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Re: "The Karma Seeker"

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Sharon and All, S.M. sent me a message and wanted to have his name removed so that he couldn t be traced, but mentioning the book s title doesn t require
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 16, 2012
      Hello Sharon and All,
      S.M. sent me a message
      and wanted to have his
      name removed so that
      he couldn't be traced,
      but mentioning the book's
      title doesn't require
      much sleuthing in order
      to discover the author's
      real name (Google and
      discover his Karma-Seeker
      site... and he's on FB too!).

      Anyway, I removed one
      of his posts and was trying
      to edit his name out of
      another but I must
      have done something
      wrong and his entire
      post was removed.

      Did he send you something
      too? Maybe he's fishing
      for customers because
      the EK pond has been
      fished out?

      BTW- Someone asked to
      be able to join ESA and
      said they had nice things
      to say about Jerry Mulvin.
      I approved their membership
      out of curiosity, but they
      will be monitored until
      I can determine if their
      status should be changed.

      It's funny that Stefan does
      "Card Reading" via phone,
      yet, claims it's "not psychic."
      Apparently the spiel is that
      the technique he uses is
      "spiritual" or maybe involves
      "Quantum Physics." It kind
      of reminded of the TV show
      The Mentalist where Patrick
      Jane states that the psychic
      doesn't exist and that selling
      it is just a con/scam and
      that all he actually does
      to 'know things' is to "pay

      I didn't check to see that
      Stefan had mentioned E-cult
      in his links. For someone
      who has the educational
      credentials that he has it
      makes one wonder about
      his inability to connect-
      the-dots and cover his
      tracks. Being an H.I. for
      a long period of time
      either makes one more
      skeptical or more delusional
      via denial.

      Of course, one could wonder
      about the same in regards to
      Klemp. Except, he's in it for
      the Prestige, Money, and Power.

      ECKists should ask: Why isn't
      the ALL KNOWING Mahanta
      Aware of his wayward H.I.s?
      Otherwise HK would do something
      about the problem like he did
      with others right? Maybe Klemp
      is only "aware" when someone
      informs him via a snail-mail
      letter like Ford did.

      The real reason for Klemp's
      inattention to what his H.I.'s
      are doing is that he's a fake
      prophet and is in it for profit!

      But, what's going on with
      HK's Secret RESA Police?
      Why hasn't this guy been
      ferreted out, detained,
      questioned, suspended
      from Satsang duties and
      reported to the ESC? Local
      H.I.s via Internet or 'phone
      tree' need to be warned
      as well! Who's the RESA
      now for Massachusetts?
      Stefan is in Boston right?


      "Sharon" brighttigress wrote:
      So, another eckanborg crawls out of the woodwork, selling a book and card
      readings, much like the Twitchster when he started out - so, Stefan, what are
      you going to call your "path" when you get enough followers? Or don't you have
      a name for it yet?

      So, you're keeping your membership and HI "status" - understandable, like Jerry
      Mulvin to Ford Johnson, ekult is a good source of new members. Are you afraid
      to lose those initiations and return to the consciousness of a rock? And wander
      for eternity in astral hell until you come crawling back to "the master"?

      You don't want ECKANKAR mentioned in book reviews at Amazon? Why not? You've
      got ECKANKAR at the top of your links list at your karmaseeker website.

      It's so sad what 20 years in ekult does to people. I doubt very much if you
      "get" what's wrong with this whole picture, with what you're doing.

      I left ekult because honesty and integrity are important to me. Two qualities
      which are lacking in ekult as an organization, and in so many of its members,
      especially those who've been in it for many years.

      "a far-reaching guidebook to contemporary spirituality" ???????

