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Re: Masters are beneficial but not necesarry.

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, This seemed relevant so I thought I d repost it with comments below. Another cult follower from the PT Fan Club: Many people join paths [Eckankar]
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 8, 2012
      Hello All,
      This seemed relevant
      so I thought I'd repost
      it with comments below.

      Another cult follower from the PT Fan Club:

      "Many people join paths [Eckankar]
      that say they offer God Realization
      and then don't really offer it at all.
      All talk and no action.

      99% of the people out there are not
      ready for a true path to God Realization
      which is AKATHA.

      It's only purpose is spiritual Mastership
      and God Realization and not spiritual
      fluff and distractions.

      Only one percent [the very rich or Hell's Angels?]
      are ready because they want God more then they
      want their bagage, their status, opinions, dogma,
      personality worship, safety of their fixed thought
      patterns, argumentative thoughts, etc.

      But even if they are ready they have to take
      initiative, practice spiritual exercises and
      it takes time to build up to having experiences
      of (soul travel).

      Soul Travel is so important! One can get
      no where very fast without soul travel.

      In golden ages everyone did soul travel."

      ME: It's amazing how these
      cults and conmen make the
      same claims and copy one
      another! Their con/sect is
      better than the replacement

      They don't even know what
      "God Realization" is but, yet,
      claim they have it and you
      don't! That gives them the
      power and upper hand as
      though they "know" more
      than everyone/anyone else.
      Does this mean I should
      sign up for their courses
      rather than that Green Psych,
      NLP, or Homeopathic evaluation
      and coursework? LOL!

      "Golden ages?" There's more
      than one? Oh, that's right.
      The myth states that each
      Kalpa has one. When was
      the last Golden Age? "Spiritual
      exercises?" Really! No new
      name? " "Soul Travel" too?
      Where do we need to get to
      so fast? How "fast" does RT
      soul travel and where? Not
      on the physical plane! Why's
      that? "Personality worship"
      Don't these people worship
      their "973rd" LSM?

      I have to agree with much
      of what Tyson has said.
      Those who have awakened
      to the fact that all religion
      is unnecessary and contains
      false dogma have taken
      the first step toward finding
      pure Truth. Let's face it,
      belonging to a group of
      like minded and delusional
      believers is, especially,
      unnecessary and harmful
      as well! True, people can
      learn from one another.
      Their examples and writings
      are ways we can learn
      more about our own
      unique purpose.

      However, face-to-face
      and intimidate discussions,
      with those we personally
      know and still respect,
      especially, via daily observation
      and conversation is the
      best litmus test for having
      a spiritual confidant and
      teacher in this physical

      Therefore, one doesn't
      have to claim to be a
      master in order to be one.
      Actually, those who claim
      mastership (even in third
      person and by testimonials)
      have forfeited it due to
      their own vanity and a lack
      of humility. Ultimately,
      we are our own teacher
      and master.


      Tyson wrote:

      It is a fallacy that in order to have contact with the holy spirit (Bhajan) that you nead a living spiritual master (guru). It is probably easier to learn from a guru than to follow a past master. Older religions get steeped in superstitous dogma so it is hard to discern what was actually from said master and what is from the effects of clergy and others limited perceptions. A true guru is helpful but never stands in the way of spiritual growth. Those that truly seek God will eventually have experiences with the Shabd, Bhajan, Celestial sound current. With or with out a master. Many who study books such as the Guru Granth Sahib do not have a living master. They still can have contact with Sat Nam as long as they concentrate on the spiritual eye and empty there cup of things of the world. First our cup must be emptied of the non-essential so that it may be filled. The trap of most religions is the us and not them theme of them all. Our words, prayers, practices, books and titles are the truth and yours are inferior. This theme is found in nearly all the religions. The underlying spirit of Truth, Life, and all that is, Is the One. Some call this spirit Ek Ong Kar. It is not about words and names. To transcend the world and eventually soul comes to the understanding that this One permeates all things, Everything is exactly the way it is meant to be in this moment. Bad and Good are of the mind thus are of individual perception. Soul knows rather than percieves. God is not a fixed point anywere. So how can any soul be closer than another? Some are more awake than others and those that sleep each dream different dreams. Like the Tao God just Is and words only lead to ideas. It can never truly be known by the words of the mind.
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