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Re: Klemp's Bait & Switch Routine

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  • prometheus_973
    More responses from Klemp from the June, 2012 The Mystic World - Ask the Master: HK: It is very disturbing when someone we know decides to end it all
    Message 1 of 3 , May 22, 2012
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      More responses from Klemp
      from the June, 2012 The
      Mystic World - Ask the Master:

      HK: It is very disturbing
      when someone we know
      decides to end it all [obviously].

      What are some likely reasons
      for suicides? [finances, poor
      health, a loss... but what "wisdom"
      does HK opine?]

      A Big Factor is an overexposure
      to electronics.

      Today's technology has far
      outpaced human evolution,
      so our many gadgets blast
      our nervous system, weakening
      it [opinions are like assholes,
      little Harry is sounding like
      Chicken Little].

      Add to that a deficient diet.
      Soda and energy drinks are
      often loaded with caffeine,
      which stresses the nerves
      and even more [of course
      coffee and tea have caffeine
      too, and there's always decaf].

      Fast food does not supply
      us with the necessary nutrition,
      which also robs us of the
      right fuel for our bodies and
      minds [eating it everyday
      can take it's toll but moderation
      is key].

      All the above devolve into
      insufficient sleep [as do many
      many other factors].

      Of major concern is how
      the above items may relegate
      one's spiritual exercises or
      quiet time to the very bottom
      of one's daily schedule [this
      is a fear tactic, decades ago
      even before the Internet Eckists
      didn't have time for the S.E.].

      We all need time alone;
      our intricate systems must
      have a chance to recharge
      and freshen up [as a recluse
      with arrested social development
      HK has mastered being
      alone, but a decent night's
      sleep and a nice hot shower
      "freshens" up almost anyone,
      oh, and a nice hot cup of coffee

      Not mentioned yet is severe
      pain as a reason for suicide
      [emotional and physical].

      People are always meeting
      their own past deeds but are
      hardly set for the terrible pain
      that illness of body or mind
      can inflict [it's not necessarily
      "past deeds," it's life, we all
      get sick and die at different
      times and in different ways].

      Still, who are we to judge?
      Love only. [end]

      ME: That's nice. However,
      Klemp judges all of the time.
      And when he uses "we" he
      really means "you" because
      he's too narcissistic to include
      himself with such introspection.
      If he did he would feel some
      guilt for his deceptions, but
      that too would be rationalized
      away by thinking of all of those
      rudderless and fearful Souls
      that he's given some direction
      and hope.

      Except, little Harry always
      benefits with accolades and
      money. The purpose and
      lives of his followers have
      been deviated toward a
      delusional mindset by a

      ECKists will use their free
      time and personal resources
      working and traveling for
      Klemp as volunteers for his
      membership and material
      sales. They do this with the
      hope of receiving meaningless
      initiations (and other kudos)
      that, supposedly, indicate a
      higher consciousness/
      awareness when the opposite,
      unfortunately, is true. This
      scam is sometimes referred
      to as "the long con" and that's
      what Twitchell created and
      Klemp positioned himself to
      inherit. It could have been
      anybody making the same
      claims that Klemp is making
      today. Still, he has a lot to
      answer for and deep down
      he knows it... and time is
      running out for him.

      The Catch-22 is that Klemp
      can't admit to the truth... he
      can't be honest (in his last days)
      because of several factors.

      1.) HK's legacy and image
      would be destroyed.

      2.) Eckists would feel betrayed
      and would question what Truth
      really was.

      3.) Eckists would have more
      time and money to spend on
      real vacations and with their
      family. They could, also, heal
      the problems they've created
      with other family members
      caused via the nutty Eckankar

      On second thought numbers
      2 & 3 would be reasons for
      Klemp to confess and man-up
      .... for a change!


      HK: Scores of unknown,
      unsung ECK Masters walk
      among people everyday,
      for these Masters are
      not all ascended Souls.
      They look for individuals
      worthy of a spiritual lift.

      There is a big picture you
      need to take into account.
      The Mahanta [me, HK], the
      Inner Master, is in all people
      in some measure, because
      he [me, HK] is the ECK Itself.

      It is the ECK [me] that sustains
      all living and even inanimate
      things. Your challenge is to
      [believe my bullshit] and open
      your spiritual awareness to see
      [me] the Mahanta in the eyes
      and deeds of others. [I am
      everything, you are nothing].

      That is a tall order [and much
      much bullshit]! Yet be aware
      that you are always on hallowed
      ground [mine], and [my] the
      Mahanta's tests will come time
      and time again [and you will
      always fail since you've chosen
      to remain asleep and trapped

      When you attain a certain place
      of unfoldment [aka weakness],
      he [me, God] may send a human
      ECK Master [me again] to offer
      you a special opportunity [empty
      promises] to jump ahead to a
      higher level of consciousness
      [the dead-ended 7th, now,
      attainable after only 35-45
      years]. Will you be ready?

      Always be on the alert for
      one of these divine [imaginary]
      emissaries--secret agents,
      if you will. They may come
      as beggars, mechanics, traders,
      etc. [caution, sometimes a cigar
      is just a cigar]. There will be
      something unusual in your
      encounter with them [especially
      if you believe this B.S. and are
      looking for something magical
      to happen, it's called auto
      suggestion or brain-washing].

      Lesson: Treat all as you would
      the Mahanta [me, HK], the Living
      Bullshit Master [and buy more of
      my books, it's a win/win, for me
      and a lose/lose for you... sucker!].

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