      I think not.


      prometheus wrote:
      > Hello Z and All,
      > Yes, it is my understanding
      > that he joined the E-cult
      > in 1971.
      > [sorry for the reposts]
      > Was "The Lost Slipper
      > of Soul" printed by
      > Eckankar?
      > BTW-It seems that the
      > "Kip" character is the
      > alter ego of the author.
      > So, perhaps, HK isn't
      > all that impressive
      > of a "Master/Mahanta"
      > for this H.I., and I'm
      > thinking that he no
      > longer buys into Twit's
      > plagiarisms and fiction.
      > IMO, Based upon the
      > story line, many of us
      > former long-time EK
      > leaders could have
      > written a similar book.
      > And, one could easily
      > substitute "Truth Seeker"
      > for "Karma Seeker," and
      > "ECKankar" for "League."
      > FYI: I Googled his
      > Karma-Seeker website
      > where he gives "Card
      > Readings" via phone.
      > So, why would a person
      > still be an H.I. If he
      > does Card Readings?
      > Here's some info on the
      > book from Amazon.
      > "What is the true test of spirituality?
      > Is it loyalty to a master, group, or
      > teaching? Or is it having the courage
      > to act on one's deepest convictions,
      > even in the face of disapproval and
      > sanction?
      > This is the question that confronts
      > Kip Morgan.
      > Kip is a karma seeker—an individual
      > committed to testing himself by means
      > of his own choices. For such people,
      > who are engaged in an experiment
      > with unknown forces, there is no way
      > to prove that they are fit to discover
      > what they seek except by doing it.
      > As a young man, Kip joins the League,
      > one of the burgeoning new age spiritual
      > groups of the late 1960s and early 1970s.
      > He learns the fundamentals of its teachings,
      > which involve cultivating inner experiences
      > through contemplation, dreams, and out-
      > of-body experiences.
      > The high point of his experience comes
      > with his initiation into the League's inner
      > circle, a transcendent event that significantly
      > alters his view of life. It doesn't take long,
      > however, before he discovers how fragile
      > this experience is, and how difficult it is
      > to hold on to his new state of consciousness.
      > Kip embarks on a quest that takes him
      > beyond the confines of the League.
      > Eventually, he comes to question the
      > group's claim to exclusivity, and to see
      > it as merely a portal to a universal spiritual
      > path.
      > As he becomes less reliant on the League
      > and its members for support and guidance,
      > he is torn between his personal vision of
      > truth and his fear of spiritual failure. This
      > puts him on a collision course with the League
      > President, the group's ultimate spiritual authority.
      > The Karma Seeker is a far-reaching guidebook
      > to contemporary spirituality. It presents the
      > reader with the essential paradigm of the modern
      > spiritual path—its highs and lows, its rewards
      > and pitfalls. It illustrates how individuals who
      > embark on such a path are tested in the areas
      > of their greatest deficiency in order to build up
      > their spiritual strength, all so that they may
      > eventually become active participants in their
      > own destiny." [end]
      > "zephrendhun" wrote:
      > >
      > > Dear Prom and all,
      > >
      Interesting thing about this book is that its original title was
      "The Lost Slipper of Soul " and I have that version. I also know
      the author who is a fine enough chap but I think Stefan is still
      an H.I. I believe he is an H.I. 'on the fence', so to speak. Many
      H.I.'s remain in Eckrakorn, hoping that Harry the Klempster
      will soon retire or die. Then they can see if they will become
      the next LEM or if Harry's replacement is ok, then they will
      probably continue with their delusion that Eckrakorn is a true
      spiritual path and not just the cult it is. Its tough being an
      individual and losing all of the friends and acquantences one
      encounters in the E-cult. But their true reason for excommunicating
      a long time freind is that they really have their doubts about
      this crap's truth as well. Besides after being a none E-cultist
      for a while, I have formed some significant friendships that
      really don't give a s**t what my religious views are. The road
      is lonely sometimes on one own path, but there are no lies or
      delusions. Divine Source loves spiritual renegades, just check
      out Jesus the Christ. Enuff said. Peace and chicken grease!
      > >
      > > Zephrendhun
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