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More Old Lies From A Newer Cult!

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Again, Sorry to post more of this crap, but it s just so amusing! And seeing this guy attack Klemp by using Twitchell s Eckankar con is more
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10 3:07 PM
      Hello Again,
      Sorry to post more
      of this crap, but it's
      just so amusing! And
      seeing this guy attack
      Klemp by using Twitchell's
      Eckankar con is more
      retribution... of sorts!

      Below, this guy states:
      "Anya Foos (a popular
      Higher Initiate in Eckankar
      years ago before disaffiliation –
      a lot of sad things take
      place when confusion
      reigns in a Kali Yuga)
      asked Paulji right before
      he died in her arms (well-
      known by many people),
      what path she was to
      follow and he told her
      not Eckankar, but nothing
      else was said. Anya told
      me this in 1992, twenty
      years after Paulji died."

      If this was true, there's,
      also, another perspective
      to Paul's answer. Paul,
      in the last seconds of his
      life, didn't want to mislead
      this person any longer.
      Eckankar was a lie, a con,
      and a vocation for Twit.
      He told her the truth, and
      when asked what path to
      follow he replied "Not

      Eckankar and Akatha are
      Westernized sects of Sikh

      These Westernized religions
      give the New Agers something
      different to believe in and
      this can be good for some
      people... to have a crutch...
      because they are weak minded
      and fearful. True, too, religion
      is both a test and a trap for
      most, but only those who learn
      their own truth can escape!


      > AKATHA's History and ITS Ties with Sri Paul Twitchell and the Old (pre- 1972) Eckankar Teachings.
      > Sri Paul Twitchell - founder of Eckankar and co-founder of AKATHA
      > This section consists of two parts.
      > 1. History of AKATHA before Paul Twitchell and Eckankar.
      > 2. Proper bridging history from Eckankar to AKATHA
      > Part One, History of AKATHA before Paul Twitchell and Eckankar.
      > "AKATHA has always existed in time and space but is not always public. Sometimes the public presentation ironically may not exist for a very long time. That fact exists that before Eckankar (the name of AKATHA from 1965 to 1971), the teaching had not been public since the 16th century under Master Kabir calling it "Kabav" at that time. Of course, as Paulji (Paul Twitchell - founder of Eckankar and co-founder of AKATHA) in his writings (included as present scripts of AKATHA) pointed out that Kabir was hounded in his day for revealing truth to the masses and was finally killed for his troubles. Still not all masters die as martyrs wherein Paulji went that way as of being poisoned in Spain in 1970 whilst living a year with enough caustic substance in his body for killing ten elephants. Yet I am showing the last two masters being martyred, the present one will not be. As masters, we know these things as the past, present, and future are in the palms of our hands. It is not arrogance, just fact. Furthermore, the history of AKATHA shows it the most ancient teaching of Sahaji as it comes and goes in time and space.
      > Albeit it always exists just a hairsbreadth away from manifestation. We think it is there and just a glimmer and then disappears. Thus, we find the opportunity in grasping it so fine as to be ineffable, but so vast in scope and practise leaving us in eternal ecstatic vision for the fortunate few. Now we have AKATHA before us with 1% (one percent) of the earth's population ready at this time. This one percent has existed since 3100 B.C. and will remain for a long time yet as the Iron Age generally lasts 428,000 (four hundred twenty-eight thousand) years. We are only 5,111 years into it, but it must be known that time does not necessarily plague us with remaining linear as torchbearer master Rebazar Tarzs said, but can be very random. The consciousness raising of the people can change a history's era whilst being an ancillary factor to the liberation of Souls. This factor of Souls firstly as a priority is very critical and why eras fade with just one Soul being liberated at times. We show here how very important each Soul is in coming to AKATHA. The Soul reading this passage must know that we will stop everything for you, just for you, in order for your liberation if necessary. Nothing is more important than you and the proof is step onto the path and find out how very important you are. History is you as the creator and what will you make of the present history and the most ancient history of AKATHA that has existed before the dawn of time that we cannot even fathom.
