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Re: A "Chocolate Master?"

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  • jjamie1977
    ... have had any ... is nothing ... Believe me I ... over on ... left eckankrap. ... keep ... wouldn t ... Wisdom Note, ... Maybe, Harold ... they could ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 2, 2005
      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, ewickings@a...
      > In a message dated 10/1/2005 5:23:18 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      > mishmisha9@y... writes:
      > Mish Writes:
      > The "chocolate master" Rich is referring to is Michael Owens
      > <snip>
      > I am wondering why Rich is calling Michael Owens a
      > chocolate master? I don't know Michael Owens but this seems like a
      > racist comment to me.
      > *** Mish it sounds like a racist comment to me too! And if you
      have had any
      > dealings with sailor boy, you would understand his ignorance! He
      is nothing
      > but a cyber hacker, posing as a higher than thou clergy boy!
      Believe me I
      > have had my share of his wackiness; I shared what happened to me
      over on
      > Ford's BB's. Rich Smith hacked into my computer right after I
      left eckankrap.
      > Cost me several hundred dollars to get back on line! But I still
      > surfing. ;-)
      > > As much as I don't care for HK's writings and
      > talks, especially his recent Wisdom Notes, I don't think HK would
      > have stooped so low as to make a racial comment.
      > *** If he wants to keep his various ethnic group members happen he
      > publicly make a racial comment! But then again with his latest
      Wisdom Note,
      > who knows what he is capable of spewing?
      > > In my opinion, Rich should be demoted to a lower initiate.
      Maybe, Harold
      > needs to clean
      > his own house first!
      > *** With all the money Klemp and Co. rakes in, you would think
      they could
      > hire a watch dog to keep the swordsmen / and women under
      control. Rich's
      > ignorance, demonstrates that new lower eck initiates are more
      > mature / developed when they first join eckankrap, than most of
      Harold's current
      > higher initiates.

      rich, cher, etc have simply 'picked a side'. that is so patently
      obvious. they have picked a side, and, by god, theyre sticking to it -
      tho they have no idea what they are defending. if it has eck words
      its good, otherwise, its bad.

      perhaps i told this story on here before, but here goes again: i did
      a little experiment some time ago. i posted quotes/passages from
      various eck literature, but claimed authorship - or attributed them
      to some other anti-eckker. those a.r.e. eck-butts tore hell out of
      the passages. calling it stupid, low level, social realm, bullshit.
      btw, many of the quoted passages came from the shariyat....on the
      other hand, i sometimes made up convulted hi sounding bullshit, and
      claimed i had gotten it from the shariyat. i would post it, and
      attack it as bullshit. the eckkers always defended it if i said it
      was from shariyat. and trust me, the crap i wrote myself made no
      sense at all.

      i never called them on their idiocy. it was just too pathetic.

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