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Klemp: New Age Conman

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  • prometheus_973
    More from the June, 2012 The Mystic World: Vahana on Wheels I saw that in Ghana that they have graphics of HK and of the other fake EK Masters at bus-stop
    Message 1 of 3 , May 20, 2012
      More from the June,
      2012 The Mystic World:

      "Vahana on Wheels"

      I saw that in Ghana that
      they have graphics of
      HK and of the other fake
      EK Masters at bus-stop
      sheds and they have 3
      minivans with the graphics
      on them as well. They
      claim that people will
      follow the vans around
      in order to read all of the
      propaganda. There's also
      a "HU A Love Song To God"
      graphic with all of that

      Anyway, I thought "Why
      haven't Eckists ever done
      that, here, in the states?"
      We've had graphics here
      long before they've had
      them in Ghana. Then, I
      realized why it was. Part
      of the reason is shame.
      Eckists, for the most part,
      are shameful and embarrassed
      of their nutty New Age
      Religion and of the name
      ECKankar! They get very
      defensive and, then, they
      get indignant and stand-
      offish and this effect creates
      a care-less passive attitude.
      No, it's not detachment or
      even non-attachment it's
      passivity and negativity.
      I remember, once, where
      Klemp used the Bible quote
      of "throwing pearls (of wisdom)
      to swine" (seekers without
      ears to hear, or those who
      are more discerning).

      The one unchanging characteristic
      that I've noticed about Klemp,
      over the years, is his lack of
      Empathy. Really! Read some
      of the comments he's made
      early on in his writings back
      in the '80s and read his comments
      that he makes about people
      who rub him the wrong way
      today. He's never changed,
      evolved, nor grown spiritually!

      The string that connects it
      all together is Klemp's limited
      view of other possibilities
      (he's very one dimensional),
      has a lack of insight, and is
      somewhat cold hearted and
      definitely narcissistic. All of
      this, together, results in his
      lack of empathy for others.
      HK is more "a master of deception,"
      even, unto himself! It's sad,
      but more so to those he's
      misled and has kept trapped
      via doubt and fear.

      I wonder, How many old
      timers signed on to become
      members of a religion?
      I never did!

      Klemp is the one who created
      "Eckankar Religion of the
      Light and Sound of God."
      And then after recreating
      Eckankar from "a Spiritual
      Path" into an actual religion
      he, then, took it towards
      a more familiar "Christian"
      based Religion with an

      In other words, Klemp remade
      EKankar to look like his former
      Lutheran church... which he
      came to disrespect along with
      his father.

      That was something wasn't
      it? HK didn't attend his father's
      funeral in October, 1971 because
      he wanted to be at the Worldwide.
      He showed no empathy for his
      mother nor to his brothers and

      I read one story where HK wanted
      to be at the '71 EK World Wide
      to experience and support first-
      hand the crowning of Darwin.
      But why couldn't HK have
      ekperienced this on the "INNER?"
      Very strange!

      I read another version where
      Klemp thought that Tom
      Flamma's shotgun "prophecy"
      meant that little Harry might
      be crowned instead of Darwin.
      This was the real reason little
      Harry had forsaken his mother
      and her grieving at the time of
      his father's death. I hope he's
      still happily rationalizing with
      that decision. But, apparently
      Klemp didn't know that the "fix"
      was in and that Gail was doing
      her CYA routine with the EK
      Board to get Darwin elected.
      Funny, but Darwin gave another
      version where he was promoted
      to a Ninth Initiate, by Paul, in
      June, 1971 ("From Heaven to the
      Prairie"). Interesting that Klemp
      lives in Eden Prairie, MN.

      Next, I saw another June
      2012 Mystic World article
      titled "I Trust the ECK."

      This Canadian is saying
      that she went through
      the whole day with this
      affirmation in her mind
      (it was a "spiritual exercise")
      "and things worked out
      wonderfully." But, not
      everything was crossed
      off her "list," but that was
      okay (she rationalized)
      she "knew that was exactly
      as it was supposed to be."

      And, sometimes when she's
      under stress she steps back
      puts her life on cruise control
      and asks the Inner Master
      "What do you need me to do?"

      Isn't it shameful that Klemp
      is teaching ECKists codependency
      rather than Self-Mastery!
      Why not ask the real INNER
      MASTER, SOUL, "What do you
      need me to do now?"

      IMO this Inner Master promo/
      story is being printed in the
      Mystic World in order to keep
      HK's sheep inline and brain-
      washed. However, it also shows
      me that Klemp needs his shy,
      gullible, trusting and very
      delusional followers more than
      they actually need him! This
      story is simply being used to
      promote and reenforce this
      KALi codependent mindset...
      HK's more the Black Magician
      than Paul or Darwin ever were!

