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Re: A Typical Psychic Fair Eckankar Booth

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Non-eckchains and All, Message 6178 gives the info you were seeking. BTW- I copied the ECK Booth experience and thought I d post it for reference: I
    Message 1 of 3 , May 13, 2012
      Hello Non-eckchains and All,
      Message 6178 gives the info
      you were seeking.

      BTW- I copied the ECK Booth
      experience and thought I'd
      post it for reference:

      "I quickly became kind of fascinated with Eckankar. They have this leader named Harold Klemp and they're very into dreams, reincarnation, and songs about the "light and sound of God." The soft-spoken people I talked to explained that Eckankar was very different from a religion because religions became dogmatic and controlling. This was not the case for them because they just have rigid beliefs about the "higher realms" and require a $130 annual membership fee, which are neither dogmatic nor controlling. Right?

      A seemingly nice lady explained to me that other religions are just influenced by the true "holy spirit" while they had managed to tap into the real divine essence itself. I asked if maybe the whole Eckankar business was doing the same thing and that it was just packaged in a way that appealed to them personally, similar to how they perceived other religions. She said she could see what I was getting at, but that she had personal, spiritual experiences to back up her feelings about God, aka SAGMUD [ME: s/b Sugmad or Sugji].

      "But all religious people say that," I shot back, probably with a little too much belligerence. At this point I felt like I'd hit my limit and really needed to get away from these people as soon as possible. Our conversation devolved into them resorting to the "Take it or leave it" approach. Besides, as my frustration with these people increased, the possibility of being revealed as a non-believer (which would probably result in some kind of Invasion of the Body Snatchers-esque point-and-scream mob scene) increased proportionally.

      After saying goodbye to my fellow investigators, I stopped by the iodine supplement salesman to show him that I still had an orange mark from the test droplet I took earlier. It looked almost identical to how it did a minute after I applied it. In fact I was starting to get kind of worried that he would be spinning around a large plate across the table with a blue test tube on it, saying "And now, Dr. Jones, you will give me the diamond" in exchange for the antidote to the poison I had just applied. But it turned out that he just wanted $35 for a bottle of iodine.

      "It's almost faded. You definitely need this!" He insisted. I told him that I just had to run to my car to get my wallet. In reality I just went to my car to get the hell away from this madness. He'd have to settle for a payment on the astral plane, or in my dreams, or in a past life, or some other such nonsense."

      ME: Yeah, it's funny that these
      Eckists, probably H.I.s, are lying
      about Eckankar not being "dogmatic"
      or "controlling."

      Dogmatic means having an
      inclination to lay down a
      principle or sets of principles
      by an authority as incontrovertibly

      The only time Eckists appear
      to be non-dogmatic is when they
      are selling Eckankar to the public.
      Otherwise, after years and years
      of membership and involvement
      does one come to realize exactly
      how dogmatic and controlling
      Eckankar and Klemp really are.
      Step out-of-line and get smacked
      down or gently nudged to follow
      procedures by a RESA wearing
      a velvet glove to cover their iron

      Really, how can one be a member
      of a hierarchy and say they aren't
      being controlled? Look at HK's RESA
      structure that he created circa 1987!

      And, look at those ESC Guidelines,
      training requirements, initiation
      requirements, Satsang Position
      requirements and the dogma in
      the two Shariyats! That's not
      'dogmatic' or 'controlling?' Don't
      these Eckists see that they aren't
      being honest and are lying? Or,
      are they so brain-washed and
      deluded that they have become
      blinded to it all?

      Maybe it does come down to
      rationalizing in order to maintain
      their status quo. After all, what
      else do Eckists have... nothing!



      "Non" eckchains wrote:
      > Ha, Ha! Yes this just really shows how deluded people can get and what pathological liars they are. After a while the act requires that they start to believe their own lies in order to come across as believable or trustworthy to others. It seems that eckists usually try to have some kind of stupid grin or smirk on their face. The eckists I still know act as if they are just passively existing on earth, but they will become very passive/aggressive and start calling you hateful etc., if you even hint at questioning their behavior, beliefs and odd practices. The worst, in my experience is flashing pictures of harold klemp at you whenever they open their wallet or purposely leaving eck stuff laying around and so on.
      > That eckankult has no dogma like other religions is really a big fat lie. They even state about eckankar that it is a hierarchical religion which of course means that it is extremely Authoritarian, which means that people who are looking for someone to tell them what to do and when, are likely to be drawn to it and proclaim its ultimate unbinding truth with a Master and them the willing brainwashed servant.
      > Looking at klemp makes me sick. I just can't imagine getting anything out of gazing at his image, except nausea and probably bad karma, and a false sense of security. Reality usually always comes right back with a good slap in the face or kick in the behind, but they find a way to rationalize even that. There is no human humility for anyone calling themselves an eckankar member or follower of klemp, it is deluded spirituality at it's best and among the worst of all the CONCULTS.
      > Oh, I was wondering if you have a code for getting into the membership area on their web site, as well as HI info. thanks
      > noneckster ; )
      prometheus wrote:

      > I found this by Googling
      > and thought it was funny.
      > The Eckankar article is the
      > last one but the others are
      > comical too!

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