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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: Why Eckists See Masters [another perspective]

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  • Russ Rodnick
    i like that your cat as a master. why not, right? ________________________________ From: tygerpurr To:
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 2, 2012
      i like that your cat as a master. why not, right?

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      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: Why Eckists See Masters [another perspective]

      It is interesting. People who have had near death experiences may have an
      experience that fits their culture or beliefs. And some who have had strokes on
      the left side of the brain experience Bliss. there's a good book written by a
      Neuroscientist called "Stroke of Insight" about her personal experience with
      this. I was reading a book recently "Jew in the Lotus", in which an explanation
      of Jewish Mysticism is explained to the Dalia Lama, and there are "angels" for
      every little thing, as well as group consciousness, ethnic consciousness,
      Nations, the Planet and so on. Who knows? On the one hand I think we see our
      projections a lot. I talk to someone on the phone whom I haven't met and for
      some reason I visualize them as thin, but when I meet them they are pretty meaty
      and their personality is much kinder than their phone personality. Even there, I
      am making all kinds of assumptions about them. In reality, it often takes a long
      time to really know what someone is really like.

      We see movie stars and celebrities a lot in media and we get this false sense
      that we know them on some intimate level. Who would have thought that Clint
      Eastwood was such a ding bat ass. : ) In person I may like him even, that is
      until I got to know him better.

      I still like the idea of programming my dreams, but now it is more fun and my
      focus is on compassion and working through life stuff, at least that is my plan.
      What really happens is so much below conscious awareness, I think. I am just
      trying to heal. Sometimes I have dreams that hint of things that do happen a
      week or two latter. Maybe it's Jung's Collective Unconscious or something like
      that. I try to not take it to seriously, but that's not really true. I take some
      of this too seriously. I'm also too hard on myself still. Compassion is what I
      keep coming back to. I resist my being too much sometimes and then I resist
      resisting, so then I just let it be and sometimes there is a shift, and a sense
      of ease. Not every day is a good day or a bad day.

      Tonight I will allow for my own wise compassionate being to accompany, even if
      it is in the form of my cat that passed away a few years ago. I don't really
      care for authoritarian "masters".

      well sorry for the rambling and I wish everyone pleasant dreams.

      Tygerpurr ; )

      --- In mailto:EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous%40yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > This is not my belief
      > but I thought I'd share
      > it From the Files:
      > "Like all worlds, the emotional consists of three basically different kinds of matter: involvatory matter (primary matter), involutionary matter (secondary matter), and evolutionary matter (tertiary and quaternary matter). Involvatory matter lacks consciousness, involutionary matter possesses actualized passive consciousness, and evolutionary matter has active consciousness.
      > The primary matter of the emotional world acts as a blind force. The secondary matter of the emotional world makes conception, emotion, imagination possible, with a rational content that varies according to the percentage of mental atoms in emotional molecules and the percentages of the molecular kinds in the emotional envelope.
      > All involutionary matter (atoms and molecules) has passive consciousness. When man "thinks", his imagination shapes elementals in emotional matter, emotional material forms, live emotional beings with activated emotional consciousness, corresponding to consciousness in that thought which formed them. The lifetime of these beings depends on the degree of the emotional energy that produced them. As a rule this lasts for a minute or so, whereupon the form dissolves and the emotional molecules return to their original states.
      > It is involutionary matter, with its delusive life-forms, that men take for permanent reality and that is the ground and cause of the illusions of mankind.
      > As a term of world 48 the "emotional world" is to be preferred to the usual, the "astral world", since the emotional forms largely composing that world are shaped by human emotional consciousness.
      > A man with a sufficiently strong imagination studies a legend of a saint and enters into the life of that saint. So he unconsciously constructs such a saint in the emotional world and will meet him when he has "passed on"."
      > page 7 The Way of Man by Henry T. Laurency
      > "In the emotional world there are live replicas of all beings that men "worship". All historical personages are found there in live emotional replicas, which the ignorant take for genuine. Being robots, they say what you know they said in the physical world. The majority of true believers have, under the influence of religious, spiritualist, yogic, etc. fictitious systems, unwittingly shaped a "divine form" or a "master" or a "guide" in the emotional world; generally a new form in each incarnation. In many cases, these emotional forms have been taken over by people in the emotional world who think they are able to help in this way."
      > page 27 The Way of Man by Henry T. Laurency
      > "The greatest perplexing factor, however, is the fact that the emotional world is the particular world of desires. Everything emotional, all desires and expectations (also unconscious ones) immediately assume concrete forms in emotional matter. It is unavoidable that the clairvoyant takes those emotional forms for enduring reality. In the emotional world the religious see their gods, masters, spiritual guides. In that world you have all your preconceived opinions confirmed. For you see that they are realities, and your belief in them is even more fixated."
      > page 18 The Explanation by Lars Adelskogh

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