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Klemp and "the Mahanta" Lie

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, It s interesting to see Klemp promoting PT s Mahanta lie as he does. HK even refers to himself as: Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 23, 2012
      Hello All,
      It's interesting to see
      Klemp promoting PT's
      Mahanta lie as he does.

      HK even refers to himself
      as: Sri Harold Klemp, the
      Mahanta, the Living ECK

      Any Eckist can prove to
      themselves that Twit
      actually came up with
      this idea and title (lie)
      in January, 1969.

      Just look on page 133
      of the green hard cover
      book: "ECKANKAR: Illuminated
      Way Letters 1966-1971."
      In no other letter, prior
      to this one, did Twitchell
      mention the "Mahanta."

      And, this January 1969
      date can be confirmed
      in another ECK publication:
      "Paul Twitchell Presents
      January 1968--October 1971.
      In no prior (Monthly) Wisdom
      Note did Twitchell ever
      mention the/a "Mahanta."

      It's interesting that even
      Klemp states that Twit had
      a 2nd meeting with Rebazar
      in 1951, but, yet, it took
      Paul 18 years (until 1969)
      to mention the "Mahanta"
      position when that was
      what Rebazar is claimed
      to have been by both PT
      and HK. See! It's a red flag!
      Mahanta wasn't created
      until 1969.

      I noticed, in another book
      of Twitchell's, some odd
      things as well: "ECKANKAR:
      Compiled Writings Volume I."

      Recall that on Eckankar.org
      that Klemp states Twitchell
      (DOB 1908) was "exaggerating"
      and "twisting facts" at age 27
      (1935) to get into Who's Who
      in Kentucky. Klemp mentions
      that PT had never traveled
      that far from home regardless
      of his claims.

      Anyway, on page 186 of the
      aforementioned book there's
      a paragraph that has mentioned
      at the bottom: Talks in Dublin,
      Ireland August, 1928.

      What's funny is that Gail
      put this book together in
      1975 and owns the copyright.
      What's funnier is that Twit
      claimed he was born in 1922
      but was giving talks in Dublin
      in 1928. Or, if we look at PT's
      real age he was 20 years old.
      Except, Klemp said Paul was
      lying about being outside the
      U.S. in 1935 and this date is

      On page 47 of Compiled Writings
      is this: "Many of those in flying
      saucers [of the Astral] and those
      who are able to project themselves
      directly to this earth planet come
      first to Agam Des in order to acquaint
      themselves to the standard coarser
      vibrations, like those which exist
      in this planet."

      Now, Agam Des is supposed to be
      a spiritual city located on earth, but
      one can only get there via the Soul
      Body and by invitation only. It's referred
      to as the "inaccessible" or 9th Plane.

      Here's something interesting from
      page 65: "NOTHING IS REQUIRED
      HEALING." Yet Paul died unexpectedly
      at age 63.

      Here's another quote from page
      151: The beat of Rock and Roll
      reacts upon the Indri Chakra [sex
      organs]... it is hardly anything other
      than Black Magic, done deliberately
      to get a hold upon people, especially
      the young."

      Yeah, both Twit and Klemp
      were/are not only liars, but
      they're no fun either!
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