      > Still, we think of these long lost times and wonder how we ever survived without AKATHA in our lives. Of course, we did not many times and still it is before you the reader now. Moreover, Kabir's Kabav existed for a short time about 18 years from 1500 until the former's death in 1518. Its present off-shoots are the Bhakti and Sant Mat movements. Jalal al din Rumi in the 13th century founded the form of AKATHA called the Melvev Order until his death in 1273. These bringing the teachings public (called "prakasana") and taking non-public ("aprakasana"s) is the method called "avaksa" that Paulji did also with Eckankar resulting in AKATHA fifteen years later in 1986, publicly presented two years later in 1988. Avaksa does not always happen as some masters maintain the teaching appointing the next master. In actuality avaksa is not that common, but ironically it has happened the last three times the teaching has been public; yet I am showing a microcosm of the near eternal presentation of the path. I obviously cannot give an entire assessment dating back to the dawn of time and this one will have to do for now." Baraka Bashad, Sir Kahtifji
      > Part Two: Proper bridging history from Eckankar to AKATHA
      > Sri Kahtifji the Mahaji the 973rd Living SRAOSHA Master
      > Please note: The following pages have been taken word for word from the preface of the Hadjis Book III, (known in Eckankar as the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad) 15 such volumes of the Hadjis have been writen by Sri Kahtifji.
      > "Firstly, I wish to say that Sri Peddar Zaskq (Sri Paul Twichell) is my mentor and spiritual guide and also, I consider him and Fubbi Quantz (changed the Eckankar terms to AKATHA as 972nd Master in 1988) as co-founders of AKATHA with me in 1988 (Fubbiji is still living, over 1,000 years old at the AKATHA Katsupari Monastery in Northern Tibet and Paulji translated [died] in 1971 - Paulji is the Guardian of the Kazi Dawtz AKATHA Temple of Golden Wisdom on the Ninth Plane). I consider Paulji the greatest man whoever walked the earth! He finds my opinion of his greatness amusing and unimportant as of his pure humbleness.
      > But nevertheless, these are my sentiments and in writing emotion falls short as an expression for love. I most dearly love this man as my spiritual guide as he saved my life and enabled me to find Leslie, my true love and wife! He changed my life through the book, "In My Soul I am Free", as I was floundering in a sea of misery until reading it. It put my vibrational polarity in order as it still does today. If one can just feel the essence of what I am saying, they will know the only Truth. But still Paul's teaching of Eckankar has gone away as the high path, but has been recreated in AKATHA - thank you Paulji and SRAOSHA! Paulji, in being a master, his written words could be separate from Eckankar. The leaders changed and ruined the high path as planned after Paulji died. SRAOSHA is the conscious manipulator behind the scenes doing the AKSHAR's WILL. As paltry humans, we cannot interfere in this divine work. Those fortunate ones who have now made transition to AKATHA, the present highest path, understand quite clearly what is said here.
      > A lot of confusion exists sometimes between the time a teaching goes non-public or when a master changes hands. I wish to clear-up the matter honestly and most humbly in my opinion. False masters in Eckankar and branching from Eckankar appeared after Paul Twitchell died (translated) in 1971. Paul is called Paulji as "ji" is a title of endearment meaning "good friend or loved one." It is something like a childish baby-talk thing (we like it). "Peddar Zaskq" is Paulji's spiritual name. He is now guardian of the Kazi Dawtz Temple of Golden Wisdom on the Ninth Plane and can be visited by any Akathist with outer or inner permission of the Living SRAOSHA Master or Paulji, himself, unless, of course, one is a Ninth Initiate or Higher. When Paulji left, the path was in disarray purposely. God has ITS purpose and clarifying is the responsibility of the true Living SRAOSHA (Eck) Master. I left the country in 1998 and travelled the earth world physically meeting Rebazar Tarzs, Fubbi Quantz, and Yaubl Sacabi in India.
