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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: Rebazar Tarzs? Or Jesus? [More]

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  • etznab@aol.com
    Please do quote chapter and verse. I m always looking for new examples. Here s a pdf link to the book.
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      Please do quote chapter and verse. I'm always looking for new examples.

      Here's a pdf link to the book.


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       I noticed another author, PD Ouspensky who was plaigarized by PT. PD
      authored, "In Search of the Miraculous" his account of the teaching of
      George Gurdjieff.

      I'll quote chapter and verse later when I have time to dig it out of
      the Shariyat.
      Of course, all Eckankar leaders have to say to justify this is that PT
      got it all off the inner. It's funny that most Eckists I have known,
      think it was PT's' mission to gather up all the teachings of the times
      and put it all in context, as Eck is the source of all. PT appropriated
      the work of others as his/eckankar's own!!! There is no moral excuse
      for this only empty justifying, that he did it all for the right
      reasons. HAH! The ends never justify the means. Eckists, need to let go
      of this constant justifying the obviously immoral actions of PT and the
      complicity of HK and the currrent leadership. Moral courage is
      refreshing. Where exactly is the courage of the so called "Spiritual

      From: prometheus_973 <prometheus_973@...>
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      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: Rebazar Tarzs? Or Jesus?

        Hello All,
      Let me add this
      for good measure.

      Now this was something
      that Patti and Gail were
      reportedly said to giggle
      about. It was that Paul
      would get bent out of
      shape when asked about
      his DOB. They thought
      this was so funny when
      he said that the government
      shouldn't know his private
      information. What made
      Twitchell angry is that
      this forced him to lie
      every time, and that he
      wasn't in control. Twit
      loved being in control
      and the one doing the
      manipulating. He was
      an extrovert and a narcissist!

      However, the joke was
      on Patti, Gail, Darwin,
      Klemp and all Eckists.
      PT was even older than
      they thought!

      Gail thought Paul was
      born in 1922. He put this
      DOB on their marriage

      It turned out PT was
      about 33 years older
      (1908) than Gail versus
      the 19 years that she
      and Patti assumed. If
      Gail had known the truth
      I doubt that she would
      have married Paul and
      I doubt that Eckankar
      would exist today!

      What's funny is that
      Eckists will give Twitchell
      a pass on this lie. It's
      cute or amusing that
      the age thing bothered
      him or that he was simply
      a dirty old man wanting
      to marry a younger woman.

      That's normal, then, to
      trick a woman (or a man)
      so that one could get to
      know you better and that
      age wouldn't matter. Except,
      PT never really told Gail
      his true age. Anyway, she
      ended up seeing Darwin
      while she and Paul were
      still married. Thus, she
      later used a "dream" to
      place Darwin upon Paul's
      throne. The EK Board was
      so naive!

      Klemp might excuse PT's
      lie as being a minor sin
      or a "white" lie and being
      needed to further the cause
      of Eckankar and the Eck's
      mission. Gail was Paul's
      secretary, fellow researcher,
      and co-conspirator.

      Without the rationalizing
      and the excuses it's
      still lying! Would any
      H.I. ever think that it
      was okay to lie about
      their age? No! That's
      because they're more
      honest and ethical and
      Twit wasn't. It's a double
      standard where "By Any
      Means Necessary"
      excuses are made to
      justify the foundation
      of dishonesty that
      Eckankar was built upon.

      "Masters" can do anything
      because they have a higher
      360 degree view. How can
      anyone "Know" what they
      know or have seen? Look
      at their Initiation Number
      then look at yours! Therefore,
      this becomes the Hierarchical
      ekplanation and Catch-22
      excuse for Klemp to get
      away with his Mahanta
      Inner Master pretense and
      Eckankar's spiritual hoax.


      prometheus wrote:

      Hello Etznab and All,
      Well, there are several
      ways of looking at this
      Rubber Tires info.

      First, let's not forget
      one important factor.
      Twitchell is a proven
      liar, plagiarist, and

      Twitchell's dishonesty
      started at a young age,
      27 (1935), when he
      "exaggerated" and "twisted
      facts" (as Klemp stated)
      to get into Who's Who
      in Kentucky. And, PT's
      lying continued until
      his death (as the Mahanta)
      at age 63 (born 1908).

      So, it could be that
      this particular fake
      "Master" was created
      prior to Eckankar (1965).
      Maybe it was around
      1962 when he was
      trying to impress Gail
      and that's when/how
      R.T.came about? He was
      trying to impress Gail.

      Or, maybe it was Gail
      who suggested Paul create
      his own "Master" so that
      Paul could anoint himself.
      After all, P.T. decided to
      break with Kirpal due to
      the Tiger's Fang disagreement.

      Remember, too, PT claimed
      (in June 1971 interviews
      for "Difficulties") that he
      had met RT way back even
      earlier on his "first" trip to
      India when Twit was "almost
      16" years old (1923).

