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Re: Truth vs. Fiction of the Sound Current?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Etznab and All, Yes, it makes me suspicious of any religious dogma that degrades women. Just how spiritual and advanced can it really be? It s Not!
    Message 1 of 22 , Dec 10, 2012
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      Hello Etznab and All,
      Yes, it makes me suspicious
      of any religious dogma that
      degrades women. Just how
      "spiritual" and advanced
      can it really be? It's Not!

      But, since the Boy's Clubs
      of the World seem to run
      things it's no wonder this
      anti-female crap is written
      in all religious dogma.

      Sant Mat, which Twitchell
      "borrowed from" was no
      more advanced than all
      other "spiritual" sources
      that Twitchell used to
      "Compile" his male chauvinist
      dogma. Those male/female
      atoms and positive/negative
      batteries where the LEM
      has to be a male because
      women can't handle the
      Rod of Power is pure fiction.
      This is such a stupid ekplanation
      that you have to be brain-
      washed to believe it. BTW-
      I wonder what the "Rod"
      really symbolizes?

      Anyway, this is one more
      topic of PT's, and of Klemp's,
      that doesn't get closer
      scrutiny nor is it ever discussed
      using logic, common sense,
      or intellect. Actually, it's
      never discussed because
      there's no point right or
      wrong, the case is closed!
      Remember, HK has said,
      "Eckankar is a hierarchy
      and not a Democracy." But,
      isn't our government both
      a hierarchy and a democracy?

      Since Klemp claims to be
      imperfect and points out
      that Twitchell exaggerated
      shouldn't PT's Male requirement
      for the LEM position be revisited,
      investigated, and explained?

      Are there any EKists who
      are doctors, engineers or
      scientists? I'd like them to
      explain how the neg/pos
      male/female battery thing
      works with the physical body
      and why one needs to be
      a male in order to be the
      LEM in the Lower Planes,
      especially, here on earth!


      etznab wrote:
      I find it suspect whenever the female is downgraded in comparison with
      the male. In The Tiger's Fang (according to Lord Alakh Lok?):

      "There is more to this law than just the issues which have been given
      here. No Soul can enter into the worlds above the plane of Sat Lok
      without being complete within itself - without having both completed
      the cycle of balance and entering into the oneness with its other self,
      and both gaining the traits of the other .... and in the end, as it is
      said, becoming the male or original Soul as God first put on earth.
      This Soul had the qualities which God wanted, but could not be
      manifested unless Soul was split into two particular particles, the
      negative and the positive, for both to develop." (pp. 85-86)

      My comments:

      As it is said? Lord Alakh Lok says "as it is said"?

      I wonder, Did Paul Twitchell come up with this stuff from Radhasoami
      doctrine? Quoting:

      "The higher centres in a female form are less capable of being
      developed than in a male form. All the centres of Pind, Brahmand and
      Dayal Desh do exist in a woman as they do in man. But the centres
      higher than Sunn or Daswan Dwar cannot ordinarily be awakened in a
      woman. Hence, the highest point to which the spirit or Surat in a
      female can rise, is the Daswan Dwar. For higher ascension, the same
      Surat or spirit will have to take birth as a man, and perform the
      spiritual exercises for awakening higher centres. [... .]"


      Both versions on the subject are highly suspect, IMO. I think people
      probably butchered an older form of a story that subsequently took on
      Frankenstein form.

      I think there are two more sections about Soul Mates that I came across
      recently, both from Dialogues With The Master, at least one version of
      which appears to be from appropriated text.

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      From: harrisonferrel <harrisonferrel@...>

      I agree. But I also think that most New Age thinking is absurd because
      it is baseless and without evidence. The soul concept cannot be proven,
      let alone the soulmate idea.