      > That was my purpose for leaving just as Paulji's was as of the Guardianship of Kazi Dawtz. Those opportunities are rare, but Paulji knew that he had duplicated the high path in his Soul Body visitations to me during the latter 1960's. Therefore, Paulji's responsibility in passing on the teaching had been accomplished, but not in Eckankar. Anya Foos (a popular Higher Initiate in Eckankar years ago before disaffiliation – a lot of sad things take place when confusion reigns in a Kali Yuga) asked Paulji right before he died in her arms (well-known by many people), what path she was to follow and he told her not Eckankar, but nothing else was said. Anya told me this in 1992, twenty years after Paulji died. Now with this proper perspective on motives for non-public and public presentations, we can proceed to the history because Paulji and I were channels for Spirit and we did not do anything vindictive to anyone. Any false judgements by others must be checked with this present explanation.
      > Paulji did not explain his departure and never established a successor as his prerogative as the Mahaji, the 971st Living SRAOSHA Master. However, a higher initiate council existed at the time and they were left with wondering what to do and did it. On October 22, 1972, they fabricated non-contrivantly naively without malice – just false revelation, the experience of Sri Darwin Gross as master not, in reality, knowing what to do with the path in naiveté. Paulji left no instructions to anyone except the January 1971 Illuminated Way letter (Eckankar stopped publishing them under Harold to avoid the issue of the proper successor – hidden agenda). Darwin was a Ninth initiate, never a master (Tenth Initiate). As a Ninth, Darwin was the highest one in Eckankar at that time (I was a young chela having been in Eckankar only a few months) and therefore, a powerful self-realised being. Darwin was (died recently - March 2008) a good man and I considered him a friend after meeting him physically when we both worked at the EIO (Eckankar International Office in Menlo Park, Cal.). These outer leadership things did not matter to me then, for I was interested and still today only in spiritual matters. The reason for this preface remains solely the fact that confusion does exist and it will clear-up the matter.
      > Paulji established Eckankar publicly in 1965, but no one knows how long he was master prior to that time. In other words, Paulji never chronicled the exact year when he received the Rod of Power. All we know is that he brought Eckankar public in 1965. Those six years of Eckankar as AKATHA today in its purest form were joyous and wonderful times! Some believed they had come to a golden age and there is some truth in it, but a derivative attitude was that Paulji nearly was being worshipped. However, Paulji's departure was a test for the chelas (students), albeit a difficult one. He had predicted my mastery in his January 1971 "Illuminated Way Letters," but few chelas comprehended the matter. My wife, Leslie and I, are dedicated (many years) daily contemplators, and sometimes we believe and know that perhaps we were the only ones doing them daily, never missing (very important), in Eckankar. It would be heartening to hear of someone else never failing to do their contemplations each day in all these years. We also believe our dedication to the practice enabled us to find the bridge to AKATHA whilst all the other Eckists (some made it) did not make it. Those who went to other paths also did not make it (making it to the highest path).
      > It should be emphasized that no one loses initiations and if anyone says this, they simply are wrong. All initiations given by Paulji are inviolable. Also, any Paulji Mahdis can initiate anyone to the Fifth plane (Darwin Gross initiated to the Ninth plane whilst Harold Klemp only to the Fifth), but no further. Darwin Gross, the second leader after Paulji, had a Sixth Initiation given by Paul. I acknowledge he was a Ninth Initiate after, and know that one of Paul's Ninth Initiates gave it to Darwin. Therefore, Darwin's initiations are inviolable (also Harold as a Fifth but not a master). Albeit Paulji tells of the Ninth as Mastery in Hadjis Books I & II, he means at the end of this circle when one becomes the Tenth Initiate of the Anami Lok, the Adepiseka. No one was an Adepiseka during Paulji's tenure as master. Still the Mahaji (Mahanta in Eckankar) must be at least a Twelfth Initiate and neither Harold nor Darwin is near that. It is true that the God-Realised (Eighth Initiate) and Self-Realised (Fifth Initiate) are powerful beings, they still are not masters and subject to flaws. All humans err, but not masters. Anyone who judges a master as flawed is subject to much karma.
