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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] The Mystic World of Eckankar 12/2012

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  • Janice Pfeiffer
    You sure hit the nail on the head for me today.  From the day I joined the org, the thought that kept going through my head each time I would have some weird
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 23, 2013
      You sure hit the nail on the head for me today.  From the day I joined the org, the thought that kept going through my head each time I would have some weird experience with another eckist, was "where is the love".  I kept telling myself that it must be there and I was not able to see it because I was so new to eck ways. 
      I fully agree with you.  The only love in that org is the love generated by the loving individuals within and it has nothing to do with the org.  They were just loving people by nature while most of the others were childish, back biting, gossipy, anger filled, mixed up people. 
      Maybe the org has a way of accentuating what is already in a person be it good or bad and the individual thinks it is the eck at work. 
      Even when seeing hk speaking by video, I did not sense any real love and there was a time when I considered his love for chelas must be the tough love kind and I also considered that maybe I saw that because it might be the tough love kind I myself needed. 
      Once when I asked a female HI about why there seemed to be so little love in the center, I was accused of being judgmental.  I firmly denied that by telling her that I had not named any names.  It was simply my perception that this was so and it was difficult for me to understand because these were supposed to be really spiritual people.  I freely admitted that the difference between what I read and what I saw in the org was a real problem for me.  She had no reply at all.  Funny thing though, I heard the words "and these are supposed to be really spiritual people"  used to describe the acts of people in other faiths and I wondered if my words had been repeated in some function for HIs because I heard it again and again.
      When I left the org, I had about decided that HI's used eckankar to excuse all there short comings and used the same things to judge those under them.  I saw them as being very small minded in general and most of them relished the little power they felt they were granted by their position. 
      Several years went by and I saw less and less of real signs of love in that org and when the truth was inadvertently revealed to me about how the initiations came about, it was time to go.  It was a real relief to see that my experiences had nothing to do with me personally.  The only thing to learn from it was that I had bought into a fake and I needed to accept it and move on. 
      I believe my stay in the org would have been greatly shortened had I been able to see sooner what silly minded, arrogant, frustrated little people they were.  I was blinded by the teachings.  I kept hoping to see something genuine, something spiritual, something significantly special.  On the inner I felt I had something.  On the outer, the org appeared a mess. 
      Attending a world wide conference gave me no different impressions.  They were just people who appeared to have less going on for them than the general population really.  They died from serious ailments.  They suffered serious misfortunes.  They suffered in confusion like most lost souls do.  Their beloved org added nothing to their lives other than additional burdens to do the will of the org and the lem.  There was no sign of anything great or spectacular going on.
      My experiences taught me one thing that lasted.  That was to never put aside what was true for me in favor of what was believed by others no matter how many or how convincing they might be.  I trust myself first as long as I understand my own motivations.  There has to be elements of self deception while being deceived by others.  At least you give up objectivity because you desire  what you are hearing to be true.
      It must be a bitter pill to swallow indeed to spend 20 to 30 or more years in an org before finding the need to get out.  All of you here are such extraordinary people to me, that I must think that time for leaving most come for the best ones and surely, the org must really feel the loss of so many wonderful, loving, enlightened individuals.  I am grateful for the opportunity to read your words and know your experiences.  Being in the org was worth it if for no other reason than to see the beauty that has come from surviving it.  Thank you all.

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      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] The Mystic World of Eckankar 12/2012
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      Date: Saturday, March 23, 2013, 9:16 PM

      The title of Klemp's front
      page article is:

      "It's Always about People
      and the Love They Carry."

      Of course, this statement isn't
      true of how Eckankar works
      because it's not what Klemp,
      himself, believes. It's simply
      more smoke and mirrors and
      a deception. Klemp has always
      put down love and sentiment
      for non-ECK family members
      and friends. Look at HK's own
      life and how he turned his back
      on his father. With Klemp people
      have always come `after' the
      ECKankar Corporation. Mocking
      up love and concern doesn't
      work. Plus, Eckankar doesn't
      take care of their own. Once
      you've joined jumping through
      the hoops for initiations become
      the main distraction.

