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Re: The ECK Springtime Seminar is Here

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Non and All, I agree, it s torturous just trying to stay awake while HK, via his monotonic voice, tries to impart new wisdom with kindergarden stories
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 6, 2012
      Hello Non and All,
      I agree, it's torturous just
      trying to stay awake while
      HK, via his monotonic voice,
      tries to impart "new wisdom"
      with kindergarden stories
      and examples for living a
      "spiritual" life.

      It's always such a basic and
      generic approach while
      "Keeping It Simple for (his)
      Stupid" followers (KISS). After
      30-40 years or so you'd think
      H.I.s could handle a few
      "advanced" spiritual revelations.

      Or, do "EK" revelations always
      come from the "Inner" God
      Worlds via "advanced" spiritual

      What advanced techniques
      would those be since HK hasn't
      written a new discourse in
      over 17 years. Haven't H.I.s
      advanced? NO! Their consciousness
      is limited to the lies they are
      fed. ECK Initiations are phony
      and are delusions of grandeur.
      H.I.s are stuck in a permanent
      holding pattern. It's a Trap!

      If that's NOT the case why
      aren't there "Inner" ECK
      Seminars Scheduled?

      Certainly these long-time
      H.I.s, are more advanced
      (5th-7th) than 4th Plane
      Deities and Prophets. Correct?
      That's what the ECK dogma

      Therefore, Allah, God,
      Jesus, Buddha, Moses,
      Shiva, Muhammad, Joseph
      Smith, L. Ron Hubbard,
      etc., are of a lower consciousness
      than ECK Higher Initiates.
      Aren't H.I.s able to surpass
      the claims and abilities
      attributed to those of the
      above list? According to
      both Twitchell and Klemp

      Or, are these as mythological
      as are the EK God Worlds?

      In any case, Klemp is simply
      a conman and a Black Magician
      of sorts. He rambles on and
      on while presenting workshops
      for his volunteer sales teams
      who receive titles and accolades
      and more and more afterlife
      promises while visualizing
      and imagining their desires
      fulfilled... on the inner.


      "Non" <eckchains@...> wrote:
      The video is the same as last
      year with the same white guy
      saying that he had discovered
      a whole new extended family
      from Africa, blah, blah.

      Sri klemp talks like he is on
      horse tranquilizers. Listening
      to him is like torture and would
      surely cause anyone to want
      to leave their body!

      noneckster ; )

      prometheus wrote:
      > This weekend at the
      > Minneapolis Hilton there
      > will be: More and more
      > delusion and redundancy
      > experienced by all.
      > Play the video and see
      > what you're missing!
      > Interesting: The HU Sing/
      > Chant is Fri/Sat/Sun Morning.
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