mother with his
      story of being a bastard orphan
      who was raised by the Twitchell's.
      Then there was the story that
      his father had gotten another
      woman pregnant and brought
      his son home to raise. This is
      why his "step-mother" resented

      Next, we have Klemp acting aloof
      and pious around family members
      and neighbors while thinking he
      was better and smarter than them.
      as a boy he alienated himself and
      withdrew his love from them while
      judging them through the eyes of
      an immature and spiteful child. This
      is why they sent him off to the private
      Lutheran all boys school. Yet, years
      later as an adult (1971), Klemp refused
      to go home to attend his father's funeral
      and to console his mother by quoting
      Jesus, out-of-context, and rationalizing
      by saying, "Let the dead bury the dead."

      True, HK also said that he thought
      that he might have a shot at being
      selected as LEM because he had a
      PT dream (as did others) and that's
      why he wanted to attend the EK World-
      wide Seminar. And, he claimed he
      didn't have the cash for the plane.
      Excuses, excuses. Still, if the reasons
      were justified why did he feel the
      need to add the Bible quote?

      Oh well, I just thought I'd share
      some thoughts. BTW- I did do the
      free Kindle download of The Karma
      Seekers but have only read 40 pages.
      I will say that it sounds pretty much
      like my own experiences. Driving
      out to the L.V. desert for a Satsang
      class taught by Harold with Helen
      sounds familiar. Or, was that mentioned?
      In any case it's a good and familiar
      read so far and I'm looking forward
      to see how the author discovers
      and approaches the lies, deceit
      and fear mongering (control tactics)
      that Eckankar was founded upon
      and promoted/sold by Klemp over
      the years.

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