      So, we have to ask ourselves
      what's this new shtick all about?
      Ah, here's what it's all about.

      In his article Klemp mentions
      that the "perceptive" pastor of
      the "fastest growing" church in
      the state of Minnesota said,
      "Really, people are looking for
      relationships today... a place
      that's vibrant and full of faith.
      You can almost walk into a
      church and tell it's there."

      One has to wonder why the
      `Mahanta' wasn't as "perceptive?"

      Klemp responds with, "Relationships,
      yes, BUT more precisely, it's all about

      Really? "It's all about love?" Because
      I've heard non-ECKists say that often.
      And, I knew of some ECKists that were
      criticized for simplifying the EK message
      by repeating this constantly.

      Actually, I made friends with one
      such ECKist, a 4th, when he came
      to Minneapolis for seminars and
      we kept in touch. He was a 4th for
      a very long time and his wife was
      an H.I. He was a jovial sort of guy
      and very dedicated to the EK and
      to the Mahanta. He loved to HU.
      However, I heard through the
      grapevine (lamppost) that he wasn't
      presenting himself nor the teachings
      of Eckankar as well as the RESAs
      thought he should. The EK message
      wasn't as simple as, "It's all about
      love." That didn't fly. They expected
      to hear more dialogue and didn't
      think he was "well balanced in the
      teachings of the ECK." Anyway, he
      became sick, over time, and died
      without getting his 5th. It was sad.
      Imagine those last days of his and
      not having that 5th... which is really
      no big deal to give a long-time
      dedicated ECKist in good standing.
      Why were his RESAs so heartless?
      All they had to do was to okay his
      promotion when the list came down
      2-3 times per year. It seems they
      were too involved with the heartless
      Guidelines and subjective opinion
      rather than doing the right thing.
      Where was this "love" and the "Heart"
      that Klemps likes to talk and talk
      about? It isn't there with many Eckists!
      There's just too much focus on
      slowing-down initiations with
      restrictive Guidelines.

      As Above, So Below... the RESAs
      take their lead from Klemp... it's
      a facade to keep the Radhasoami
      EK teachings and the lies of Twitchell
      "pure." That's why Klemp has attempted
      to Christianize Eckankar, plus, he
      was a ministerial student so he's
      going with what he knows. Christianity
      is big money so by making Eckankar
      a better alternative to Judeo-Christianity
      and working Jesus' teachings of "love"
      into the mix should bear fruit!

      However, that 2nd initiate thing
      with Jesus isn't so good. That
      has to be spun differently or just
      omitted! Actually, only old-timers
      even remember it. Klemp has eliminated
      many of Twitchell's books. Remember,
      Twitchell stated that Jesus was
      a 2nd Initiate and, later, Klemp
      claimed to be a boyhood friend
      of Jesus in a past life. Too weird
      and obviously a lie. This is why
      Eckankar is seen as a cult. If you
      can believe this crap you must
      either be brainwashed or brain-

      Anyway, Klemp goes on to tell
      about how an EK Staffer (Sheri)
      at the ESC has helped people
      when they call in. She listens
      to their problems and talks
      about how Eckankar is better
      than other religions and makes
      suggestions about HUing.

      One person was a First
      Initiate and was destitute,
      homeless and alone. She
      was seeking counseling,
      but was told that Eckankar,
      instead, offered Spiritual
      Aide sessions.

      Here's what's interesting.
      "She had done that. BUT
      Sheri listened." Yes, she
      already had a Spiritual Aide
      session and it didn't help
      her! HK seems to just mention
      this in passing and I doubt
      if most ECKists noticed it.
      Why wasn't the first S.A.
      session helpful? What went
      wrong? Let's face facts,
      a Spiritual Aide is a 6th
      or 7th Initiate and has
      35 plus years in Eckankar.
      And, they are all supposed
      to be linked to the ECK.
      Was it the chicken or the
      egg at fault? It had to be
      the First Initiate's fault..

