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Another Look @ How Klemp Contradicts Himself

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  • prometheus_973
    Klemp, also, abuses the EK Principle of the Threes while continuing to contradict his own 12/2005 instructions to his Higher Initiates! In the 12/2005 H.I.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2012
      Klemp, also, abuses the EK
      "Principle of the Threes" while
      continuing to contradict his
      own 12/2005 instructions
      to his Higher Initiates!

      In the 12/2005 H.I. Letter
      Klemp (the M/LEM) gave special
      instructions/teachings to his
      Higher Initiates on the use of
      "If, And, or But:" However, using
      "BUT" was, especially, to be
      avoided with fellow ECKists!

      Here's what KLEMP had to say
      in this 12/2005 H.I. Letter:

      "Many are sharing their ideas
      from the Mental Arena, and it
      uplifts people.

      I look at the Ideas and Thoughts
      of Philosophers.

      One thing that strikes me about
      Immanuel Kant was something
      he said that Acts Out an appreciation
      for life, which shows Gratitude in

      He said, NO Ifs, Ands, or Buts.
      By this he meant, Make Your
      Statement Clean and Clear....

      When someone says BUT it is
      a Nail in the Coffin of Invention.
      A Constant Stream of Contradictions
      Shuts Off Creativity and a Gift
      that may be offered.

      And when someone says BUT,
      he's [HK] Stopped Listening.

      So Be Aware when using if.

      And Especially when using BUT,
      because it's Limiting. Move straight
      ahead. Don't Clutter things with if,
      and, or BUT. It throws a Condition
      Under Your Feet that is a Trip Wire.

      This is pretty much for ourselves..."

      Thus, Klemp now dirties and confuses
      his own "ideas and thoughts" via his
      continued use of the word "BUT."

      This is arrogant! Klemp doesn't care
      what he says to ECKists because he
      knows that he can say anything because
      chelas are taught to never question
      him (the M/LEM). ECKists blindly believe
      and follow him because they have thrown
      critical thinking out the window. They
      are afraid to know or to see the Truth
      because they Need a religion to believe
      in and they don't have a replacement
      for Eckankar! Plus, it feels good to have
      all of those fake initiations and EK friends
      and busy Vahana work. The Mahanta's
      "Mission" helps to give their lives purpose!

      However, in the current (Members
      Only) 09/2009 "The Mystic World
      of ECKankar" Klemp backslides
      on his own teachings to his H.I.s!

      And, this isn't the first time HK's
      backslid since this 12/2005 H.I. Letter
      was first written! Klemp has backslid
      on his misuse of "BUT" in numerous
      EK publications for Members Only!
      ECKists should proofread all of these
      Members Only EK pubs (since 12/2005)
      to verify this fact for themselves! Circle
      all of the IFs and, especially, the BUTS!

      In the front page article "May
      Thy Will Be Mine" Klemp uses
      the EK "Principle of the Threes"
      negatively, according to his own
      definition (above), by using "BUT"
      Threes Times!:

      HK: 1) "BUT would they?" (pg.1)

      HK: 2) "(the Holy Spirit), BUT
      would they?" (pg.1)

      HK: 3) "BUT the ECK, the Holy
      Spirit Itself" (pg.2)

      Next, in the sole Q & A of the
      "Ask the Master" questions
      Klemp, again, disregards his
      own instructions of the misuse
      of "BUT" and is oblivious that
      he again used "BUT" THREE TIMES!

      OR, was Klemp unaware? Either
      way it isn't good and shows that
      something is rotten in Denmark!

      Note: There are usually THREE
      Questions for "ASK THE MASTER"
      because Klemp, normally, uses
      "The (EK) Principle of the Threes."
      Check out past pubs to verify
      this fact as well!

      HK: 1) "No thought or deed is ever
      lost--BUT all is recorded in the
      Book of Life."

      HK: 2) "BUT there is a turning point
      where the Wheel of Fire, which is
      slavery to karmic destiny, loses
      its power over us."

      HK: 3) "It is a state of consciousness
      that is won the hard way, BUT when
      the trials are done and Soul is aware
      of Its relationship with the SUGMAD,
      then immense love and compassion
      are the reward."

      Next, in this same 09/2009 EK
      Mystic World, Klemp uses "BUT"
      4 times in The Wisdom Notes.
      However, HK uses "BUT" THREE
      TIMES when discussing the Law
      of Economy, and once again
      abuses the ECK "Principle of the
      Threes." Only a KAL agent (Black
      Magician) would abuse this EK
      Principle, so subtly, in order to
      confuse and mislead ECKists!

      The Wisdom Notes
      Law of Economy story--

      HK: 1) "Some experiences, here and
      there, will be similar, BUT overall
      different, though all fashioned
      from a similar broadcloth of Karma."

      HK: 2) "BUT, with my spending
      money renewed at home, I returned
      to school with all my spendthrift
      habits in tact."

      HK: 3) "BUT a roommate hitchhiked
      home in fall and spring, avoiding
      such travel in winter, so I asked him
      to teach me the ropes."

      Next, Klemp "shares" a story about
      the "Law of Silence" and uses "BUT"
      one time.

      HK: 1) "Lessons about silence came
      to me in numerous ways, BUT I will
      mention a notable one."

      In this story Klemp points out that
      ECKists should use 'discrimination'
      and should probably keep 'Silent
      about MOST communications between
      you and the Inner Master.' And yet,
      Klemp (the so-called Inner Master)
      can't discriminate either!

      Why are all of those EK stories
      "shared" when chelas are supposed
      to keep Silent? OH! That's right! HK
      said 'MOST communications' (i.e. dreams,
      etc.). That's because only "Approved
      Stories/Dreams, etc." are to be shared!

      Only those written, snail-mailed, read
      & reviewed, categorized, and approved
      for use by the ESC staffers, and the Klemps,
      are to be "shared." Otherwise, ECKists
      are to Keep Silent About Them! HK
      doesn't want another "Graham holding
      the Rod" incident even if it was just
      a dream!

      p.s. Some Eckists might think I'm making
      a mountain out of a mole hill by pointing
      out both the use of BUT, when this is not
      to be used (due to its negative connotations),
      and by connecting this to the EK "Principle
      of the Threes." However, Eckists know that
      there are no such things as coincidences,
      especially, involving the Holy Spirit. I believe
      that the Holy Spirit is giving Eckists direct
      proof that Klemp is not Who or What he claims!
      This proof is Klemp's 'Trip Wire!' He should
      have stepped down from power long ago
      when he was being "burned" by his EMF/EMR
      problems around 1990.
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