      > Darwin was greatly loved by the Eckists during his reign as master of Eckankar from 1972 to 1982 (his history strangely eliminated by Eckankar after Darwin was disaffiliated), but aforesaid he was not the real master. He had been selected by the Board of Trustees of Eckankar. Paul did not select him. Darwin was a good man and tried to hold Eckankar together but their turn-over rate was tremendous going from nearly two million followers to about fifty thousand, losing nearly all their people. It was a ninety-nine and three quarter percent (99.75%) loss. Statistically, that means everyone as the former effectively is ninety-eight percent (98%) considered as the total loss percentage. The two percent is important for a statistics category, but it is not considered a total loss by Eckankar. (I worked at the EIO knowing first-hand this information – during Darwin's tenure he changed the definition of Eckankar from the "Ancient Science of Soul Travel" to "The Path of Total Awareness" and then finally to "A Way of Life." Then Harold went further, however, a brief stint going back to "Ancient Science of Soul Travel" before now calling it "The Religion of Light and Sound"). The definition changes show the slide from the high path that is always the Ancient Science of Soul Travel as Paulji defined it (Sahaji in higher Sanskrit used in AKATHA). The other definitions show effects, eventualities, consequences, inevitabilities, results or by-products of Sahaji, but are not Sahaji. Sahaji is extremely important and without emphasis upon it just shows a cosmic consciousness or higher awareness teaching not much more than new age stuff in the lower worlds.
      > Anyone can have higher awareness in the body, but one needs very importantly travelling in Sahaji outside the body consciousness in order to attain Soul liberation resulting in the other things, e.g., higher awareness or consciousness, powers, way of life (not religion though), etc. However, nothing was told ever about the major Eckankar membership attrition keeping it secret. Obviously, it does not look good, but should not be an indictment against Darwin as Paul took the path non-public (called "avaksa" when a master takes it public and then non-public at death) in 1971 unbeknownst to anyone at that time. I was told during a Sahaji experience in 1965, but, in reality, did not understand what Paulji was telling me not being an adept at that time.
      > I had to review these Sahaji experiences once becoming a SRAOSHA Master in 1988. I was Paulji's January 1971 Illuminated Way Letters prediction and brought Eckankar public again as AKATHA in 1988. Of course, before being a young boy in 1965 and not knowing anything about Eckankar then made this Greek to me. The reviewing of Soul records remains important for Soul at times. Eventually, Darwin was "kicked-out" of Eckankar on all sorts of false and nebulous charges. In reality, he was seen as a threat to their present insidious leader Mahdis Harold Klemp. It always seems that the less power that one has like a middle manager, the desperate need exists for more. If people truly wanted power, kindness to others is the answer as was Darwin Gross, a very kindly sort. Harold is also a kind soft-spoken sort, but he has that craving for power and desperation of holding onto to it. One display of this desperation by Harold shows in what happened to Darwin. Harold has been Eckankar's leader for twenty-six years and albeit rumours had others becoming their leader, that seems to have settled-out awhile ago with only Harold.
      > It does not matter about length of tenure, but when Harold's history has been to do things to others like Darwin along with many other disaffiliations (mine included – albeit I quit long before to bring AKATHA public per Fubbi Quantz's instructions) including the claim of the impossible initiation losses, the long tenure appears as a desperate measure of hanging-on for dear life, afraid of losing power. Both Darwin and Harold always have been good to me regarding personal interaction whilst never having any conflict. These matters are not personal, but very spiritual and physically exacting regarding simple administration processing of the high path presently AKATHA and not Eckankar or Atom (the high path has the FULL UPPER CASE distinction for emphasis and respect, but not affiliated with the statutory government code problem – AKATHA is not politics in any way and upholds the antidisestablishmentarianism doctrine idea [separation of church and state – AKATHA defines it more specifically as "separation of the spiritual path and politics"] of the Catholic church, but not their religion as the high path – AKATHA has respect and believes most definitely and sincerely, not as a patronization, that religions are very necessary entities in the world today – no competition exists here whilst believing Eckankar and Atom definitely have their place, but none of these are the high path except AKATHA with their leaders aforesaid most definitely and importantly not masters).
