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  • jjamie1977
    ... this is lovely. jamie.... ... to take ... be ... your goals. ... desire, ... fade, that clear ... intensely focused ... clear and ... stay ... daunting,
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 1, 2005
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      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, ewickings@a...
      > Hope this gets posted properly. Liz
      > Future Reminiscing
      > It is good
      > To have a past
      > That is pleasant
      > To reflect upon.
      > Take care
      > To create
      > Such a gift
      > For your future.
      > Mattie Stepanek- 12/25/00
      > -----------------------------------
      this is lovely. jamie....
      > It isn't enough to sit on the sidelines and hope for things
      > to get better. You've got to ask yourself, "what steps am I going
      to take
      > to get the things in life I want?
      > Achieving great goals takes planning and
      > your life is no different.
      > Take charge! Make plans to bridge the distance
      > between where you are now and the future you can see
      > so clearly. Define, clarify and implement your plans.
      > If you need help don't be bashful. Ask someone for it. You will
      > surprised how willing others are to
      > help you succeed.
      > Remember, your plan is your path and your guide.
      > It's unlikely that with a plan like this you'll get lost reaching
      your goals.
      > It is natural to become highly focused in a moment of extreme
      > frustration or anger. Yet as the emotion of the moment begins to
      fade, that clear
      > sense of focus can fade along with it. It's easy to become
      intensely focused
      > momentarily. Those who are able to maintain, and even intensify, a
      clear and
      > driving focus over the long term can truly achieve great things.
      > Focus is most effective when it grows stronger as time goes on. To
      > focused, and to grow even more focused as the challenges grow more
      daunting, you
      > must make that focus more than just something you do. You must
      make it who
      > you are.
      > Dive into the depth of your character and seek to truly understand
      who you
      > are. Ask yourself why you desire the things you desire, and keep
      asking until
      > you have an answer that touches your fundamental, essential self.
      Forge that
      > solid and irrefutable connection between who you are and what you
      desire, and
      > the powerful, growing focus you need to achieve your goals will
      become a
      > part of you.
      > Ralph Marston
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