      So, the 1st Initiate states
      that she used to be Catholic
      and mentions the Dark Night
      of Soul and Sheri says, yes,
      we have that too in Eckankar.
      Of course Eckankar does!
      Twitchell stole this too! He
      converted to Catholicism
      while working on his plans
      to create Eckankar. Klemp
      has mentioned this too.

      So, Sheri states that, "What
      sets Eckankar apart from
      other religions is that it gives
      us the tools we need when we
      face difficulties. One of the
      main tools is Gratitude."

      I didn't think Eckankar was
      supposed to degrade other
      religions? Don't other religions
      show gratitude? Sure! There
      are even traditional ceremonies
      for this! Even in the secular
      world we show gratitude at
      Thanksgiving. However, I
      will say that instead of a
      beseeching or asking for
      things that a "Thank You"
      sometimes is nice. If you
      believe that a Mahanta or
      some Supreme Being is
      controlling your life, or
      afterlife, for the better...

      So, EKists are to be grateful
      for what? Remembering to
      be grateful, or for sporadic
      feel-good religious dogma?
      If All You Need Is Love, or
      "It's all about love" then why
      is the EK dogma and teachings
      so confined and limited? If
      loving relationships are
      important why does Klemp
      separate ECKists from their
      non-ECK families? It's really
      all about the one-sided narrow
      view that Klemp generally
      promotes... Mahnata codependence.
      Perhaps this article is to inspire
      EKists to be nicer at EK Centers
      so that membership numbers
      increase. It's a pep talk of sorts.

      HK: "At calls end, she said
      the big difference in Eckankar
      was the love she felt."

      Not really! She felt love
      coming from one person,
      Sheri, because "love," per
      se, has nothing to do with
      religious dogma. Atheists
      can Love and demonstrate
      Love to others! It happens
      all the time.... as does hate!

      Next, Sheri talks to another
      caller who had met a cab driver
      who gave him a HU card and
      taught him how to HU. The
      driver suggested he call the

      Kind of pushy isn't it? What
      ever happened to the ECK
      Law of Non-Interference?
      And, Klemp states that ECKists
      don't proselytize. Yet, we're
      reading about ECKists trying
      to convert people with their
      ideas and religion by shoving
      HU cards at them. Aren't
      Arahatas Missionaries?

      The caller asked Sheri, "How
      can I use HU for things to get
      better?" She explained, "HU
      is an undirected prayer. It
      allows everything to come
      into its rightful place... When
      we sing HU, we open our hearts
      to receiving love, and singing
      HU is an act of love." The true
      behavior of ECKists outside
      in the real world will show if
      this is a true statement. IMO,
      the HU is a prayer/meditation
      of neutrality & Non-Interference.
      One could use AUM with the
      same results... it's a placebo.

      Therefore, HUing acts as a
      form of meditation to alleviate
      stress. "It allows everything
      to come into its rightful place?"
      That sounds good but it's just
      part of the con. What does it
      really mean? It means Whatever!
      Good or Bad just have faith and
      believe like all the other religionists.

      Klemp ends his little pep talk
      by saying, "Isn't it always about
      people and the love they carry?"

      Of course, Klemp has a short
      and a selective memory. Is it
      dementia? Remember that time
      when Joan's ego got the best
      of her and she felt she had a
      problem with a temporary postal
      clerk because he asked to see
      her I.D. BEFORE looking for
      her package. Joan got huffy
      and was still irritated when she
      got home because she told
      Harold all about it (from her pov).
      Klemp's temper got the best of
      him. How dare a mere temporary
      postal clerk treat Joan just like
      everyone else! Klemp wrote a
      nasty response insulting the
      postal worker in the H.I. Letter.
      [I believe it's in the FILES section]
      What was odd is that HK had
      plenty of time to reflect and calm
      down before allowing it to go into
      print. Where was the "love" then?


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