      > The proper lineage of the past five masters are Sri Sudar Singh, 969th Master (from India), Sri Rebazar Tarzs, 970th Master (Tibet), Sri Peddar Zaskq, 971st Master (Paul Twitchell - America), Sri Fubbi Quantz, 972nd Master (Persia), and myself, Sri Tirkahtif ra-Zah, 973rd Master (Timothy Arnold - America). No other lineage is accurate before or after any point in this previous list. Within a year or two, the book "The Lineage of the Living SRAOSHA Masters" will be published from AKATHA Publishing®. It will chronicle the entire lineage of the 973 before and include the five Masters above in this present Kali Yuga from 3100 BCe to the present (one paragraph per master – three per page equaling 326 pages). Of course, Eckankar and Atom (Darwin's current path) will refute my claim of the above list and who I am coming in the form of doffing it off as nothing. Harold has already cited a "mini-master" category for spin-offs after Eckankar (we do not, of course, consider AKATHA a spin-off). Also the computer has many condemnations of Eckankar and slanders against Paulji; none of which are true. The problems of Eckankar are only that it is not the high path any longer whilst they claim they are. One must take this matter ultimately to the inner planes realising intuition in what one feels as the real answer. People wish definitive answers needing to learn their feelings in the matter are true instead. Hence, AKATHA does provide definite answers, and one's feelings will coincide when the student is ready.
      > The main significant and simple problems with Eckankar and Atom are that the former now is a religion and Atom has no name. Atom is an acronym for "Ancient teaching of the masters." That is a definition, not a name for the path. If Darwin gave it a name, it would have to be AKATHA and then he would be a follower of me as it should be. We do not anticipate this however, and is unnecessary unless the Atomists are ready and Darwin would come aboard (aforesaid he passed recently, but wrote this before). I would approve his initiations and Harold's, if they both applied for membership into AKATHA providing no shenanigans would occur. Again, I do not anticipate this action nor is it important. The ready Soul is AKATHA's target with 70 million in the world today presently. We do not need but will accept pseudo-celebrities from stepping-stone paths joining AKATHA. I respect their work, but just as any philosophy or religion, holes exist in them and no one following these paths will ever be liberated from the Wheel of Samsara and get into the proper heavenly worlds.
      > Neither Darwin nor Harold has chronicled their specific spiritual experience of receiving the Rod of Power, but generally stated it. I will specify here as having generally stated in my introductory book to AKATHA about my Master experience, also not having been specific (lost a chronicled version in the Indian flood where some Hadjis [Spiritual book of AKATHA] were lost as well). At midnight on October 22, 1986, I stood in Soul body of a Sahaji experience in the Valley of Shangta at the Oracle of Tirmir and received the Rod of Power (Yastiprabhava in higher Sanskrit [Asacer language or AKATHA sacred language – only AKATHA has been specific in defining what is "higher Sanskrit"]) not unlike Higher Initiate Helen Baird's oil painting depiction. Her painting shows the transfer from Paulji to Darwin, but that never happened being her imagination and not real. The actual happening at that time was Paulji to Rebazar Tarzs (temporary holder, called the torchbearer or "Karaduhr"). When I was ready inwardly in 1986 (inner ceremony albeit the Tirmir one is Sahaji, but considered an outer experience being on the physical plane – more of a physical bi-location), it was my experience that Rebazar Tarzs (he is the Atasr-AKATHA, the passer of the power – twin responsibilities of the Karaduhr – temporary holder and passer)) transferred to me the Rod of Power at the Oracle's centre with a powerful light beam objective appearance coming down straight from above.
