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Re: Repost of Open Letter to Africans on Michael Owens' website

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Mish, Maybe Klemp is the white chocolate Living Master to Nigerian Eckists! LOL! Actually, Rich (cybersailor) didn t really quote Jacob correctly. Jacob
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 2, 2005
      Hi Mish,

      Maybe Klemp is the "white chocolate" Living Master to Nigerian
      Eckists! LOL! Actually, Rich (cybersailor) didn't really quote Jacob
      correctly. Jacob said that Owen's was chosen by the Nine Silent Ones
      as a "chocolate Living Master."


      mishmisha wrote:

      >I had submitted a post yesterday in which "Rich" on A.R.E. had
      referenced Michael Owens as a "chocolate master." After the post was
      up briefly, I received privately information from another individual
      who directed me to Michael Owens site where the following open
      letter by the former RESA of Nigeria is posted. As you read this
      letter by Jacob Oshodi you will see that he originally gave the
      title of "chocolate master" to Owens, and I assume that is where
      Rich saw it and why he used it in his response to Surmaddream's post
      on A.R.E. RE: God doesn't behave this way! Sept. 26, 2005.

      > The "chocolate master" comment by Rich seemed racist to me,
      without his noting where the reference originated, but to be fair
      perhaps it has been used previously on A.R.E. and explained before
      so the assumption might be there is a certain knowledge of this to
      all readers--but if you don't read all the posts all of the time,
      this would get lost.

      > I remember years ago when living abroad, I was at the beach with
      my family. We met up with a young British couple who happened to be
      our neighbors. In the course of the friendly conversation, the wife
      commented what a lovely nigger brown our young son was! Well, we
      were shocked and felt insulted--so we left abruptly. Later, when
      talking with some other British friends, one of them described some
      article of cloth as being a lovely nigger brown color. I then asked
      why she used the descriptive word "nigger brown" and she explained
      that it is a common term in describing objects of brown color in the
      U.K. I can only imagine color labels on the Crayola crayons that
      little Brits must use. If I ever get back to that country, I'll have
      to check this out! : )

      > So after looking at the letter on Michael Owens' site, I deleted
      my post yesterday as I thought it was unfair to Rich, even though, I
      think Rich should have been more careful with the comment as it
      could easily be misconstrued as it was by me. Frankly, I even wonder
      about that since he didn't put his words in quotation marks or
      reference the source, but I have to give him the benefit of the

      > This is a repost of Jacob Oshodi's open letter from Michael Owens

      "A Message to African Spiritual Seekers from Jacob Oshodi, former
      RESA of Nigeria

      Dear Beautiful Souls,

      There is no better time than now to know that your case is
      different, that the only propelling cleanser has been assigned to
      dissipate the energy that has held Africa and Asia bound. This great
      soul assigned to do this difficult task is Sri Michael Owens.

      The beauty of it is that he is not only to cleanse Africa and Asia
      of black magic, he is in addition to return the universe to a state
      of balance with the contingency of original thinking and its
      sustenance. His mission is to revitalize and repackage the Light and
      Sound in the Way of Truth as a pure teaching in which true seekers
      have a stake.

      Dear valued ones, when the now Gobi-desert was the center of the
      world, the Living Spiritual Master of the Light and Sound was
      chocolate. When Egypt was the center of the world with pyramids and
      their seats of learning Gopal Das was the Living Master. Now that
      the universe is near a state of collapse due to black magic in
      Africa and Asia, the Sugmad, the Vairag (the Detached Order) and the
      Nine Silent Ones have chosen a chocolate Living Master.

      It's your business and mine to make this real by fastening our
      consciousness on him, Sri Michael Owens. I urge you to always make
      your inner experiences the keystone to your belief. As the traveler
      of the Light for Africa and Asia, I ask that we all rally around Sri
      Michael and support his mission, for his mission is our mission.

      I leave you all in the assured arms of the Master.

      Cordially, Jacob"

      > I wonder if the Nigerian Eckists refer to Klemp as
      their "chocolate" mahanta! Would be interesting to know! : )

      > Mish
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