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Re: Changing My Head

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Russ and All, Yes, it s difficult to erase the mahanta/ middleman programming which teaches enabling and codependency. However, the reliance upon anyone
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 24, 2012
      Hello Russ and All,
      Yes, it's difficult to
      erase the mahanta/
      middleman programming
      which teaches enabling
      and codependency.

      However, the reliance
      upon anyone (LEM) or
      thing (Mahanta) is religiously
      superstitious and counter-
      productive to Soul's Self-
      Mastery and Spiritual

      Yet, ECKists can't see
      that it's both a con and
      a trap! Only the strong
      pass the test of Beingness
      by rejecting all religious

      I've had a variety of
      phenomenal experiences
      Prior to, During, and
      even greater ones After

      The Mahanta crap is
      so bogus! H.I. Board
      Members have died of
      cancer before their time
      and ESC staffers and other
      H.I.s will come down with
      cancer as well, yet, HK
      claims he can "protect"
      them. But he doesn't!
      It's all Lip Service! The
      fault always lies with the
      Eckist and never with
      the Mahanta/LEM (Klemp).

      I knew of one ESA, and
      former Satsang President,
      who read Ford's book and
      quit Eckankar. Shortly afterwards,
      on a flight back home, his
      plane began to shake and
      smoke was smelled by the
      passengers. He told me that
      he did not petition the Mahanta
      for help nor for protection.
      They landed at their scheduled
      destination, on time, and
      everyone was fine. That
      was quite a test, but he
      passed, and praying to
      Klemp wasn't needed or
      necessary! It sounds silly,
      but Eckists "pray" to Klemp,
      although, they don't see it
      because they won't/can't
      admit to it!

      I remember after I quit
      Eckankar. The stress that
      was lifted from my shoulders
      and neck was incredible!

      I had never realized that I
      had let stress overwhelm
      me as it had. There were
      so many leadership responsibilities.
      I Followed procedures/
      guidelines and did general
      ass kissing and jumping
      through hoops to please
      the RESA for that next
      initiation and position.
      And, had to act "as if"
      when working on ECK
      projects with negative,
      and incompetent people
      who enjoyed their power

      It was so nice to clean/clear
      it all out by eliminating the
      source of the stress... the
      religion of Eckankar!

      Afterwards, I constantly experienced
      an elevated clarity of mind and
      spiritual awareness. And, I had
      two days where I experienced
      pure contentment! It was incredible!
      It's really beyond words but every-
      thing becomes clearer and known
      when the muck is cleared away.

      The irony is that I had to quit
      the religion, Eckankar, that had
      promised it (contentment) to me
      in the first place in order to be
      able to receive It! Didn't Twitchell
      refer to such things as a paradox?
      Paradox or irony.... it's true!

      The Truth is, Eckankar is a trap
      and being strong enough to leave
      is the test.


      russ wrote:
      I totally agree with your
      comment about being
      your own person. Last
      night I had a vision with
      my eyes open;

      this has been happening
      to me for a long time.
      Usually I go into, "thank
      you Mahanta" routine.
      Last night I acknowledged
      that I have a connection
      with Spirit and it isn't
      dependant on the mahanta/

      Really cool to feel the
      connection without the
      interference (middle man).


      prometheus wrote:
      > Re: Changing My Head
      > Hello Russ and All,
      > I understand your position.
      > The ECK Worship Service
      > (EWS) is, basically, designed
      > around five intents:
      > 1. It's more for show and to
      > blend in with other churches
      > worship services while giving
      > Eckankar the appearance of
      > normalcy.
      > 2. It's an outreach to the
      > public in order to gain new
      > members.
      > 3. It also serves as a social
      > gathering for local ECKists
      > and visitors, and gives them
      > something to do and plan.
      > 4. It serves as a forum for
      > EK members to practice
      > their Clerical and facilitating
      > skills. Only the basic teachings
      > are taught/repeated/reviewed.
      > 5. It serves as another
      > venue to sell EK materials.
      > Thus, the group consciousness
      > is limited as it is with any group
      > meeting. A High Initiation rank
      > simply means that this person
      > has been an Eckist for over three
      > decades, learned how to play-
      > the-game, and puts on another
      > face when around other Eckists
      > by saying the right things and
      > acting the right way. It's simply
      > more illusion!
      > Yes, reworking the programming
      > is difficult, especially, after 30
      > years as an Eckist! At times I,
      > still, have to curb my thoughts
      > away from the EK programming.
      > It's so engrained because, as a
      > skeptic, I had to force myself to
      > believe. But, for years, I've clearly
      > seen through the lies beginning
      > with Twitchell. Ford Johnson's
      > book "Confessions of a God
      > Seeker" helped me make sense
      > of all the doubts I had over
      > the years and "why" I had them.
      > I've found that It helps me to
      > see the/my Higher Self, Soul,
      > as the teacher and guide while,
      > also, identifying myself with
      > It, as Soul. And, I also look to
      > Spirit for additional guidance
      > and awareness.
      > I really don't think that more
      > sources are needed for anyone
      > once they've seen through the
      > fraud of what people will do
      > to sell their wares. All Religions,
      > and Eckankar is one, are for
      > those who need to be either
      > sheep (followers) or wolves
      > (religious conmen). Those
      > who are more enlightened
      > don't need a religion. Or,
      > be your own religion with
      > your own dogma!
      > True, one can still learn things
      > from others, including seeing
      > their mistakes, but this doesn't
      > mean that they are to be followed
      > or even emulated. One has to
      > discover, or uncover, their own
      > divine uniqueness.
      > Prometheus
      > Russ wrote:
      > I left Eckankar because I don't fit in with organized religious activity.
      > Worship Service is a canned presentation. I am more interested in sharing and
      > learning how people are experiencing the core principles of conscousness
      > expansion. How we are dealing with the challenges of daily life and using the
      > principles to overcome them.
      > I felt that the public presentations were just not transmitting anything that
      > engages me on more than one level. It's like the teaching hasn't been
      > it's potential in creating and supporting true individuals.
      > Then, I began to look at and I am confilcted here with the idea of the
      > Mahanta/Inner Master. I hold out that there is a World Teacher. I don't know
      > this is. When I let go of my worries and concerns in the past I have created a
      > reality where I invite the Inner Master in and then feel the protection. Now I
      > am thinking that some of this phenomonum is the result of the power of the
      > Conscoussness. But it is such a part of my inner landscape. I don't want to
      > totally undo what has been working so well but Yet I am challenged by the need
      > to be merciless in sincerely tracking what I have created in my being.
      > I think that this "reworking the programming" is a bit harder than I first
      > realized.
      > I would like to hear how other's have handled this.
      > With Love,
      > Brother Russ
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