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  • ajnavajra
    I tried reply twice to an old post but it didn t go thru. Out of respect to Jerry and the record, I wish to add my two cents. Original post Subject: Re:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2012
      I tried reply twice to an old post but it didn't go thru.
      Out of respect to Jerry and the record, I wish to add my two cents.

      Original post

      Subject: Re: Lynn Mulvin's Death

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "Zoey" <zzoey75@...> wrote:
      > Colleen, thank you for this. We need to know these things. We need a full picture of these people, these people claiming Holy stature.
      > On another note, I want to thank you for your many posts in the past, Colleen. You don't know me, but I read over at eckankartruth for years; and let me tell you, your posts were so insightful and beneficial. You turned me onto Alice Miller, for one thing. And I want to thank you sincerely.
      > zoey

      "We need a full picture of these people, these people claiming Holy stature."

      I spent 5 years as a student and friend of Jerry Mulvin ("Surtoma") in the late 80s'-early 90's, when he had a small group at his home in Marina Del Mar in California. It was modest but it was NOT a "hovel." Their home was well decorated and welcoming. Jerry is artistic and drew some of the illustrations for his books. Lynn's open happiness pervaded the place, and you were part of family.

      Jerry has a unique gift and doing spiritual work one-on-one doesn't lend itself to making the big bucks. If he were a scammer I'm sure he could give large public talks, but they would be just about as effective as going to Sunday church. People who judge by the amount of possessions accumulated will most likely be those who "gain the world but lose their soul." Their choice. I guess they don't understand the how rich the inner life of someone who might live in a cave in the Himalayas might actually be. If you knew, you'd wonder who really was the "rich" one.

      I went every Wednesday night for "soul travel" , went to almost all his all day travel classes, met socially to play tennis, and noodled about on the computer with him. To this day I retain the greatest respect for him. He didn't just have some spiritual patter he sold, he could SHOW you something.

      On Soul Travel-- Jerry's teaching was simple and to the point: your primary vehicle or body is a "little gold ball" which can travel at the speed of thought, ever so much more efficiently than the sluggish astral body. The most important thing was to know by experience that you ARE soul, not this physical appearance. You came to know this not by reading about it, but by having the DIRECT experience, hundreds of times. He took you to many inner world places, but had no dogmatic cosmology. He said he could only take you and show you; it was up to you to make your own interpretations. Near the end he took us to the farthest frontier he had journeyed to, and just said, this is how far I have gone.

      He did however show us that we lived inside a cosmos like an egg, manifested by Sat Nam, and took us to visit Sat Nam many times. This apparently seems heretical to followers of other Light & Sound groups, as they believe it may take them lives before they can approach Sat Nam. I have talked to some and they are incredulous that a mere worm like me or themselves could do this without eons of crawling up some initiatory ladder. Well, decide for yourself. If you feel more "special" crawling up the ladder, and you are impressed by crowds of people wearing turbans, or other such ceremonial fol-de-rol, be my guest.

      He then took us beyond Sat Nam's egg to another egg world. I will respect the silence he asked of us on this, and say no more. He might say "Give it a Retz." (you'll get the pun if you've been there!)

      Like many people who have read of auras, clairvoyants, astral travel, masters with powers, I too got into various "spiritual" teachings hoping to have some of these experiences. Why not? I'm curious. I want to know from my own perception and make up my own mind. When I was ready to separate from Jerry, I had notebooks full of recollections of my inner journeys; some of which remain peak to this day. Eventually my thirst for phenomena was quenched, and I think this is an important milestone. I have Jerry to thank for that.

      When one walked into his house, your third eye might start to throb. Jerry's tek was to pull your consciousness into the little gold ball (LGB) and move it up to the third eye, and then travel out thru a vortex into the inner worlds. It took a lot of energy on his part which he gave freely and generously, and he was often drained after an all day workshop. He formulated herbal mixes, and found the ones that enhanced the third eye visualizing energy.

      He did NOT program you to see certain things, but often just told us to go to a certain inner world city. The group then related their experiences and often there was an overlap. I found the visuals to be subtle (not like the CEVs on psychedelics) but they were often as a movie that unfolded, with scenes beyond my imagination. There may well be a connection to the stimulation of DMT thru the pineal, but all of that is a means of amplifying the visuals. The experience is still your own. It is the difference between the "still small voice" within and hearing voices clearly within. Amplification.

      Some of his students came from Eck. Many came later. I heard the early days stories many times. He said he left Eck when Harold Klemp came to him asking to be taken out to a certain inner world place, and he was shocked he had been so naive in believing that these upper guys were "advanced." He too had drunken the kool-aid. Some students had been with him for years, and these were not dumb or simple minds, but sharp folks who appreciated what Jerry could do.

      I myself have been an explorer of many schools and disciplines, and count Jerry as one who can deliver.

      I found that while I was with him and maintained the "connection" (a spiritual thread from his inner world spiritual body to mine) I was able to also take people out thru the third eye and they reported similar sights. After I departed, I could not do this. I remember now that I often had very vivid dreams clearly connected to the inner world outline he shared. It has taken me many years to regain this vividness. A mentor or guide can give you an assist to show you "coming attractions" and there is nothing wrong with such a "contact high." It is part of the training and part of shakipat, or transmission, planting the seed.

