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    Interesting about the Catholic part. It makes a little more sense the way you explain it. However, in my gut, I was not able to go that far, and I was also
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      Interesting about the Catholic part. It makes a little more sense the way you explain it. However, in my gut, I was not able to go that far, and I was also studying about philosophy, Zen, other New Age stuff, Mysticism, Freud, Jung, Tai Chi, Yoga..... I just remember feeling more guilty about my doubts and questions, especially when I went to eck classes. There was something about the eck books and stuff that was intoxicating (toxic) and I couldn't get it out of my mind and actually hated it's affect.

      Why I had these doubts I think is because I have a very curious nature and I have always been kind of like the kid that saw that the Emperor isn't wearing any clothes, but I was also afraid to say anything and would just hold it in. I think there are a lot of people like this. All they have to do is open up to a slightly higher state of proof, rather than just taking someones word for it. It is OK to be a little skeptical about everything. Those who can't let themselves feel even some slight discomfort about not being dogmatic or knowing for sure, are really very fearful, and not at all as confident or happy as they pretend to be. Prick their bubble and quite often you will get a *rage* reaction and get labeled an agent of kal or some other usual demeaning expression or ignored like shunning. In the end it is a sickness. Kudos to those of us who have made the effort to escape.


      Non ; D

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Hello Sharon and All,
      Yes, I had photos and
      wore EK jewelry. It's
      a familiar thing for
      former Catholics.

      I had additional photos
      of EK masters taped
      to the backside of
      the sun visor and
      had PT's photo in
      plain sight down by
      the ashtray. People
      would always ask
      who it was. I guess
      Jesus' photo or Mary's
      were well known,
      plus, the saints always
      had their names on
      the photos so no
      need to explain who
      it was or why it was
      there. Well, sometimes
      non-Catholics would
      ask and thought it
      was strange and like
      carrying a lucky rabbit's
      foot which is closer to
      the truth than religionists
      can/could ever admit.

      I had multiple photos
      in every room of the
      house and carried photos
      on me and had them
      on my desk at work.
      I was rather nuts.

      It was an odd time
      when the collapse
      of the DG-HK transition
      took place in 1984
      wasn't it? Many EKists
      quite when DG was
      booted in such an
      uncharitable, unpleasant,
      disagreeable, nasty, mean-
      spirited, cruel, vindictive,
      vicious, spiteful, malicious,
      callous, unsympathetic,
      unfeeling, uncaring, cold-
      hearted; unfriendly,
      inconsiderate, insensitive,
      hostile; informal bitchy,
      catty manner.

      It was getting bad at
      the start of the Youth
      Conference (April 1963)
      in St. Louis but later,
      during the seminar
      had gotten much worse.

      BTW-When I saw a
      5x7 B&W photo of
      DG blowing across
      the parking lot after
      that really strange
      seminar it startled
      me. I chased it down
      and after picking it
      up I thought this was
      a confirmation of
      Darwin's downfall.

      Many months later
      we had to meet at
      the ECK Center to
      listen to Klemp's
      talk to the H.I.s.
      Was that a July
      or October meeting?

      We were instructed
      to get rid of Darwin's
      letters he had written
      to some of us and his
      photos because they
      were dangerous to
      have due to their Black
      Magic effects upon us.

      One 4th commented
      to me when she came
      into the center, "Well,
      if Darwin's photos are
      Black Magic why aren't

      I said nothing and thought
      she didn't get it, and yet
      she made a good point.
      White Magic or Black and
      who decides what is what?
      And is White Magic really
      any better? Yes, I think it
      is. But Klemp doesn't even
      function on that high of
      a level.


      Sharon wrote:
      <giggle> Not only did I keep a photo of Klemp on the TV, I gave one to my son
      for his wallet & told him Harold would always protect him, and he should talk to
      him, etc. Years later he told me he thought I was nuts. He said he felt like
      there was "someone or something" always with him, but it sure as heck wasn't
      Klemp, and it had nothing to do with ekult.

      Anyway, when I got on the internet the first place I landed was
      alt.religion.eckankar, which was quite something back then! An HI told me there
      were evil entities on the internet and some eckists had actually experienced
      them coming out of the monitor. So, I put a photo of Klemp right on the wall
      over the monitor.

      Gotta laugh, you know? Reminds me of a silly eckstory, an eckist was riding on
      an airplane and "knew" it was going to crash, so she conjured up little
      eckanmechanics in her head to tighten all the nuts & bolts. When she debarked,
      she noticed the pilot and thought wow, he had *no* idea that the plane was going
      to crash but "the eck" saved him!

      Oh - while I think of it, Diana - did you ever think about writing a book? It
      would be fascinating - and I might even buy one new & full price!!



      "Non" <eckchains@...> wrote:
      > And yet there are still those who surround themselves with photos of klemp, in
      wallets, on dash boards, luggage tags etc.sold by eckankar inc. It is so
      strange, yet I guess it is just another example of how dangerous the Herd
      mentality is in us humans. What you describe sounds very much like any ritual
      done by a Nazi or the KKK, etc. and other Cults and Religions, claiming to have
      ultimate dogmatic truth, that is only a lot of sticky ugly lies.
      > Fortunately, I think the younger generation sees through a lot of bull shit
      that we were drawn into because we thought that truth and authority and exotic
      philosophies didn't have to be questioned much. We were more easily fooled than
      today. It is interesting that the percentage of those unaffiliated with any
      Religion or Spirituality is increasing, and I hope this trend continues.
      > Non ; )
      dianastanley wrote:
      > >
      > > I left Eck around 25 years ago after being in the middle of the bulls++it
      between darwin and harold. They were both contacting me trying to convince me
      they were the real Mahanta.Darwin even called me one night drunk and crying
      saying he was the real master. I told him to go to bed.
      > > I saw some of the worst of activities. It was still hard to pull the
      > > plug on Eck as I had a close nit family of friends. Some like me pulled
      > > out and others stayed in. Some of them left later. I doubt there are any
      statistics about how many. They lied so much about so many things
      > > One thing has always bothered me. I did a painting of the passing of the
      > > "Rod of Power" they made a print of it,this was after Paul died.
      > > When Harod took over I was told he and a few others took the painting to the
      desert did a cerimony Burned the painting and buried it,
      > > if harold did'nt believe Darwin was the Mahanta but a con man Why did he go
      to the trouble of burning his painting? There are a lot of ways to destroy a
      > > I am rambling.
      > > Diana Stanley
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