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Re: ECKists Wearing Blinders

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Non and All, Eckists do tend to get defensive when questioned about the quirky things they ve learned from Klemp. I remember once, not long ago, that I
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 19, 2012
      Hello Non and All,
      Eckists do tend to get
      defensive when questioned
      about the quirky things
      they've learned from Klemp.

      I remember once, not long
      ago, that I asked a H.I. what
      the symptoms were for her
      EMF/EMR disease which HK,
      also, suffers from. She got
      very defensive and shut the
      conversation down. I have
      the impression that she
      shared the info with people
      from work and they may
      have questioned her sanity.

      Yes, you can lead a horse
      to water but...

      Actually, Eckists don't want
      to know about other religions
      because they have found
      the "truth." And, they certainly
      don't want to know that
      Twitchell fabricated this
      "truth" to fit his purposes.

      It's too confusing for EKists
      to make comparisons between
      Eckankar and Sant Mat. And,
      EKists aren't allowed to ask
      questions after two years,
      but are discouraged from
      asking questions prior to

      Besides, EKists are fearful
      and somewhat superstitious.
      If they have questions this
      means they have doubts.
      These might creep into their
      unconscious mind and could
      impede their spiritual progress
      with the Mahanta on the "inner."
      Plus, having doubts or questions
      is a sign of spiritual immaturity,
      therefore, they play-the-game,
      like HK did to get his early
      release from the Mental Institution,
      and act like they have the answers.

      As far as you not being
      a very good Eckist, youse
      guys were one of my pet
      peeves when I was an H.I.
      LOL! The "active" Eckists
      are in the minority and it
      was tough getting chelas
      to even show up for Satsang
      classes. Forget about Open
      Houses or HU Chants! Zero!

      Yes, the conversation with
      Eckists is limiting, but if
      you stick to the New Age
      crap you can find a common
      ground. Many Satsangs will
      have booths at psychic fairs
      and will rub elbows with
      the New Agers selling their
      holistic hodgepodge of
      snake oil remedies. It's a
      good Astral fit for Eckankar.

      Nowadays people are on
      the computer so much there's
      no reason not to have Satsang
      classes or Open Houses, etc.
      online. I'm not sure if Klemp
      has figured that out or if his
      EMF scare tactics have worked,
      after all, and scared his audience
      away. I personally know of
      three H.I.s he scared with


      This is exactly what my close relative does, except there is also this constant
      sense of superiority and displaced anger at me for having gone through a period
      when I was younger in which he tried desperately to get me to join, which of
      course involved me asking a lot of questions, not only about eckanakar but other
      religions, mysticism and philosophy. I am a very curious person by nature, and
      this also means that I see through inconsistencies. I was not a very good
      eckist, even though I was having lucid dreams in childhood, long before getting
      involved in the cult. eckankult really did a number on me because of my natural
      propensity towards mysticism and poetic dreaming.

      eckists are really just in a self-imposed state of ignorance. They can't see the
      forest OR the trees, as theirs is a low information hierarchical religion.
      Trying to engage them in any kind of interesting conversation is really
      impossible, even suggesting a book on compassion will get a defensive reaction.

      Thanks for your post. It helped me to affirm and articulate what was in the back
      of my mind, and to understand why being around this eckist irks me so much.
      Unfortunately, when it is family, you can't just walk away as easily. It's hard.

      Noneckster ; )

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > It's so interesting talking
      > to current EK H.I.s... not!
      > What I found to be both
      > odd and comical is that
      > the subject of religion
      > seems to be off-limits
      > and that ECKists are
      > both uninformed
      > and naive about other
      > religions. I'm talking
      > about discussing the
      > nutty Mormons, Old
      > Testament Christians,
      > and Muslims.
      > Or, maybe it's the H.I.s
      > I know since they've
      > been programmed for
      > 30-40, plus, years not
      > to gossip or to say any-
      > thing negative. Nah! If
      > you say anything about
      > about the GOP candidates
      > you can get an ear full...
      > except when you bring
      > up the religious nut cases!
      > Really, I steer away from
      > discussing anything ECK,
      > unless, they bring the topic
      > up and then I simply go
      > along with it and say something
      > nice or neutral like, "Oh,
      > you stayed at the Chanhassen
      > Inn? How did that work
      > out with transportation?"
      > When EKists discuss
      > religion it's like...
      > let's be polite and
      > allow everyone to
      > believe as they choose
      > and not criticize
      > people or their
      > religious beliefs.
      > Except, PT and HK
      > have pointed out
      > that all other religions
      > are 2nd or 4th Plane
      > religions and their
      > "God" is actually
      > the KAL or Satan.
      > So, being nice and
      > polite and giving
      > a person space and
      > all of that is a facade!
      > The real problem is
      > EKists don't want to
      > throw stones when
      > they're in a cult that
      > can be equally criticized
      > for their own short comings.
      > This is the real reason
      > for EKists to avoid any
      > discussions about other
      > religions and their negative,
      > primitive behaviors and
      > beliefs.
      > Plus, wouldn't EKists have
      > to admit (unconsciously)
      > that their beliefs are as
      > mythological, with pretend
      > beings, heavenly places,
      > and a hypocritical conman/
      > leader as do all of those
      > other lesser, phony religions?
      > No, they'd never consciously
      > allow those doubts to resurface.
      > One thing I do know. Everyone
      > has doubts and misgivings
      > and these do surface from
      > time-to-time, especially,
      > as one ages.
      > Yes, Eckists are very judgmental,
      > except, it's usually hidden
      > or rationalized in some way.
      > Look at how RESAs determine
      > who's to be recommended
      > for a pink slip or given
      > a position in the Satsang's
      > hierarchy. It's a judgement
      > call based upon opinions,
      > bias, emotions, personalities,
      > and less to do with "spiritual"
      > standards since they don't
      > have a clue!
      > Another reason why EKists
      > don't want a discussion
      > of other religions is because
      > the conversation might
      > plant some seeds that
      > would grow and open the
      > door for EKists to look at
      > their own religion with new
      > eyes. New insights can lead
      > to a new perspective that
      > would reveal the truth about
      > Eckankar.
      > I will say that EKists can't
      > really make a fair comparison
      > to other religions. It's like
      > being Amish. What other
      > religion compares with theirs?
      > On second thought, all religions
      > have rules and dogma that
      > are edited and reinterpreted
      > by the leaders of the hierarchy.
      > Maybe these are the things
      > that make religions possible:
      > A Leader; Dogma; Rules;
      > Laws; Symbols; a Hierarchy;
      > Ignorant Followers; and Money!
      > The belief in God, and the
      > communication with the
      > Divine Essence is something
      > a person can do on one's own.
      > Isn't that the way it should be?
      > Prometheus
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