      Jerry told us how he fell in love with Lynn, young as she was. In his poetry books he describes looking for her "down the annals of time." He was much older than her and they both told how her parents disapproved of this "old lech" with their daughter. But I saw a couple truly in love. He and she delighted in seeing each other. Jerry often said the key was to be childlike ("you must become as a child to enter the kingdom of heaven"), that is, children have the open third eye and can still see "invisible" worlds. We lose this, and regaining the ability to become childlike does not imply being childish.

      I was surprised to see their bedroom where the big bed was covered with stuffed animals! However it might look to the outside world, I saw a couple who had retained their inner child. I never felt anything distasteful or salacious about Jerry. He seemed to adore Lynn.

      The porn incident happened shortly after l moved on. Something never seemed right to me. My own take is that there are Archonic and evil Dark Forces in this world, and they manifest thru perversions like the pedophile rings in government and occult groups in various Saturn Death Cults, and pervade the upper echelons of world control. They are always on the look out for anyone who can free souls and show them that soul exists beyond the body. This breaks the fear of death. And control masters fear no one so much as those who will challenge them and WHO DO NOT FEAR DEATH.

      I would not be surprised if they took him down by planting porn. I just saw the X-files movie Fight the Future again after many years, and "they" discredit a whistleblower by planting porn on his computer. It is so ironic because the chief offenders who actually do prey on children, even to the point of sacrifices and lurid soul stealing, are the ones who indignantly accuse others while they hide behind sanctimonious pretense. These are seriously evil mofo's.

      For souls to get free, there are a gradation of experiences in finding out the levels of deception that keep us trapped. The beginning levels such as we find in Eck and Scientology, etc., and in any group-think cult like behavior. has in common that we start out wanting to be right, be cool, have powers, and so on, and we ourselves buy in and drink the kool-aid. If you have passed thru this phase, be thankful. It's a school of hard knocks getting trying to get over our desire to fool ourselves, while uncovering the many layers of what is true. Then the real Work begins in earnest.

      Let's go back to so-called child porn. I once got into trouble for posting a picture of my own 3 year old boy, naked and beautiful in his innocence. There was nothing sexual, prurient, lurid, or salacious about it, except in the mind of some repressed or scared people. Nakedness is not shameful. Anyone who loves their children can remember how delightful sweet and scrumptious they are as little naked bodies, full of light and love. Yes I can imagine perverts (often poor souls who have been abused and lost their own inner child or soul ... see Soul Retrieval) being drawn to this inner light in children, and wanting it. We all are drawn to the Goodness in the Light, and one can take pleasure from looking at how this shines thru naked children in their pre-sexual innocence. It can take us back to the time before puberty invaded us and polarized us into gazing with lust at other bodies.

      I recently looked up the definition of "child pornography" in the federal statutes, and it pertains to showing children in sexual or simulated sexual acts. The law recognizes that mere nudity is NOT porn nor prurient. Nonetheless I had a bunch of PC Pollyannas jump all over me and this shows just how confused and fearful so many people are nowadays in in their headlong rush to "fit in."

      I have no facts in this case, but it is hard to reconcile the sweet (not in any simpy way) and generous man Jerry, who showed mature wisdom, with an imagined scenario of him secretly masturbating with predatory fantasies. I cannot see him harming anyone, much less a child. So if he had a fascination with looking at them, I am going to put it down to the kind of thing that can happen to a spiritual being who comes to earth and gets a biological sexual vehicle, and is exploring the differences between hunger, lust, and what gives us pleasure through Beauty. Unless he was found to have actually molested a child, then I think this whole affair falls into a category of exercising the personal freedom to be curious, "interesting but inconclusive" and I will judge not.

      The logical extension of being free as a soul is to extend freedom into this world. For too long we have been treated as cattle by the overseers. If no one is harmed, we should retain the rights to think what we want and to put into our body whatever we want.

      It grieves me to see a mug shot of him on the web, looking haggard being booked for parole violation. Once you are tarred and featured with the stigma of "sex offender" God knows how your life may be jacked around, and what small thing might be construed a parole violation. It takes a stalward spirit to endure the condemning glances from the very mind-conditioned sheeple one hopes to help.

      If you yourself have dug deep into your psyche, as I have, you will find many instinctual programs around the sexual force, and may also find implants from negative sources hidden behind smiley faces who seek to control us by manipulating our inborn generative forces. It is part of having a personality. Some of our insticntual drives are pretty raw and shocking to behold in their unvarnished primeval suchness. If this shit disturbs you, you'd better stay out of the kitchen and up in the clouds of sweetness and light. But "soul" can fly free of the persona and experience a truth that one is more than their vehicle with all its conditioning. And soul can elevate the animal self for it too looks up to the sun and sky with longing for refinement.

      Since Lynn remained with him, what I CAN imagine is that this destroyed their lives, and he moved from Los Angeles to start over. She stayed with him but turned to drink to blot out the evil and Darkness that attacked them. Lynn was a joyous bouncy being and she and Jerry would actually jump around in excitement. What sadness to imagine her beaten down. Being attacked by Archonic forces is a reality when you get to the place where you can actually do something to help souls find freedom.

      I know he still has students, and they admire him. I would recommend Jerry Mulvin as a teacher and mentor with a true skill. He gave me a precious gift and I will defend him, warts and all. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Forget finding the "perfect" master or Path. You must become the one you seek. Take help from those who have a gift to share, and thank them.
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