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Fw: ZOHAR AND SEPHER more Eck Fiction by Twitchell

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  • Gnothe Seauton
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      Subject: Re: ZOHAR AND SEPHER more Eck Fiction by Twitchell
      prometheus wrote:
      > Hello Mish and All,
      > Twitchell uses these Qabbala terms
      > to create Space
      Invaders in this century!
      > It seems that Twitchell took these two
      > terms, ZOHAR and SEPHER, from Qabbalism
      > and then did his EK tweaking or rewrite
      > for it to mean whatever he wanted. In
      > this case it's to create a new root race
      > of Space Aliens... for the 21st Century!
      > "According to Eliphas Levi, the three
      > greatest books of Qabbalism are the
      > Sepher Yetzirah, The Book of Formation;
      > the Sepher ha Zohar, The Book of Splendor;
      > and the Apocalypse, The Book of Revelation.
      > The dates of the writing of these books
      > are by no means thoroughly established.
      > Qabbalists declare that the Sepher Yetzirah
      > was written by Abraham. Although it is
      > by far the oldest of the Qabbalistic books,
      > it was probably from the pen of the Rabbi
      > Akiba, A.D. 120. - Manly P. Hall, The Secret
      > Teachings of All Ages
      > "SEPHER. The ECK Master who will be responsible
      > for the spiritual welfare of the ZOHAR, the
      > root race who will colonize the earth after the
      > catastrophe in the twenty-first and twenty-
      > second centuries." [EK Lexicon, pgs. 186-187]
      > "ZOHAR, the. A future ROOT RACE who will
      > come from a far distant planet to colonize
      > the world after the destruction in the twenty-
      > first and twenty-second centuries, BUT they
      > will fail and after several centuries will withdraw."
      > [EK Lexicon, pg. 243]
      > One might ask where Twit got the idea for
      > using this Qabbala info. Well, since PT studied
      > and plagiarized from "The Path of the Masters"
      > in order to help create Eckankar it would seem
      > that this book would be a source for him. And,
      > it just so happens that Zohar - Book of Splendor
      > and the Sepher and the ten
      Sephiroth or Splendors
      > of the Infinite One are listed here.
      > It's really too bad that EKists don't read, study,
      > research, and question the info listed in Klemp's
      > EK Lexicon and compare that to Twitchell's EK
      > Dictionary. Basically, there's just too much crap
      > of Twitchell's to go through and change. Although,
      > one has to wonder why Klemp didn't do more
      > research, himself, before copying most of PT's
      > EK Dictionary word for word. Thus, Klemp is now
      > the one responsible for what he has placed his
      > name to. Klemp, now, needs to explain why these
      > Qabbala terms are being used. Also, HK needs
      > to explain why he, too, claims that these ZOHAR
      > Space Invaders (a new Root Race) will be coming
      > to earth in (the later part of?) this Century. Of
      > course, that's the Catch-22 for Twitchell and
      > Klemp. When one makes Prophecies one
      > to make sure that if/when you're proven wrong
      > that you'll be long dead!
      > BTW- MISH, I agree that dreams are a mixed
      > bag of worms. I had a close friend that died
      > and had No dream of it happening. I recently
      > had another dream where I awoke with the
      > words clearly in my mind that "'Jon' has died!"
      > However, it wasn't true! That person is still
      > alive and well. Basically, dreams can give
      > some insights for our own self-analysis
      > and self-improvement but beyond that it
      > seems to be a waste of time and attention.
      > One can and does imagine whatever their
      > expectations and subconscious mind tells
      > them via imagination and the filling-in of
      > mental and emotional gaps or desires.
      > Eckankar merely uses DREAMS as a gaff to
      > "hook" people and bring them into the org.
      > It's just another "tool" from Klemp's tool
      > and is used as a distraction, as well as, for
      > manipulation purposes. EKists are so busy
      > focusing upon, studying, analyzing, and talking
      > about their dreams that they are distracted
      > from other more important questions... like
      > the Zohar!
      > Dream study has become big business and
      > is complex and confusing. How does one ever
      > "Master" dream interpretation? Klemp can
      > say that it means this or that, but prove it!
      > Actually, with Eckankar, questions about
      > "dreams" are the safest ones to ask for an
      > ECKist! Look at all of those books and
      > discourses and workshops and group discussions
      > about dreams. Dreams are a safe topic because
      > there are no "wrong" questions. The only "wrong"
      > answer is that dreams aren't all that important!
      > Thus, the dream "hook" Eckankar uses becomes
      > less attractive, meaningful,
      and useful for the
      > really dedicated Spiritual-Truth Seeker who
      > no longer has a need of trying to get around
      > the dream censor in order to find some "higher"
      > spiritual truth or meaning for their lives. Those
      > caught up with finding bits and pieces of Truth
      > through Dream interpretation are using out-dated
      > and lower Mental Plane tools which equate to
      > being a scam. Didn't Brad Steiger write about
      > dreams, UFOs, and Bigfoot?
