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Fw: Venture Beyond Limits

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  • Gnothe Seauton
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      Subject: Venture Beyond Limits

      Dear Prometheus,

      I read your insightful posting where you pin point a range of obvious problems in Eckankar. One I thought was especially accurate was how Eckankar is now a hallow vase in which members are attached to "dogma" which is the glue holding it together. I agree also with your other comment in a general sense of how High Initiates are passive and don't question anything.  I would agree about both of those points, as I have observed them myself in myrad ways.

      There are alot of control mechanisms in Eckankar that encouage dogma, personality worship, and passivity.  But all of that origionated from those who were not yet spiritual masters had become leaders: Darwin and Harold, although nice people they were not spiritual masters. However Paul was. The reason Harold slowed down initiations is because not only does it upset the power structure but also since he is not a true master he can't give the higher initiations that are truely higher initiations of higher planes.

      Eckankar can only give initiations up to the mental plane.  The highest one can reach in Eckankar is cosmic concsiousness.  The reason I am sharing any of this with you is because you seem like an insightful person with some key perceptions.  I agree with most of what you say but not all of it.  I don't really concern myself so much with mental acrobatics about history unless I view it for myself through the Akashic records. Contraditions exist because of polarities and negativities in the lower world, that is why I often like to view things from above the mental plane into the soul plane.

      I told several of my closest Eckankar friends about a God Realization experience I had and several friends were so attached to their initiation level, their status, dogma and personality worship that they didn't want to belive me or hear anything I had to say. They built a wall around themselves twelve feet high and very thick.  All fear and that's ok. It's their choice. They were completely stuck in the mental plane cement.  And than another friend who truely wanted to find their connection with God did believe me and I shared with him and his entire life was transformed over night. I belive what Paul said that: Only the bold an adverturous find God. And those who are attached to dogma, personality worship, or habitual throughts don't go anywhere but where they already are.

      I am just curious, you mentioned what you don't like to align yourself with in spirituality.  But what do you like to align yourself with in spirituality?  You seem very insightful about the illusions in Eckankar (of the negative) but I also wonder what you see as what is truth and the positive in your spiritual world. I appreciate what you shared. I wish you the best. Much joy to you.


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