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Re: An article that mentions klemp

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Postekcon and All, I agree that anger is natural, and normal for humans to express and to feel. Controlling it is important, however, Eckankar is all
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      Hello Postekcon and All,
      I agree that anger is natural,
      and normal for humans
      to express and to feel.
      Controlling it is important,
      however, Eckankar is all
      about over control while
      denying feelings (emotions)
      and expressing them because
      these are of the Astral (2nd)
      Plane and that's bad. ECKists
      pretend they're not of
      the earth (physical) Plane.

      [How does that work with
      DNA and ancestry? Just
      ignore it right! I'll bet the
      EKists that get caught up
      with the ancestry thing
      don't get promoted if the
      RESA's spys hear about it
      and squeal on them. Soul
      has no DNA or ancestry
      that can be traced but
      through dreams, correct?
      And, Soul is neither male
      or female too, right?]

      Eckists need to believe
      that they're higher and
      more spiritually advanced
      than all others, but fail
      to realize that this is the
      same lie that all other
      religions tell their members.
      It's a trap for the ego.
      ECKists even have a scale
      with their so-called 'level"
      number printed upon
      a membership card that
      they paid for. That means
      it's all real and these guys
      are truly spiritual giants
      and highly evolved Souls.
      It's in print for God's sake!

      Honestly, would these
      nice and friendly EK people
      lie about all of this stuff?
      Klemp does that's for sure!
      Or, are these EKists as
      deluded as many Christians
      are and actually believe
      this crap? YES! ECKists are
      just as gullible and deluded
      with faith and belief as
      are Christians, Jews, Muslims,
      Mormons, Scientologists,


      postekcon wrote:
      I consider 'anger' to be one of the most important human traits, and one which
      separates us from the animal kingdom. Most folks are afraid of anger. They think
      it just means hollering at your neighbor or life etc. But on a scale of one to
      ten, that's at the high end.

      Without anger, the human race would behave in zombie fashion, there would be no
      enterprise, no advancement, no athletes etc., no betterment in anything at all.
      I am not a medical person, but I know there there is a link between adrenaline
      and anger. The rising of adrenaline is linked to survival and 'get-up-and-go'.
      In humans anger is a natural emotional response which directly triggers
      adrenaline. I believe that without adrenaline there would be no human action for
      change or betterment etc.

      This is why in ekult 'anger' is incorrectly portrayed as an evil passion of the
      mind, and so much attention is put upon its natural suppression. Ekult's
      objective is to have passive zombie followers - and it works!