      > From my perspective, I was looking out from many light beams coming from mainly the eight earth directions – an extraordinary feeling I assure you to say the least! What actually is happening is the Karaduhr releases the Rod of Power from his body (or standing between when having not been the temporary holder as in the ceremonial purpose) and passes it to the new master (observing it is much simpler than the explanation – go to the Causal plane now and see if one wishes in Sahaji). The point between bodies is two Souls in one place which is possible for the power cannot escape so to speak. That transfer occurred to me and I stood there for a moment with Rebazar stepping away looking towards me. After the long moment, he signalled with his right hand to follow him and we walked down a dirt path between some tall dense foliage. At the end of the path, we came to a beautiful sunny spring-like meadow clearing where a richly carved wooden stage affronted a large throng of colourfully dressed people. Other entourage were walking with us along the path and then we all ascended the stage single file. I sat in the centre on a simple thrown also of wood with a maroon velvet cushion and Rebazar stood to my left. When everyone in the retinue was seated on stage (my wife Leslie was to my right dressed in a fluffy ermine white-collared maroon robe as all on stage were), Rebazar turned towards a small table behind us and lifted the fourteen point Mahaji crown placing it on my head (the crowning only is symbolic of the actual Rod of Power experience – of course king crownings are derivative and the Mahaji never is physical king just spiritual) – no solemn words were said; silence reigned. Once the crown was in place, a pleasant appropriate applause took place amongst the stage people and the large standing audience in front. Everyone was standing now and the applause was long. When the clapping died down, I stood and spoke a few words. When finished, more appropriate applause occurred and I turned to my wife with shining eyes meeting and then swiftly came back to the body awakening in astonishment! For two weeks, I was stunned mostly in silence and then I told my wife, Leslie, that we would be bringing AKATHA public.
      > It is true that my experience could be claimed as a heightened imagination; however those who practice and experience Sahaji know how real these experiences are with mine being true to form. Those who are adepts know the difference between reality and fiction. One knows by their feelings or "intuition" which is the name for a feeling or premonition. Logic should not dictate anything, but we must use it sometimes for it remains a sense of knowing on the outer planes. We must communicate at times in logic, but feelings ultimately should chart our course by listening to the still small voice within interpreting our own Sound Current.
      > AKATHA backs Its logic with empirical proof in Sahaji as these inner planes are as real as the illusory physical one that remains very concrete to us. We can philosophise about the physical plane being an illusion and ultimately true, but we still deal with its tangibility on a daily basis. Few wish testing their luck stepping in front of an oncoming car. By trusting one's feelings and listening to the voice, the Sound Current or SRAOSHA within will give us the answer here to what I have been saying.
      > An AKATHA Higher Initiate Danielle Gribbins once said that Leslie and I took all the high energy from Eckankar and left it as an empty shell. It is true and a shame that Eckankar was left as an empty shell of itself having only that religious nothingness vibration with occasional emotionalism like Atom (not denigration here just fact). The SRAOSHA does not palpably exist in these latter teachings any longer and one needs only prove it by coming to an AKATHA meeting or seminar and feeling the difference. But reality is reality. Danielle, whilst sitting in my living room, also added, "Why would anyone wish to go anywhere else in the universe than right here and feel this pure essence of SRAOSHA vibration that is so obvious, palpable, and real? I do not wish to go anywhere else!" Of course, I left the chelas then and went to India for a test. AKATHA was fledgling then, but the chelas should have stayed with the path if they were true. We virtually had to start over again when I came back in 2006.
      > Regarding this high energy that Paulji recognized, sometime after meeting Leslie (my true love and wife), I swooned into some metal folding chairs when her eyes actually flashed twin light beams (coup de foudre [French]), lightening bolt or Cupid's (Homeric myth as Psyche's husband) arrow, etc., through my heart prior to an Eckankar seminar in San Francisco years ago; the twin light beams another very real experience! This very palpable power is within the teaching of AKATHA as Leslie is the second highest evolved woman being a 22nd Initiate SRAOSHA Master (Kata Daki is a 200th Initiate living in the Katsupari Monastery; she did not translate as believed, but is not publicly teaching being a supra-annuated ancient Initiate).
