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Eckankar's Unprogressive Scattered Focus

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, While looking at Klemp s 1998 EK Lexicon I saw the definition of a marg (a path to God) that most ECKists know little about. It s the Bihangham
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 29, 2011
      Hello All,
      While looking at Klemp's 1998
      EK Lexicon I saw the definition
      of a "marg" (a path to God) that
      most ECKists know little about.

      It's the Bihangham Marg which
      is supposedly: an accelerated
      method; movement of instant
      projection into any state of
      consciousness. In Eckankar it
      is encouraged to follow several
      margs and to have them overlap.
      Seeing it this way eliminates
      conflict, however, this can also
      be used as a religious manipulation
      technique to confuse, distract,
      scatter and divide one's attention.

      The "busy (Vahana) work" does
      the same... to distract! Look at
      the results of so much wasted
      time, money, and effort... and
      for years and years! It's a feel-
      good method to train higher
      functioning robotic leaders.

      Anyway, I saw a couple of
      outdated definitions on the
      next page (23) of Klemp's
      1998 EK Lexicon.

      BOOK of LAWS- Fundamental laws
      that govern this universe through
      Spirit once taught to the people the
      by the ECK sage MKSHA 35,000 years
      ago in the Indus Valley.

      Mksha supposedly taught this
      ancient civilization the fundamental
      laws which govern the physical
      universe. So why was this knowledge
      and consciousness lost? Earthquake,
      tsunami or astroid?

      Was it all stored in a library in the
      mythical Lemuria (Mu) or Atlantis?
      Even if these ancient civilizations
      did exist that doesn't mean that
      they were improvements to this
      present day or had all of the answers
      to life! The grass is always greener
      on the other side of the fence.

      And, according to the Law of Mksha,
      life is only Spirit, and being Spirit,
      it (Spirit or Soul?) has nothing. It only
      has intelligence with a peculiar ability
      to perceive, penetrate, and survive.
      It also has causation, specialization,
      creativeness, beauty, love, and ethics.
      BTW- Doesn't it also have the ability
      to imagine and dream? Isn't life a dream?

      Interesting that "Spirit" was
      used versus the "ECK" since
      this is an ancient teaching
      given by an "ECK" Master.
      Or, was it "Soul" that Twit
      actually meant when he wrote
      this and was merely confused
      by all of the material he was

      More from PT's & Klemp's Lexicon:
      BOOK of LIFE- An enormous
      book miles in length, width,
      and thickness; entries are
      made by mammoth Angels
      when a Soul reincarnates. It
      is the BOOK of RECORDS that
      the Lords of Karma examine
      to determine the merits due
      a person at the time of death.

      Okay! Maybe if "God" used
      tiny angels versus "Mammoth
      Angels" the Book of Life could
      be smaller? Use smaller print!
      Interesting that on this lowest
      of all planes, the physical, that
      we can have hard and flash drives
      that would reduce this info down
      to at least warehouse size but
      probably much smaller!

      Say, why are "Soul" records kept
      on the (3rd) Causal Plane? This is
      the Causal Plane being described
      right? Why is it that they don't have
      access to Astral and Mental Plane
      methods and ideas like we seem
      to have from the 1st Plane?

      What a bunch of mindless crap!

      Do ECKists really believe this stuff?
      They have to, it's part of their dogma!
      They aren't allowed to (openly) Second
      Guess the Mahanta (Klemp).

      Or, do Eckists pick and choose
      what they believe in and take
      some of these "ECK Teachings"
      with a grain (or pound) of salt?
      However, what can Eckists trust
      to be true? Everything Klemp tells
      them and anything with his name
      on it... like this 1998 EK Lexicon?

      Twitchell was a liar and plagiarist
      who "exaggerated" and "twisted
      facts" as Klemp has, even, admitted.

      It is difficult for any religionist
      to think with an open mind. The
      true believer has to have another
      interpret and spoon feed them
      the dogma in order to accept it
      and slowly digest it. Actually, it's
      more a form of brain washing
      of ideas than it is a digesting of
      "spiritual food." In other words,
      one has to become an obnoxious
      "religious" narcissist and egomaniacal
      in order to become a defender
      of a pretentious religion. Eckists
      are merely more subdued (while
      acting humble), but are just as
      deluded as their (Jewish, Muslim,
      Mormon, Christian, Scientology,
      Sant Mat, et al) religious cohorts.

      Religions, including Eckankar,
      are male run hierarchies! Women
      are the real workers who are
      treated as housekeepers and
      household disciplinarians while
      being given the illusion of
      having importance and power.

      The average religious member
      (male or female) has to put
      blinders on in order to maintain
      the (blind) faith. Awareness
      must be restricted. But, is this
      what one should be doing in
      order to achieve greater awareness
      and higher consciousness? No!
      Of course not! How can one
      achieve a clarity of consciousness
      if one is denying the consideration
      and contemplation of other perspectives?

      Therefore, this "Mammoth Angel"
      thing with this hugeeeee Book of
      Life is a silly and stupid story/belief.
      Why do Eckists accept other lies and
      not this one? Would common sense
      slowly creep in? Or, do most Eckists
      accept this story/dogma as being true?

      I doubt that many Eckists know of
      this or care. Over the years it's all
      shoved under the rug and never
      looked at again with a more critical
      perspective. Why should they? Do
      Eckists want to take a chance that
      they'll see the Truth? What would
      happen then? It's like a smoker or
      addict who doesn't, even, want to
      think about or consider informative
      sources or the outcome. They need
      their crutch to get through and deal
      with life.

      Actually, if there was a poll taken,
      I wonder how many Eckists would
      believe this Book of Life dogma,
      especially, if it was never revealed
      that this was an ECKankar belief
      that is listed in Klemp's EK Lexicon?

      Regardless of what Klemp has
      said in the past, Common Sense,
      having an Open Mind, a strong
      Self worth and the fearlessness
      of Soul, are the enemies of religious
      doctrine and of religious hierarchies
      like Eckankar!

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