      > Dreams, for Klemp, are used merely as another
      > Bait and Switch product that is used to get people
      > in the door and then to distract and brain-wash
      > them with the imaginary "as if" technique (among
      > others).
      > Mish, I like what you said (below):
      > "Looking for security in our beliefs or even
      > trying to find a base for our spiritual beliefs,
      > yes, we can end up with the "herd
      > And in eckankar, if you weren't a sheep to
      > begin with, you become exactly that with all
      > the fears and controls that keep chelas manipulated
      > and trapped in the org! One gets in so deep
      > that one fears leaving, and will fight to the
      > bitter end to hold onto the brass ring! : )
      > Yes, that brass ring equates to the initiations
      > and the first one (they say) is received in a dream!
      > Of course, one is likely to dream of seeing an
      > ECK Master when their pictures have been shown
      > to you and it is suggested that they will show
      > up in your dreams.... auto-suggestion or self-
      > hypnosis goes a long way in making Eckankar
      > "work." Grabbing at straws and mustard seeds
      > of faith is all that any religion has ever needed
      > to maintain a base of "followers" for the leaders
      > to use up and lord over.
      > mish wrote:
      > I found a message, commenting on an
      > old thread from this message board in
      > my email. I don't know who this "john"
      > is or why he was compelled to send me
      > a private email?? I'm not even sure what
      > he is disagreeing about? But his comments
      > are the same old rhetoric that many eckists
      > have been brainwashed to mumble about
      > dreams and dreaming.
      > He is trying to explain the importance of
      > dreams and obviously thinks that eckists
      > have the inside tract on dreams and
      > deciphering them. Well, hello, most of us
      > do dream and dream on a regular basis.
      > WHAT I DISAGREE WITH  john's defense
      > of needing to remember dreams and waking
      > up during the night to write them down
      > is this. . . Dreams are only one part or
      > segment of our lives . . . I do agree
      > are important . . . but the heavy emphasis
      > on dreams takes the dreamer out of the
      > "in real life" living . . . It is not necessary
      > to remember all dreams so I think it is
      > a good idea to just go to sleep and not
      > worry about what one dreams . . . if it
      > is important, trust me, you will remember
      > it when you wake up.
      > Also,  this practice of writing down dreams
      > during the night's sleep activity impedes
      > the natural flow of dreaming . . . so I would
      > be concerned that a message, an important
      > message, could be lost. And the dreamer
      > would instead substitute and  use his imagination
      > to create his own dream symbols and not
      > let Spirit deliver what Spirit so divinely is
      > trying to convey to the dreamer.
      > Important dreams do not need wild
      > interpretations because they are usually
      direct and straight forward. Looking for
      > signs and symbols just misleads one
      > down a wrong path. Valuable time is
      > wasted . . . but this is what eckankar does
      > . . . it wastes the chelas' time!
      > Yes, dreams can give warnings or help
      > one understand things better but trying
      > to capture every dream one dreams in
      > a night time and remembering it is like
      > collecting wheat and leaving the chafe
      > with it. Rather than doing all that, it is
      > important to get a good night's sleep,
      > enjoy one's dreams peacefully and not
      > worry about jarring oneself awake to
      > record them . . . for fear of forgetting
      > . . . this is just too nutty!
      > For the record,  I dream and I utilize
      > my dreams but I don't stress myself
      > about remembering them . . . I do
      > remember the ones that really stand
      > out . . . and there is "no
      trick" in having
      > to understand them unless you're the
      > type of individual that needs to have
      > a hammer hit you between your eyes
      > in order  to get your attention!! LOL!
      > Here's the message from john whoever he is . . .
      > >
      > Thursday, October 1, 2009 9:52 PM
      > From: "johnwes2789"
      > To: "mishmisha9"
      > I disagree. Dreams are very important to
      > us and guide me in my everyday life. The
      > trick is to understand what they mean. Very
      > often we can not take dreams literally but
      > many images are symbolic. For example
      > driving in my car may symbolize my astral,
      > causal, etheric or soul body. Flying usually
      > symbolizes me soul body.  The reason we
      > should write our dreams as soon as we can
      > remember them is because if we wait until
      > morning, we will have forgotten them and
      > it will be too late.
      The dream is gone and
      > most likely the spiritual message is lost too.
      > >
      > mish wrote:
      > > >
      > Hi, Freefrom and All!
      > > >
      > Good posts on this topic. Freefrom, you have really stated it
      > succinctly and zoned in on the key reasons people are drawn into
      > such deceptions as in Eckankar!
      > > >
      > Freefrom eckchains wrote:
      > > > >
      > LOL  Yes, I agree. It's the old, it's too absurd to be true, so
      > therefore it must be true! How could someone have made all of this
      > stuff up? No one would be so dishonest as to just make all of this
      > stuff up, right? Wrong. Let's face it, the ability to lie and
      > act "as if" is a very human trait.
      > > >
      > Mish: It's called being creative and imaginative! LOL! Dreams are
      > real, etc. Dreams can be real, but yet we must discern and
      > discriminate in figuring
      out what is garbage and what is not.
