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Re: Becoming a New Member and/or Posting Comments on this site:

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Non eckchains, I ll have to admit that I didn t like What the Bleep. I know it had a big Canadian following like Adam Dreamhealer who, btw, also used
    Message 1 of 11 , Oct 11, 2012
      Hello Non eckchains,
      I'll have to admit that
      I didn't like "What the Bleep."
      I know it had a big Canadian
      following like Adam Dreamhealer
      who, btw, also used the
      Quantum whatever speak.
      Dreamhealer is a young
      con artist whose father, mother,
      and sister were all part of
      the con. Adam had a ghost
      writer co-author and do his
      first book. Have you ever heard
      the New Age term "organic"
      being used to describe all
      sorts of things. It's like with
      "quantum." All of these people
      are looking for a following
      and to use the right "hook"
      depending upon their audience
      of perspective suckers... like
      with Eckankar.


      "Non" eckchains wrote:
      Just had to respond about What the Bleep... and how it had a lot to do with
      Ramtha, I believe, who was a woman claiming to channel and this was a very
      Cultic group. Anyway, be careful about exchanging one Cult for another. Quantum
      physics is very interesting and may apply in some cases to what you can call
      Soul or Being etc., but even quantum physicists admit that it all depends on the
      micro or the macro. Newtonian physics is just as valid as quantum physics,
      depending on what you're looking at and what you're trying to do, like walking
      across the street vs. a scientific lab with special equipment and so on.

      For me it's that there is a presence that I am a part of, but I'm also a social
      animal and what I know is always in process, and also what I don't know. Are
      there really any Known Knowns anyway : )? I used to have this feeling of
      exquisite ecstasy when I just let my thoughts flow and be and there would be a
      gap when this state would happen and it was non-conceptual. I sometimes envy
      animals when they are in a state of just being. But then they have to survive
      and change into a hunter or prey....

      I saw that Movie The Master and this Cult leader keeps referring to the supposed
      real state Of "Perfect", that is so obviously absurd when you really look at it.
      We can only do our best imo. Sometimes it's really nice and sometimes not, or
      just is what it is.

      We'd all be a lot better off if we could just increasingly develop a sense of
      overall compassion, cause us humans have more responsibility imo, because we
      have brains that give us more options for good or worse.

      Just my take, but I shy away from anything that starts to sound like another
      dogma. We don't really know anything do we. We can only theorize about reality
      and our experience is then kind of a virtual reality, but even that can get too
      carried away. Just like the wild animal in its element, but that too only goes
      so far. Those who can't adapt and lack flexibility become extinct sooner or
      later...... eckankar like other new age religions are kind of on their last
      legs, but a lot of people still get fooled by the grandiosity and the
      pretentious fake promises.

      Non ; )

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, Lady Rowan <ladyrowan07@...>
      > Well said Prometheus... I too, after seeking spiritual knowledge which I
      thought I could find in any certain group or individuals who would have any
      kind of answer, but came up short, feel the same toward any specific religion
      or following. About 5 years ago, a friend of my turned me onto the movie "What
      The BLEEP Do We Know," which was about quantum theory, and I found it
      fascinating and I read other books and some of Gary Zukov's books on basically
      the same concepts, my fav book being The Dancing Wu Li Masters (for lay people
      like me), but again always hungered for more. Another fav is Brian Greene's
      The Elegant Universe, which delves in deeper into quantum physics, string
      theory, and M theory, which was beautifully done and easily understandable for
      this lay person...the book was a little hard for me to understand, but IÂ got
      the video of it from the library and watched it as many times as I could (and
      still have a hard time wrapping my mind
      > around its awesomeness)...and as elegant as our universe is and that most
      High Power that keeps us all connected is, I couldn't even begin to regurgitate
      any of it, as it is so rich. But I do like the fact that science has
      acknowledged that connected creation in such a beautiful (almost spiritual to
      me) way.  It's awesome. Rowan Â
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      > From: prometheus_973 <prometheus_973@...>
      > To: EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Friday, September 21, 2012 12:04 PM
      > Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: Becoming a New Member and/or Posting
      Comments on this site:
      > Â
      > Hello Lady, Etznab, Janice, and All,
      > As far as my religious views...
      > well, I can't even say I'm a pagan.
      > I don't believe in any religion.
      > In some ways I'm both theist
      > and deist, thus, I'm neither
      > agnostic or atheist. I do believe
      > that a deity or deities of some
      > sort exist or existed and they
      > began or seeded the universes.
      > And, (IMO) I believe that there
      > is some sort of "intervention."
      > This is merely one reason as
      > to why "spiritual/religious"
      > experiences i.e. miracles were
      > explained. People will naturally
      > imagine/create, via the mind,
      > all sorts of things. Religions
      > have simply used these events/
      > experiences to reenforce their
      > hold upon people. Still, IMO,
      > there are unexplainable mysterious
      > non-religious connections.
      > We can even call this a Soul
      > to Soul connection linked to
      > an overall network (Over-Soul
      > i.e. Spirit).
      > Thus, I do believe that there
      > is a divine harmony of "spirit,"
      > whereby, people can experience
      > and/or tap into this "divine"
      > (or not) mental-energy source.
      > IMO We are all "plugged" into
      > this network by various ways
      > and means and at various
      > levels (not planes).
      > There are many variables.
      > It could be that this "Source"
      > is a mental and DNA link
      > that expands as we open
      > up certain areas of the mind.
      > Thus, our potential is enabled
      > more and more as we naturally
      > use our curiosity to explore
      > and expand via technology
      > and new thought patterns.
      > It's obvious, to me, that
      > every individual is at their
      > own unique stage of evolution.
      > Group religions create a plateau
      > and will merely close off and
      > stunt potential growth/expansion
      > of awareness for individuals.
      > This is why all religions will
      > use and rely upon "belief" and
      > "faith" to reenforce their religious
      > foundation. Klemp has done
      > the same with Eckankar.
      > ********************************
      > When I was an EK leader I would
      > go out of my way to talk to people
      > individually, especially, after the
      > EWS (ECK Worship Service). I
      > would even encourage the cleric
      > and other H.I.s or 4ths to talk
      > to the newbies whether EKists
      > or non-EKists instead of gathering
      > in groups with their friends.
      > I tried to give people what they
      > were seeking but via of the EK
      > teachings. Still, there's a lot of
      > subjectivity. Unfortunately, the
      > Guidelines and EK Dogma does
      > tend to limit what one is supposed
      > to share. And, it was difficult
      > and somewhat frustrating to
      > discuss the Eckankar dogma/belief
      > with people who had not read
      > of or understood (been suckered
      > into) that special (pretend)
      > relationship with the Inner
      > Mahanta. This is where one
      > develops a codependent
      > relationship with an imaginary
      > being who is, actually, ones
      > own "inner" self.
      > Anyway, I did greet, listen to
      > and welcome-in those EKists
      > who didn't show up often at
      > EK events and those non-EKists
      > who were curious about Eckankar
      > and seeing what "ECKists" looked
      > like.
      > However, regardless of one's
      > sincerity and confidence of
      > belief, discussions of the "Divine"
      > are still very subjective, and
      > uniquely personal. Therefore
      > I'm sure that everyone on this
      > site (ESA) has a different and
      > unique view, as well as, unique
      > and private "spiritual" experiences
      > that have led us to where we
      > are now... wherever that is!
      > I'm sure that it's still in flux
      > as we continue to explore
      > within our own semi-established
      > beliefs.
      > Prometheus
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