      Really, why can't Klemp let
      his H.I.s go? Those with the
      7th Initiation should be set
      free of the outer Eckankar!
      They shouldn't have to be
      members of a worldly religion
      bound by dogma, guidelines,
      and rules! This is simply more
      proof that Klemp is running
      a religious scam. Where's the
      Spiritual Freedom and Self-
      Mastery that were once promised,
      in the beginning, and prior
      to Klemp's reign?

      "New from Sri Harold, Spiritual
      Wisdom on Dreams"

      Yep! Klemp has another waste-
      of-time redundant book out
      there that's making him 50%
      on royalties. Not only that,
      but it's another book added
      to his long list of accomplishments.
      Klemp has to live up to his
      PR that ECKists are paying for.
      This way he can boast (indirectly
      of course) of being a renown
      "author/writer." Yes, little Harry
      is very prideful of his accomplishments.
      Funny, that he just couldn't
      resist getting into Who's Who
      just as Twitchell had done
      back in 1935. HK's King of
      the Hill!

      Anyway, back to the book.
      Here's part of his promo:

      "If people actually did, the
      study of dreams would be
      much more prominent in
      our society than it is today."

      Can't that be said of anything?

      Once, people studied the
      bumps on their heads and
      used this unscientific method
      to imagine all sorts of things.
      It was a very detailed and in-
      depth study and many "experts"
      became involved and sold
      this belief to a gullible/trusting
      public. This, too, became very
      "prominent in society" at the
      time just as seances once were.
      Let's face it, scammers will
      sell anything. PT Barnum said,
      "There's a sucker born every
      second." Remember? Carter's
      Little Liver Pills. LOL!

      So, Klemp is selling his New
      Age snake oil just like Brad
      Steiger sold hundreds of books
      with his crap! Big Foot, UFOs,
      and Paul Twitchell anyone?


      Prometheus wrote:
      I was looking at a copy
      of the June, 2012 The
      Mystic World of EKankar
      that was emailed to me
      recently... [thanks] and
      I noticed how irreverent
      the irrelevant little Harry
      Klemp came across.

      HK's front page article is
      titled "That's Irrelevant."
      In the article he makes
      a few judgment calls and
      assumes ("imagines") that
      a woman whom he's having
      a conversation with is an
      "authoritarian school teacher."
      Obviously Klemp has some
      issues with teachers and/or
      women, but then again he
      went to an all boys Lutheran
      school and, thus, has some
      continuing psychological
      issues, as well as, arrested
      social development.

      Oh, BTW, there's a pic of
      both Harry and Joan on the
      front page. Will Joan finally
      get promoted to a 12th this
      year? Maybe this will be her
      year! If HK retires he'll still
      have a spy at the ESC!

      Anyway, the story is about
      locked car doors and a dead
      car battery. Klemp states that
      while having a conversation
      with this woman that she was
      giving him a scorching look
      and that he felt he wasn't
      measuring up. Klemp kept
      guessing at what her problem
      was with the doors and when
      he gave her an answer she
      didn't like she'd say, "That's

      Too bad she didn't tell Kelmp
      that he's "irrelevant!" LOL!
      Actually, maybe (indirectly)
      she was telling him that!
      No wonder HK got mad
      and decided to get even by
      attacking her in this members
      only article and behind her

      So, Klemp is making fun of
      this woman and is editing the
      story so that he looks like an
      innocent victim and she looks
      like an agent of the Kal. It's
      actually vice versa! Plus, you
      have to understand that Klemp
      is as much, if not more so, of
      a liar that Twitchell was.

      Still, by reading these articles
      closely one can see Klemp's
      lack of consciousness. Put
      it this way... WWJD if he had
      met this woman? Feel the love
      emanating from Jesus and her
      being receptive to the change
      in consciousness? But, instead,
      we have the weasel Klemp judging
      her and feeding her self-doubt,
      fears, anger and negativity with
      his own!

      Klemp then states that cold
      weather is hard on batteries
      and she replies that she's
      moving but Not to Florida
      and Not to Arizona. I found
      this interesting since these
      two states have been in the
      news lately as being rather
      racist and anti-consumer.
      Apparently Klemp is clueless
      about these details and
      attempts to belittle her to
      ECKists with these comments:
      "Not, not! Poor wandering Soul,
      so tied up in knots."

      But really, is it any wonder
      that this woman was acting
      as if she was a "negative" battery...
      she's female! Klemp (assuming
      he's male and not a eunuch)
      is a "positive" battery according
      to Twitchell's Eckankar. I wonder,
      What polarity do eunuch's have?
      does it matter? It's all B.S.!

      Apparently a "new car battery"
      named ECKankar is what she
      really needs to transform her
      life and take her to higher
      realms of being, "And that
      would be relevant!" Yeah, right!
      Been there, done that, bought
      the tee shirt and coffee mug!

      Klemp's such a self-righteous

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