      > Eckists seem to want to "live" their dreams, and will make decisions
      > solely based on what they "perceive" on the inner. Well, one must be
      > careful here . . .
      > The problem with falling for dishonest people's spills is that we
      > want to believe that people are truthful and honest at heart and
      > would not be out to take advantage of us or cause us harm. A person
      > like PT probably thought that his lies would not be that harmful
      > (criminal) to those he duped, so why not? Big lie vs. little lie;
      > big harm vs. little harm--and of course, if people are dumb/foolish
      > enough to believe this crap, well why not--it is the listener's
      > responsibility to not be deceived, etc.
      > > >
      > Many eckists justify continuing with the false teachings of eckankar
      > because they feel that they are benefiting from the teachings,
      regardless of the lies and deceptions. How often do we hear that a
      > person learned so many valuable things while in eckankar; therefore,
      > it is just fine to continue misleading individuals? the end
      > justifies the means--but isn't this exactly the way people are
      > manipulated and controlled? This is what keeps eckists in the org!
      > They settle for imperfection while searching for spiritual truths
      > and enlightenment--but the imperfections actually doom attaining the
      > goal! How can one find spiritual truth when one is basing it on lies?
      > > >
      > I think Harold Klemp uses all of the above to continue the lies and
      > deceptions. And many eckists believe that Harold lives a humble
      > life, and fail to realize that he is reaping the wealth with a very
      > nicely secured bank account and investments, and I'm sure he does
      > live much better than he suggests in his talks. Why does
      he do this?
      > To deceive and to encourage his chelas to live solely for the
      > mahanta in order to continue to give and give! Some individuals
      > believe that possessing the material or living too comfortably gets
      > in the way of spiritual growth--this seems to be taught in eckankar.
      > The poorer you are, the more evolved you are?? This is still another
      > lie aimed at duping individuals to stay on the path. Picture Harold as
      > a Clark Kent type who turns into Superman. Underneath those
      > polyester suits and cheap ties, there is a different animal in
      > different clothes. Of course, I don't mean that he is a "good"
      > superman! : )
      > > >
      > > >
      > Freefrom: "It takes guts and courage to be honest."
      > > >
      > Mish: You know I think we BELIEVE "it takes guts and courage to be
      > honest." But in truth, it is the much easier road to take! 1.
      Standing up and admitting a mistake often surprises people and they
      > appreciate the honesty, so it is the best way to diffuse a
      > misunderstanding or an error in behavior, etc. 2. For myself, I feel
      > much better being honest than trying to live a lie!
      > > >
      > Freefrom: "Those who stay with eckankar are still stuck in the herd
      > mentality, like sheep. It's a kind of self-deception and false
      > security."
      > > >
      > Mish: Looking for security in our beliefs or even trying to find a
      > base for our spiritual beliefs, yes, we can end up with the "herd
      > mentality." And in eckankar, if you weren't a sheep to begin with,
      > you become exactly that with all the fears and controls that keep
      > chelas manipulated and trapped in the org! One gets in so deep that
      > one fears leaving, and will fight to the bitter end to hold onto the
      > brass ring! : )
      > > >
      > Prometheus: "On the other hand, Twitch could have been playing with
      > us and did this as a game of sorts. Twitch was clever and
      > egotistical, and this might have been his way of having the last
      > laugh on those followers and critics who were more educated
      > (Ph.Ds, MDs, DDS)."
      > > >
      > Mish: Yes, I agree that PT was having good sport with people and
      > that fooling people fed his ego! He found a dishonest way to dupe
      > people and make a living, while pretending to be a great spiritual
      > leader! I suppose he did believe some of it, because in the
      > beginning he was a seeker himself, however, he evolved into a
      > monster when he realized what he could do with his made up religion.
      > He chose the dark side of the force, so to speak! : )
      > > >
      > Leigh wrote:  "So often in the past six years
      > I've seen people expressing the view that a lot
      of the junk was
      > consciously engineered. I think this gives the people we're
      > talking about WAY too much credit for being clever. I think far more
      > often (particularly when you look at the volume of stuff) it's a
      > case of someone spitting out something their mind had thrown up at
      > them to experience. This makes them a double dupe, really. First
      > they cram their mind full of stuff, then it kicks it back to them as
      > best it can, and THEN they believe it, as is, without any critical
      > review !"
      > > >
      > Mish: I agree with Leigh here as well. I believe that many
      > individuals are using various resources such as self-publising
      > books, setting up websites, doing workshops and seminars to "sell"
      > junk to the public. It's all around us more than ever today with the
      > fast speed of communications! Many people are buying into all kinds
      > of stuff, conspiracy
      theories, mind control, healings, etc. Cram
      > enough into your mind as Leigh states and critical thinking goes out
      > the door. We lose our talent to discriminate truth from fiction.
      > > >
      > Anyway, very good discussions and comments. Thanks everyone!
      > > >
      > Mish

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