      > Very few realised that Paulji was a 21st Initiate (we did not like passing him as a human reaction – but no competition exists in initiations albeit the human feeling element exists as normal; I am presently a 24th Initiate. Leslie is a 22nd [being in the Kali Yuga now with such negativity about, the higher initiations are necessary for raising and maintaining consciousness] – if Paulji had lived, he would be much higher now anyway – initiations are for the living or lower worlds areas – however mastery is retained throughout the higher planes in the titles of "Sri" for men and "Sra" for women – ask Eckists or Atomists what the title for women is and they will not know or use the male one of "Sri" incorrectly amongst other things like all the syllables of the first name are used and then adding "ji" on the end for the master [Eckankar and Atom use one syllable i.e., Darji, Harji, etc. If they were masters, it should be Darwinji or Haroldji] and where is Paulji now; they do not know – only AKATHA has these answers amongst a myriad of many others – one needs stepping onto the path for really amazing wisdom takes place as many chelas who read this could testify - perhaps even jumping up and down now wishing they could write a few things. Feel free to send your experiences in writing anytime to the AUo).
      > Atom is better than Eckankar, being another white brotherhood [religions are not usually white brotherhood as the latter are more ascended master stuff or new agey] cosmic consciousness path getting people to the Fourth plane. Eckists admittedly state that they are a higher consciousness path (aforesaid a result of Sahaji, but not the main premise) as Darwin had changed Eckankar with his book "Consciousness the Key to Life." Nothing is wrong with higher consciousness, but it is a result of Sahaji, not the goal. In other words, one needs Sahaji firstly and everything else is secondary. Using a secondary theme will not get one into heaven. "Higher consciousness" is a term for below the Fifth plane wherein only one travelling in Sahaji can achieve. It is easy to get confused here and Eckankar and Atom do just that very well. Their vagueness is obvious if one is honest with themselves. Again, we do not compete, but will explain the difference not being naïve about these things. AKATHA presently is the only teaching that will get one into the Soul plane. This factor makes AKATHA the highest teaching and the declaration is important in the lower worlds. If this highest factor is not stated or claimed, no one will know what is the highest path and who is the present living Master and He is Sri Tirkahtif ra-Zah (Kahtifji or Sri Timothy Arnold), the Mahaji, and 973rd Living SRAOSHA Master. It is best to explain the basics about AKATHA as of Sahaji and leave organisation stuff for later unless asked. One knows when these things become tedious and unnecessary. The Truth is important, however, and the AKATHIST should never shirk from it no matter the ostensible tedium and exiguous degrees at times.
      > Darwin was a great man being a Ninth Initiate, but no straight answer ever parted his lips. He was compassionate and cheerful, but did not acknowledge people's questions directly and neither does Eckankar. Although some declare this is a true master being evasive and even Paulji intimated this at times. The great Peddar Zaskq made of pillar of his teaching that one should voice his views and attempt to speak his experiences as best as possible. Again, contradiction intervenes in the language of logic, the language of antithesis or opposites. We cannot avoid it, but know this that if one is attempting to communicate for better or worse, intellectuality or abecedarian, they will be accommodated in AKATHA, but not in these other false teachings. Inner condemnation is the worse sort.
      > The Eckankar leader and followers tell evasive childish stories and parables with no deep esoteric thought. This pseudo five year-old state leaves one in a pabulum zombified new-age state not allowing any intelligence to manifest believing it "mentalizing." AKATHA does not condemn children, but rather believe a in a loftier view of a child that if he could articulate, such deep esoteric wisdom would come forth ineffable and not empty pablum that Eckists spiel believing it childlike. Hence, if one wished a straight answer, they must come to AKATHA where the deepest esoteric thought and wisdom reside being sourced by the living master of time and his mentor the wonderful and most powerful Sri Peddar Zaskq! We realise the esoteric idea that masters stay enigmatic and such. However, logical words are paradoxical in themselves without adding to it. Therefore, let the Truth be known wherein the SRAOSHA Masters attempt to answer, but know that logic defeats the premise with the answer foresaid in one's knowingness, attitude, vibrations, and presence in the divine feeling of SRAOSHA!
      > I Am Always With You
      > Baraka Bashad
      > Sri Tirkahtif ra-Zah
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