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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] From: [eckankartruth] Re: don't be afraid to leave Eckankar

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  • Janice Pfeiffer
    Thank you Prometheus for what you just gave.  I always enjoy your writings.     We differ only on one thing.  I choose to believe in God even though as
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 22, 2013
      Thank you Prometheus for what you just gave.  I always enjoy your writings. 
       We differ only on one thing.  I choose to believe in God even though as you say there is no proof of his existence.  For me it is just something I sense which to me is a gentle cohesion between matter and energy that points to a guiding intelligence. At times it doesn't make logical sense to a human mind but eventually shows a pattern that is arranged and not random. 
      I do admit that my belief in God has a selfish angle.  Without a higher purpose or a higher guiding force, life wouldn't have meaning for me really.  I simply have to believe that there is a reason I am here other than what I experience in day to day life.  For me there would be no meaning in our existence as  separate beings, made of physical matter yet we are connected by some intangible something that some call love. 
      Like others, I have asked myself at times what God would be.  I freely admit that I draw a blank  when pondering this.  Maybe All he is, is that thing called love that connects us.  Maybe he has no discernible presence at all.  Maybe he isn't an all knowing power but is merely the mass consciousness of all souls. 
      For me, it doesn't matter, other than he must be more reasonable and more selfless than  "we", or 'we' would have already destroyed each other, because man is selfish and self serving more than man is loving and giving.  So if God were nothing else, he would have to be the balance between our conflicting natures.  Finally, I believe nothing as amazing as our physical world and our physical bodies could exist other than by intelligent design. 
      Recently, there was an article about the certainty of the existence of the Higgs Bison particle which some refer to as the God particle.  Yet still this is only the beginning in the search to determine how it all works.  It seems man is just now getting a glimpse into the invisible wonders of all that is. 
      Even so, nothing shows me that God doesn't exist so that the absence of proof that he isn't is even a valid reason to believe that he IS.  Intelligent design is woven through all there is, there must be an author to the script of life. 
      Thanks again for your thought provoking work. 
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      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] From: [eckankartruth] Re: don't be afraid to leave Eckankar
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      Hello All, 
      I thought this post would
      be good to bring over to
      our site to ponder and
      respond to as well.

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      Subject: [eckankartruth] Re: don't be afraid to leave Eckankar

      Hello execkist and all,
      Yes, there is only good
      that occurs when people
      leave Eckankar. The H.I.s,
      especially, notice that
      a tremendous burden
      has been lifted from
      their shoulders. This
      elimination of stress
      is a healthy move. Everyone
      knows that too much
      stress negatively affects
      one's mental and physical
      health and well being.

      A new clarity of consciousness,
      along with contentment,
      often envelopes those who
      have finally been freed of
      religious dogma.

      And, some of those who
      have left the New Age
      fraud of Eckankar have
      returned to orthodox
      treatment by real medical
      doctors. They have gotten
      proper preventative diagnoses
      for diseases they didn't
      realize they had due to the
      wholistic route that Klemp
      constantly promotes.

      I have a friend who just
      found out she has PPC
      (a rare form of cancer
      affecting mostly women).
      The symptoms are always
      gastrointestinal and a CA
      125 blood test is needed
      to help determine cancer.
      But, she went the the New
      Age wholistic medical route
      and had not gone to a regular
      medical doctor for ten years.
      This cancer is most often
      detected in stage 3 or 4.

      This is why some of those
      in Klemp's inner circle have
      died of cancer. They waited
      too long, were in denial, and
      trusted in the Mahanta. They
      refused to see and didn't
      follow-up with real world
      medicine thinking that the
      Mahanta would protect them
      via alternative medical treatment.
      EKists emulate everything HK
      does thinking that they too
      are advanced spiritually by
      being his chosen ones.

      Personally, I'm still not sure
      that "God" even exists. It could
      be explained away by science.
      Time is non-existant in Black
      Holes and it's been proven
      that there are multiple universes...
      perhaps ten. No, these aren't
      "Planes" as is described in
      Sant Mat or Eckankar lore...
      it's different and aren't lands
      with familiar faced beings
      even though it can't be
      proven. That's the catch
      with religion... it's subjective
      hearsay and requires a pecking
      order with followers of various

      I was told a story of a woman
      (not an Ekists) who had a reoccurring
      and chilling dream of a young
      girl waving a handkerchief down
      a long hallway. Many years later
      she adopted a baby girl. When
      she was three she didn't speak
      much. While packing for a trip
      the mother spoke out loud to
      herself and said "I've forgotten
      my handkerchiefs." The little
      girl ran down to the other bedroom
      and came out into the hallway
      waving a handkerchief. The
      mother realized that this is
      what she saw in her dream.
      They had a very happy life
      together until the young girl
      was discovered to have breast
      cancer and died at the age of

      So, who can explain how
      premonitions work and
      this time-jump? Maybe
      it's part of how the universe
      works by transcending
      time for those tuned in?
      It doesn't have to be God.

      God (Mahanta or Sugmad)
      is merely the unscientific
      explanation that all religions
      give to explain away cosmology.

      All religions make promises,
      and give hope via belief
      in order to alleviate fear
      and to control people.
      People want/need to believe
      in something and it will
      either be materialism (if
      wealthy) or God (if wanting).
      Of course that's a generalized
      statement and is not always
      the case. Many people believe
      in both materialism and the
      spiritual (a God) of some sort.

      For me, I'm still in transition
      with my beliefs, but not with
      Eckankar or a Mahanta. That's
      been resolved. No doubt.

      Klemp and Eckankar are frauds
      but all religions and their leaders
      are also fraudulent.

      It doesn't matter if these religions
      were established thousands of
      years ago as was Judaism... not
      Eckankar. This does not mean
      that time has given them validity.
      It only means that they've adapted
      and that their lies are still being
      believed. For some reason membership
      in a private (religious) club feeds
      the ego and this gives a false sense
      of security... but security none the
      less. The mind is a powerful tool
      but can become a poor master.


      execkist wrote:
      I left Eckankar 10 years ago. I realized what it was (a cult) and nothing bad
      happened to me when I left. No, the "mahanta" did not "hand me back" all the
      terrible Karma he supposedly took from me to "help me". In fact, I landed a
      wonderful high paying job, built a beautiful new house on 5 wooded acres
      overlooking a beautiful brook, fell in love, got married, got a whole new bunch
      of friends, my daughter became a naturopathic doctor and I have a beautiful 2
      year old grandson living nearby, my son opened his own graphic design agency
      earning over 2 million in revenue.....um, am I missing anything? oh, yeah, I'm
      living happily ever after. I am fifty five years old. I have lived a wonderful
      life. If anything "bad" happens to me at this point, I will laugh about it all
      with God when I see "him/her" (eventually). But honestly, don't be afraid to
      leave Eckankar. You know you are in a cult when you are afraid what will happen
      to you if you leave. I can only tell you, God still loves me, and takes care of
      me, and I am happy. Don't be afraid to follow your heart. There are as many
      paths to God, as there are people. The only true path to God, is your own,
      whatever that is.

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