      Also, it could be
      that the original
      Letters to Gail were
      edited for the book
      and Rebazar's name
      was substituted
      in place of Kirpal
      Singh's or another
      of his real Masters.
      After all this is the
      same type of editing
      that was done in
      The Tiger's Fang,
      as well as, in "The
      Flute of God."

      Therefore, there's
      a proven track record
      for deception and of
      reediting and substituting
      imaginary people for
      real people.

      To me it's kind of
      a moot point as to
      when Twitchell "first"
      lied about this or
      that. His whole life
      was pretty much a
      lie! If he was alive
      today he probably
      couldn't remember
      or confirm the exact
      year that he first
      concocted one lie
      or another.

      But, yes, Twitchell
      copied from "The
      Path of the Masters"
      and did word/name
      substitutions and
      added, omitted,
      words and switched
      letters around and
      paraphrased other
      people's original
      thoughts and research.

      It's kind of like how
      Klemp does his "stories."

      It's a sad situation
      for ECKists, but most
      don't want to know
      the Truth. Ignorance
      is Bliss! Why rock the
      boat and destroy those
      social connections?

      Plus, what would Eckists
      do without their Mahanta
      codependency? What
      religion could they
      substitute in place
      of Eckankar? None!
      They're all corrupt in
      one way or another!

      So? Be your own religion!
      There's still the Holy
      Spirit and Soul. That's
      really all you need.


      etznab wrote:
      A.R.E. repost:


      It has been reported by some that the first mention of Rebazar Tarzs in
      a public
      document appeared in 1964. However, Letters to Gail, Volume One,
      Rebazar Tarzs in the very first letter (December 6th, 1962).

      I've often wondered about that and whether the name was inserted later
      for the
      book version of LTG - which came out in 1973 (Paul Twitchell died in

      Well, here is another mention of Rebazar Tarzs prior to 1964. It
      appears in the
      book version of Letters to Gail, Volume One. The letter for April 14th,

      "[...] When Buddha was a poor, hungry beggar in pursuit of his spiritual
      objectives, his true nobility stood out far more than it did when he
      was in the
      midst of his father's royal splendors. When Rebazar Tarzs might have
      any army, so great was his mental energy, walked the dusty streets when
      in his
      youth, tired and hungry, in order that he might carry the spiritual
      message to
      the multitudes, his greatness eclipsed all the splendors of this world.

      Based on: Letters to Gail, Volume 1, by Paul Twitchell (d. 1971),
      Copyright 1973
      ECKANKAR, Original copyright 1973 by Gail A. Twitchell; copyright
      transferred to
      ECKANKAR 1982, 5th Printing-1983, p. 117, 2nd paragraph.


      Reportedly, one of the most plagiarized books by Paul Twitchell was The
      Country, 1971, when compared with The Path Of The Masters (1939), by
      Johnson. Here is another passage from that book by Julian Johnson.

      "[...] When the great Buddha was a poor hungry beggar in pursuit of his
      spiritual objectives, his true nobility stood out far more than it did
      when he
      was in the midst of his father's royal splendors. When Jesus, who might
      commanded any army — so great was his mental energy — walked the dusty
      tired and hungry in order that he might carry the bread of life to the
      multitudes, his greatness eclipsed all the splendors of Rome. [....]"

      Based on: The Path Of The Masters - THE GREAT WORK OF THE MASTERS, p.
      432, 2nd


      Notice in that version the name was Jesus. NOT Rebazar Tarzs!

      Also notice what appears in the Letter to Gail version, by Paul
      immediately following where the LTG quote I gave left off. Example:

      "When a man gains such self-mastery that he can do great things for
      I must admire his courage. It indicates a greatness of spirit, and a
      power of will. This sort of thing requires a heroism far greater than
      that which
      impels a man to sacrifice his life on a battiefield. We should admire
      devotion to his ideals, and admire him for showing what a man can do
      mental discipline. [....]" - LTG Vol. 1, p. 117

      OK? Now have a look at what appears in The Path of The Masters book
      following after the quote I gave from the same book.

      "[...] When a man gains such self-mastery that he can sit for hours, or
      days, at a time upon a block of ice, we must admire his courage, even
      if we do
      not approve of his method. It indicates a greatness of spirit and a
      strong power
      of will. This sort of thing requires a heroism far greater than that
      impels a man to sacrifice his life on the battiefield. We must admire
      that man's
      devotion to his own ideals. And we must love him for showing what a man
      can do
      through mental discipline. [....]"

      - The Path Of The Masters, p. 432


      What I found of interest about Paul Twitchell's words to Gail was how
      were they to those of Julian Johnson. Moreover, how Jesus appeared
      INSTEAD of
      Rebazar Tarzs in the book by Julian Johnson (1939).


      Note to self: 41391720-6978294Jesus-RT
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