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Wisconsin Sickness and Klemp

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, I saw this on the Internet and though it was apropos. Maybe there s something in the water. Maybe we ve inhaled too much cow sh-t [sic] and
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2012
      Hello All,
      I saw this on the Internet
      and though it was apropos.

      "Maybe there's something in the water. Maybe we've inhaled too much cow sh-t [sic] and chemical fertilizer. Maybe Wisconsin sits in the center of some strange magnetic anomaly.

      Maybe we're just bred this way through generations of isolation and boredom.

      Whatever the reason, there is a deep and passionate psychosis that runs through the unstable synapses of those of us from Wisconsin, land of serial killers and cannibals.
      And we're proud of it."

      "Wisconsin is responsible for two of the world's most deranged killers and cannibals, driven by repression, intolerance and the sheltered inability to communicate or relate to others.

      Beer and football are acceptable but art and pursuit of enlightenment are not.

      Wisconsin Sickness does not represent an obsession with evil, but is instead a study - an exploration of the collective unconscious through art, film, music and other forms of expression."

      ME: Let's not forget about
      Harold Klemp "Z"... cult
      leader of Eckankar!

      He grew up on a farm just
      outside of Appleton, WI.
      and wrote about smelling
      and stepping in a lot of cow
      shit. Maybe he smoked some

      This "Wisconsin Sickness"
      is probably why Harry developed
      his problems with Magnetic
      resonance and mental instability.
      Thus, HK's EMF/EMR sickness
      wasn't connected to computers
      after all!

      Plus, the comments describing
      serial killers: "...driven by
      repression, intolerance
      and the sheltered inability
      to communicate or relate
      to others" sounds like a
      description Klemp's arrested
      development! No wonder
      he jumped off that bridge
      and did a striptease at the
      airport... and "saw" that
      the bridge tender was an
      ECK Master!

      In any case, this answers
      a lot of questions about
      the how and why behind
      Klemp's psychosis and his
      narcissistic personality.

      Wisconsin Sickness, a Mental Shed project, is all about bringing the independent, underground Wisconsin scene together and spreading the sickness like a virus.
      While Hintz recognized that the site is not for everyone, especially children, she told WDJT's Keith Meka that, contrary to accusations from the Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast, it doesn't promote "zombie porn."

      According to the report, the troop was tipped off after a parent received an email from Hintz which included all her business links -- including Wisconsin Sickness.

      Hintz told WTMJ radio she never showed her troop the material on the site, and that she should be evaluated solely on her "completely spotless" performance with the children and not on the "other realm" of her life.

      Tracy Wayson, spokesperson for the Southeast Wisconsin Girl Scout branch, told the station that she disagrees, saying that Hintz's personal life seeped into her duties.

      "We didn't look into her performance at all...That was not the focus of our fact finding mission," Wayson told WTMJ.

      "What we really need to step in on is when those personal activities seep into their role as a Girl Scout volunteer, and in this case, that's what happened."

      Last week, Wisconsin Sickness published a blog post rejecting accustations that the site is "evil."
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