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Re: Marriage Advice from A Master Recluse

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Non eckster and All, There re several things that cause relationship problems for EKists... one is the karma belief. Thus, there s always that escape
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 1, 2012
      Hello Non eckster and All,
      There're several things
      that cause relationship
      problems for EKists... one
      is the karma belief. Thus,
      there's always that escape
      clause... that past life karma
      has been resolved and, now,
      it's time to move on and
      resolve, more, remaining
      karma with the next person.

      However, since ECKists
      practice detachment why
      should they be getting upset
      and require a relationship
      technique to resolve problems?

      And, don't they have the
      "Inner Guidance" of the
      Mahanta? Why, then, do
      they need the LEM's Outer
      advice? If one believed the
      PR H.I.s should be more
      advanced than their outer
      behavior which should be
      balanced with that of Soul.
      This is why they're so confused.
      Klemp keeps them off balance
      in order to control them!

      On one hand EKists are told
      they're advanced spiritual
      beings who are capable of
      inner communication with
      "masters" and travel to other
      planes with their Mahanta.
      And, on the other hand,
      their fake Mahanta needs
      to communicate with then
      via seminar talks and publications.
      If HK was a true Master he
      could communicate with
      any and all of his H.I.s

      ECKists must believe in the
      lie and deny the truth. That's
      the problem and it keeps them
      from growing, being free, and
      becoming responsible for their


      "Non" eckster wrote:
      Klemp should be called THE LIVING LAME MASTER. His advise for communication in
      marriage would just cause more frustration and problems. In fact, the main
      problem may be that eckists don't really practice good communication skills
      anyway. They are taught to follow advise through authoritarian hierarchical
      channels. Also, they don't have that much experience with the experience of what
      it means to be genuine and to accept that a certain amount of conflict is normal
      in even the most loving of relationships. Their idea of love is more of a
      concept anyway.

      The only good thing about this stupid advise, is that a few eckists may wake up
      and begin a life that is more genuine and free from clut like dictums and dogma.

      noneckster ; )

      prometheus wrote:
      > It seems Klemp can't help
      > but show his inadequacies
      > as a pseudo-expert of both
      > "spiritual" and marriage
      > counseling techniques.
      > Q: Can you help me with any
      > advice on how to keep the love
      > flowing in my marriage? It's
      > been strained lately.
      > A: (HK) Communication is
      > a difficult thing to keep open
      > in any marriage.
      > ME: Not true! I don't have that
      > problem. If you're married to the
      > right person, your Soulmate or
      > Twin Soul, there's no work or
      > maintenance involved. It's natural
      > and effortless because both are
      > like minded. Apparently Klemp
      > has never had the Soulmate/
      > Twin Soul experience and, thus,
      > has no clue as to what he's talking
      > about.
      > HK: One useful technique when
      > things get strained is for one
      > person to interview the other
      > for twenty minutes, with notes.
      > ME: Is this what Harry and Joan
      > do? That's both funny and sad!
      > What's sadder is that EKists will
      > emulate him and follow this really
      > stupid advice.
      > HK: The interviewer is free to
      > ask whatever he wants. The
      > only limitation is no question
      > can be phrased so that it can
      > be answered with a simple yes
      > or no. That doesn't open communication.
      > ME: The "Interviewer?" "He?"
      > How about he and she?
      > HK: The interviewer is not able
      > to defend himself against any
      > accusations but must sit there
      > and take it. Of course, the roles
      > change in twenty minutes. The
      > other spouse then becomes the
      > interviewer of hopes and dashed
      > dreams.
      > ME: You must sit there and
      > take it? How about having a
      > rule of not saying something
      > you can't take back. And then
      > the roles are switched around
      > so that the other spouse can
      > talk about "hopes and dashed
      > dreams." That's ridiculous!
      > HK: It is surprising what marriage
      > partners learn about their companions
      > that make them truly interesting
      > people with goals too.
      > ME: One learns that via daily
      > sharing. Klemp is really comical.
      > If one read all of his writings
      > it would become apparent that
      > he is incapable of showing empathy.
      > He'll give Lip Service to the same
      > things that Christians do, but
      > he's too aloof because he actually
      > believes that he's God like. This
      > delusion has perpetuated his
      > arrested development and has
      > placed him more out of touch
      > with his H.I.s and chelas. This
      > is why he needs his RESAs and
      > those snail mail letters in order
      > to "know" what's happening.
      > There is no "Inner" communication!
      From Spiritual Wisdom on Relationships, by Harold Klemp
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