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Fw: "Akatha"

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  • Gnothe Seauton
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      To be fair, Timothy Arnold doesn't charge a penny.

      Okay, here's my take on things, but first let me say a bit about myself.

      I'm big on conjuring entities and communicating with them - yes, been a magician for years.  I'm also big on working with kundalini, as well as astral travel - including training to leave out of each chakra - I wouldn't suggest it for others;  therefore, it would be fair to say that I am not your typical Eckist/ATOM'ist/SantMat'ist/Akatha'ist, for I never get caught up in names nor organizations.

      Okay, all that being said, I never got caught up in the 'man.'  Anyone that does has been blinded by Kal.  Here's what I know through experience, not through faith - I do not care for religion's BTW:  Just do the 'Easy Way' technique daily for more than 20 minutes at a time...and here's the secret to quick success:  Think about going out into the astral for an hour before working the Easy Way technique, or read any obe book for it preps your mindset; or in my case, walking the dog while thinking about travelling the realms later in the evening.  In time, the black screen does get brighter and bam! you will all of a sudden be released from your body.  This technique does work, just give it time.  The more time you put into it, the faster the return/success, so ignore the 20-30-45 suggested time.  But please note, being a magician, I tend to dive into the deep end with both hands tied behind my back.

      When I found out about Easy Way:  I was so excited about getting out via Easy Way, I did the technique for hours at a time, but that's just me.  My attitude has always been:  success before unconsciousness!  Sometimes unconsciousness wins, but more times than not, success wins!

      Are there Masters in the other planes of existence?  Yes, they are out there, though likely you will never meet one known or mentioned in earthly books, but you will meet one, and will be handed off to others as you spiritually progress.

      So my suggestion for the true seekers out there:  Don't worry about the 'man' or 'woman' or even the religious or path.  Just do the technique.  If you prefer to do astral travel techniques, that's fine as well.  Just remember, when you are out in the realms, just ask for a master to guide you, and s/he/it will appear.  'It' refers to a non-human, but that's a story for another day.  No!  No alien abductions, so don't get the wrong idea.

      Okay, I rambled enough.  Apologies, for any errors, for I am nursing a huge nerve headache, so I can barely see straight at the moment.  Also, I'm not perfect either, not even close.  No one is on this planet, or this plane for that matter.

      Whether you choose to explore the material earth plane, or other planets in the galaxy in the material plane, and/or astral planes, converse with entities, or follow a spiritual path that goes above and beyond known realms, I wish you all the best!

      Happy Travels!

      Thoth (just a magical nickname around a select circle, so don't read anything more into it.

      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Hello Sharon,
      > This was interesting. This guy states that
      > Darwin was a 9th and could initiate those
      > up to the Ninth. Harold, on the other hand,
      > is a 5th and can only initiate people up to
      > the Fifth. He says that Twitchell gave a
      > prophetic prediction of his coming in one
      > of his books just as Klemp has stated.
      > It was probably the same comment or
      > prediction that Klemp says was of him,
      > but this guy says was for/of him instead.
      > Klemp was wrong and has never been a
      > Vairagi Adept. LOL!
      > Prometheus
      > "Sharon" <brighttigress@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi All -
      > >
      > > Well, first I came across:
      > http://www.akatha.org/Hadjis2d.html
      > > and read the introduction - and just scrolled thru the rest, which is their online "shariyat".  Good grief!!!  Actually, I got tired of scrolling after awhile and just hit "End", hoping to find more info, but there was nothing there.
      > >
      > > Then I went to http://www.akatha.com which is listed on that page, skimmed that page quickly.  Actually, it was only after typing & posting my "cultic b.s." post that I looked at the URL again and "backed up" to http://www.akatha.org
      > >
      > > So, I'm just rolling my eyes and shaking my head here.  Anyone else ever heard of this guy?  Do these people really believe their own nonsense?
      > >
      > > And I can't help but wonder...it's hard for me to believe that all of these "eckspawn" groups are deliberate "con jobs" in the grand tradition of The Twitchster and J.R. and his MSIA.  On the other hand, if they're "sincere", how can people so totally lose their minds without being institutionalized?  Well, L. Ron Hubbard got away with it.
      > >
      > > If they're genuinely cold & calculating con artists - altho to be honest, I think Twitch didn't do it just for money, although of course that was the main reason. He also wanted to be worshipped. I think it was also a bit of a "joke" to him.  Malignant narcissists don't even think about the possibility of the harm they're doing to others.  And how does malignant narcissism fit with low self-esteem, which Twitch certainly had - and he deserved it since he was basically a failure and a phony all his life!!
      > >
      > > The thought of making a lot of money doesn't motivate me personally.  But it seems to me, if they want & need more money, aren't there easier & better ways to do it?  Honest ways?
      > >
      > > I don't know, I just don't get it.
      > >
      > > Well...I'm on the computer later than I prefer to be, I'm not even going to look at the rest of this "Akatha" nonsense until tomorrow.
      > >
      > > So...did anyone know this Timothy Arnold when he was an eckist, and/or an Atomite?
      > >
      > > Bye again...and Think Spring, or Rain if you live somewhere that needs it!  Personally, I wouldn't mind more snow...but, I don't have to drive in it anymore, and can wait until it's over to run to the store if I need something, which I rarely do.
      > >
      > > Hugs,
      > >
      > > Sharon
      > >
      > > BTW - if & when anyone comes across more "eckspawn" and I don't already have it in the "files", please let me know!  Thanks!
      > >

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