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Hello Harrison and All,
      > Most Eck H.I.s are as
      > two-faced as Klemp.
      > One face is shown when
      > in public and the other
      > face is shown when
      > doing EK business.
      > I've angered other
      > H.I.s so much (regarding
      > EK business) that
      > they've hung up on
      > me! One was a RESA!
      > I was the one frustrated
      > with getting people
      > (H.I.s) attuned to the
      > programs or positions
      > they had signed up
      > for. The business side
      > of Eckankar was very
      > stressful, not fun, and
      > was very unrewarding.
      > So, being nice, for
      > many H.I.s, is all an
      > act. And most times
      > the business side of
      > Eckankar brings it out.
      > Their angry and negative
      > tendencies are merely
      > denied, hidden, and
      > swept under the rug
      > "as if" it doesn't exist.
      > Just put on a happy face!
      > However, the biggest
      > EK excuse is that the
      > anger was "mocked up"
      > in order to express
      > a point or to better
      > communicate with
      > someone on a lower
      > level of consciousness.
      > I'm sure you wouldn't
      > be surprised to know
      > how often this excuse
      > is used.
      > Twitchell was good
      > at making up excuses
      > when questioned about
      > contradictions of non-
      > spiritual behaviour of
      > his H.I.s such as anger.
      > But, Twitchell was an
      > expert liar, manipulator,
      > and conman. He had
      > to cover-up his own
      > hypocrisy (as does Klemp)
      > and that of his long-time
      > followers with convincing
      > rationalizations. EKists
      > merely pretend, dream,
      > deny the truth, and play
      > the game of follow-the-
      > leader.
      > Prometheus
      > harrisonferrel wrote:
      > Your question: "My only question for you is why is the subject of anger so
      > disturbing for you? Are you uncomfortable with what you are feeling? Can you
      > clarify for yourself why you are angry or what the concept of anger means to
      > you? "
      > ANSWER: Through Eckankar I've met a number of people who talked about anger
      > being an evil of sorts. This is a common thread among cults — to call someone
      > angry. The idea is basically to keep people from getting angry at the nonsense
      > you're peddling. Klemp and Twitchell talked about the evils of anger. The
      > problem of course is that anger is a tool that any normal mind has; it
      > people to stand up for themselves and to oppose groups like eckankar that are
      > trying to get away with injuring people.
      > <harrisonferrel wrote:
      > >
      > > I would have to say that the opposite of fear is a lack of concern or even
      > courage, but not anger. But I would agree that fear is a device used by klemp
      > just as it is used by all religions to keep people in line and from
      > the leader.
      > >
      > > Anger isn't a bad thing and I remember hearing from eckists, including klemp
      > and a current family member who is still in the cult, that anger is a
      > Of course it makes sense that they would say this because it is our innate
      > feeling of anger that drives us to resist the bullshit of the cult and its
      > illogical, improbable and absurd notions.
      > >
      > Janice Pfeiffer wrote:
      > > >
      > > > Thanks for the article. The truth is Klemp can't conceive that any eckist
      > would feel anger or at least not toward him or eckankar because after all how
      > could they, since eckankar and the mahanta is the answer for everything in
      > lives. In eckankar anger is very wrong and is believed to show a lack of
      > adjustment to the concepts of eckankar. It means you are not properly brain
      > washed. While in, I think I felt more bewildered than angry.
      > > >
      > > > Klemp doesn't care that all of us who woke up from our eckankar induced
      > stupor are angry about the lies and deceit because we are now considered
      > unworthy misfits anyway. If I am remembering right, supposedly, according to
      > eckankar, we are all damned for simply walking away and will have to
      > re-ingratiate ourselves at some point with our present lem. Perish the
      > thought!
      > > >
      > > > Fear is what eckankar uses to keep people from guestioning the lem or the
      > operation of the org. Anger is the opposite of fear. So therefore, angry
      > eckist would only be those who are ready to get out of eckankar. Of course
      > that is undesirable in an eckist and one of the main reasons you aren't
      > allowed to ask questions about why Paul lied and why they continue to lie to
      > new people in. I believe when you learn the truth about how eckankar was
      > founded and how it operates, you come to a changing point. You either become
      > self delusional to stay in or the lies drive you away.
      > > >
      > > > Instead of eckankar admitting that the lies are a problem, they label the
      > ones who are offended by the lies as misfits. The whole concept is insane in
      > itself for an org that talks so much about spiritual truth. How can you
      > justify obviously lies and call it spiritual truth? That is what they do and
      > if you don't buy it, you are of no use to them. You are not willing to
      > yourself for the sake of eckankar.
      > > >
      > > > My only question for you is why is the subject of anger so disturbing for
      > you? Are you uncomfortable with what you are feeling? Can you clarify for
      > yourself why you are angry or what the concept of anger means to you?
      > > >
      > > > The article speaks of how anger can be a good catalyst for needed change.
      > I think that is the key to handling it well. Anger is something normal that
      > all feel. To say different would be a lie. I think when anger is acute, it
      > shows a need to change whatever causes it whether it is a change in self or
      > external conditions that caused it. I believe that is what prompted most of
      > to get out of insane eckankar.
      > > >
      > > > You are as normal as anyone else with your anger. I hope you can clarify
      > it and use it for your own good. You obviously are most intelligent and
      > capable of handling it.
      > > >
      > > > With much high regards from another feeling eckist. good luck and please
      > be kind to yourself.
      > > >
      > harrisonferrel wrote:
      > > >
      > > >
      > > > Here's an article mentioning klemp and the anger nonsense he instills in
      > people.
      > > >
      > http://moosebusiness.com/anger-doesnt-always-need-managing/
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