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Re: Akatha and Timothy Arnold?

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  • Tyson
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 17 6:22 AM
      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Okay, this will be the last
      > post by this deluded follower
      > and lost Soul. I'm cutting
      > him off. His phony master
      > "Old Timmy" is a Twitchell
      > wannabe riding in on PT's
      > coattails just like Klemp.
      > Tim Arnold (Kahtif) is a
      > poser who has a big ego
      > that needs followers. He'll
      > even pay for it himself if
      > he has to. Does he have
      > Saudi connections?
      > It's funny, too, that he felt
      > the need to do a Shariyat 3
      > (Hadjis). But it's been 24
      > years! BTW- # 4, LOL, is
      > "coming soon." Whereas,
      > Klemp, hasn't had the need
      > to write about relevantly
      > mature spiritual topics in
      > more complex and non-lay
      > terms. This is because HK
      > has Eckists brainwashed,
      > distracted, and wrapped
      > around his little finger by
      > talking down to them via
      > the K.I.S.S. method.
      > Then, again, Klemp probably
      > didn't think that he could
      > do 12 (physical) volumes
      > like PT had promised before
      > his untimely death. Two
      > books from 1965-71 wasn't
      > bad. The 973rd LSM/Mahaji,
      > however, has only done
      > one book since 1988! What's
      > the problem bud? Has "The
      > Path of the Masters," and
      > other works, already been
      > plagiarized to the max by
      > Twitchell? Plus, the Internet
      > makes it easier to uncover
      > plagiarisms.
      > And, just because this
      > crap is, supposedly, being
      > offered for "free" isn't that
      > big of a deal. But, I don't
      > trust him. We all know how
      > "free" things work in Eckankar,
      > or with other religions, and
      > with life in general. Just like
      > with Eckankar, one doesn't
      > learn of the strings attached
      > or of the other slight-of-hand
      > practices until you've bought
      > into the lie... and by that time
      > you've given them the benefit
      > of the doubt and have duped
      > yourself in the process.
      > This Arnold guy is selling
      > initiations and states that
      > you need to become a 10th
      > in order to gain spiritual
      > wisdom as an acolyte. See!
      > it's the same old crap that's
      > been repackaged.
      > Prometheus
      > "allen4447" <winningedge@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi Everyone,
      > >
      > > Yes Timothy Arnolds spiritual name is Sri Kahtifji.
      > > As far as personal gain from AKATHA I can tell you several things about that idea.
      > > First there is no charge for anything in AKATHA. Not one cent! Not for the books, membership, Audio's nor does AKATHA except donations or contributions. (if anyone tries to send AKATHA a check weather its for $5 or $5,000 the check will get returned with a nice thank you note. AKATHA will not cash it.
      > > There are no hidden costs to join AKATHA or be a member except the time to do the 30 minute spiritual exercises at home that is highly suggested.
      > > The idea that Sri Kahtifji is standing in the way of the light and sound or SRAOSHA is also ridiculous. Or the idea that he is diverting it. The fact is Sri Kahtifji helps Soul's find Self and God- Realization.
      > > He helps link them to the SRAOSHA not stand in its way or divert is as you claim.
      > > Your ideas have no substance in reality. There a figment of your imagination.
      > > Some people on this group really do not like the idea of spiritual masters.
      > > I can understand that from how many times so called Spiritual Masters abuse there power.
      > > However as I said in a previous post, for Soul to transverse the various plains of God into Self and God Realization and eventually mastership is not something that one does on there own easily.
      > > Its far easier with a true MasterÂ…albeit they are most difficult to find!
      > > But yes bogus masters are abound so I understand your points.
      > > But I think your throwing the baby out with the bathwater so to speak.
      > > Trying to imply that all so called Spiritual Masters are bogus.
      > > Perhaps your disappointments have led to a bitter dislike for anyone who claims they can help Soul's reach God Realization? This is understandable for sure but sad for Real Masters do exist although far and few between. Sri Kahtifji is for real. Those serious I think should check out his web site at AKATHA.COM and see what he has to offer. If they do not like what they see that's fine. AKATHA is not for everyone. Perhaps 1 in 100. I'll try and respond to some of the other posts as time permits. Again thanks for letting me express my controversial viewpoints.
      > > I know some of this goes against the majority opinions of this group and I'm grateful you can listen and even argue over all of this. I understand Eckankar really caused a lot of damage for a lot of people. Its sad how much damage it has caused. So I know all of this can be painful.
      > > I know in my 29 years in Eckankar I experienced a lot of pain in dealing with all of it.
      > > But as some of you know the Light and Sound is real. Perhaps on that point many of us can agree?
      > > The confusion comes as we as Soul try and move through the lower states of consciousness, Physical, Astral, Causual, Mental, EthericÂ…into the higher worlds, Soul Plane, Alakh Lok, Alaya Lok, Hukikat Lok, Anami Lok, etc.
      > > But of course I don't expect everyone to agree on this point either.
      > > more later as time permits.
      > >
      > > Allen
      > >
      > > Tyson-" As long as Tim raises up paul twitchell he is relying on a man who was not a true master. I do believe in true Shabd masters. Sant Sadhu Ramji is one of them. I will say again Sant Nam is Truth itself. Any religion based on falsehood is not of the soul plane. Only fantasy not Truth. Paul mixed truth with falsehood to promote himself. Anyone who meditates may see the blue light or blue star. As Paramanansa Yogananda says it is the holy spirit. Paul and Harold claim it is there presence.Another lie. It is more apt to be the presence of your higher self that is one with God than a master. God consciousness is to see past the illusion of separation.The illusion of this world is that we are separate from God. As soul we are never separate from God. He is as close to us as our own breath. To be aware of this in all one does is God consciousness. It is not someone spiritually above another. It is being conscious of the presence of God in all you do,and when you stray from this to always return to it. God consciousness is to walk with God. Your path make it more mysterious than it is so your would be masters can say I have it and you dont. Another lie."
      > >
      > > --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "Tyson" <abunjoroge@> wrote:
      > > >
      > > > What happended to Timothy Arnold the Sraosha Master whose only argument to defend the stance that he held the rod of power was that he had written more books than Harold Klemp? What these mini masters do not understand is that one can not manipulate the Bhajan for personal gain. To attempt to do so is black magic. The word,logos,Bhajan,Kalam Allah, can not be caged,manipulated,alterd,stoped,or abused. To try to do so is to try and stop a rushing river with a sand castle. Inevitably these man made sand castles are all washed away and only the eternal remains.They are like Indra who built glamorous house each more lavish than the last then said what a good boy I am. He had created thus he must be the creator. Until Aswara came to him and said with what little time you have before you will be reborn who has time to make houses?
      > > >
      > >
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