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, Janice Pfeiffer
      <jepfeiffer@...> wrote:
      > I can't view the concept of a soulmate being two parts of a whole
      no matter where it comes from. I don't believe any of us are half of
      a whole. Maybe Paul needed that concept as a reason for why he fell
      for Gail.ÂÂ
      etznab wrote:

      > I don't believe Paul Twitchell reinvented the Soul Mates thing. It
      looks to me more like he plagiarized, or paraphrased about it (adding
      his own spin as well, under the guise of Eck Masters, etc.). But hey,
      Eckankar is not a cult and it's against spiritual law to push one's
      beliefs on another :) If you don't believe me just read the FAQ section
      on Eckankar's web site. Look for the question: Is Eckankar a cult?
      > ***
      > There is a chapter in Paul Twitchell's book, Dialogues With The
      Master (1970), called: THE LORD SOHANG SPEAKS.
      > Go to Ali Nomad's book - Cosmic Consciousness (first published in
      1913?) - and compare the text with what Lord Sohang reportedly spoke to
      Paul Twitchell in Dialogues With The Master.
      > ***
      > Remember that controversial subject of Soul Mates which appeared
      in Paul Twitche;ll's earlier books (I thought it was TTF, but here is
      something in DWTM)?
      > Ali Nomad:
      > Each and every SOUL, therefore, has its spiritual counterpart--its
      "other half," with which it unites on the spiritual plane, when the
      time comes for attainment of immortality.
      > Lord Sohang:
      > "Each and every Soul, therefore, in the lower worlds has its
      spiritual counterpart - its other half with which it unites on the
      spiritual plane, when the time comes for the attainment of the highest
      goal of the world of Brahm and that counterpart is the ECK Spirit."
      (DWTM p. 176)
      > Now of course it depends on who Paul Twitchell is plagiarizing, as
      the information can vary. It can even appear contradictory. Example:
      > [...] But unless the union has already been made in heaven through
      pure love, the physical union cannot bring about peace and happiness,
      for like all true sacraments it must be entered into and registered
      upon all planes. (p. 220)

      > The Law of Divine Love will bring to each Soul its true marriage,
      a union in perfect purity on all planes. This according to the one
      life-theory is of course impossible for all; but since reincarnation is
      a fact, the Soul, through repeated experiences, learns to follow its
      Divine Guidance, hence will ultimately find its true mate. But they can
      be spiritually as well as physically married to their mates only when
      the old accounts of both have been balanced and the old complications
      set up through the mistakes of the past have been worked out. [... .].
      (p. 221)
      > The Voice Of Isis And Realms Of The Living Dead, by Harriett
      Augusta Curtiss
      > Rebazar Tarzs in DWTM:
      > "Now for the part of union between man and woman. Unless this
      union has been made on the higher planes through pure thought, the
      physical union cannot bring about peace and happiness, for like all
      true sacraments it must be entered into and registered upon all planes.
      > "The law of divine love will bring to each Soul Its true marriage
      and union in perfect purity on all planes. This true marriage is that
      of Soul with the ECK - the polarization of each Soul - not two Souls or
      man and woman coming together. And, as it is, each Soul will be guided
      through repeated experience by divine guidance until It finds this true
      love, the love of ECK through the Mahanta. You can be spiritually as
      well as physically married to a mate only when the old accounts of both
      have been balanced, and old complications set up through mistakes of
      the past have been worked out. (p. 115)
      > (My guess is that someone revised the original DWTM manuscript
      since the ECK (all caps) trademark didn't come about until 1968 and the
      Mahanta term didn't come into vogue until 1969; whereas the DWTM
      manuscript was reportedly written in 1956!)
      > Now I remember (I think it was in The Tiger's Fang, Or was it The
      Eck-Vidya?) some Soul Mates controversy in Eckankar history where I
      believe Harold Klemp and Eckankar had to "correct" what Paul Twitchell
      earlier wrote. It was no longer about two people coming together, but a
      person finding (in so many words) their own "higher self".
      > I haven't finished checking all the references to Soul Mates in
      all of Paul's books, so don't just go on what I quoted from DWTM.
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