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Conspiracy Theories and Paranoia

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  • mishmisha9
    I found another interesting article while searching for truth concerning all the hype about conspiracy theories. If you go to
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2005
      I found another interesting article while searching for truth
      concerning all the hype about conspiracy theories. If you go to


      you will find this article, "Conspiracy Theories and Paranoia: Notes
      from a Mind-Control Conference" by Evan Harrington.

      One thing I have found is an intricate weaving of all the various
      conspiracy theories, that will take the conspiracy theorist student
      all the way back to the beginning of time, bringing this student
      forward to the present time where we are to believe of the vast
      manipulation and control of mankind by the illuminati and power
      elite. Looking at this information, I am beginning to see where
      posters on other sites, including the HCS BBs, are getting their
      information and forming their beliefs of the existence of these
      controlling agencies. The individuals who are telling these tales at
      these conferences, writing books and selling them, setting up
      websites, doing talk shows, especially radio show, and so forth seem
      to be very inter-related. It looks like a sort of buddy system--I'll
      promote what you're telling, if you promote what I am telling. It
      works real well, because then people begin to believe and buy into
      this belief, both by spending money at conferences and buying the
      books, tapes, and whatever else these entrepreneurs can market.

      I am not saying that I don't believe in conspiracies. I know
      conspiracies are a part of life. My problem stems from the far-
      fetched types that appear to be making people nuts.

      In the article I am mentioning here about this one particular
      conspiracy theory conference, Mr. Harrington met a guy named Felix
      who was selling a very huge newsletter, "in which he (Felix) makes
      some very strange claims: Charles Manson was programmed by the
      Illuminati, the Anti-Defamation League is controlled by Jewish
      satanists, and Marilyn Monroe as a mind-control slave." Felix went
      on to say that "he works as a counselor and has helped 'a lot' of
      people suffering from multiple personality disorder. Felix
      apparently has no mental-health counseling credentials, and his name
      badge identified him as 'clergy.' Nevertheless he said he counsels
      dissociative clients and guides them through the intricacies of
      international cabals." In my opinion, Felix is in need of some
      serious professional help. Yet, people like Felix are all too
      numerous out there, attending these conventions/workshops, and
      convincing other seekers who are looking for truth in all the wrong

      Since I posted previously about "TRANCEformation of America," a book
      about government mind control experimentation called Operation
      Monarch, written by Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brian (the victim of
      this abuse), I found this portion of Harrington's article especially

      "Secrets of Mind Control Revealed:
      ... Mark Phillips claimed to be a former government agent involved
      in mind-control experiments. He was always vague, never giving any
      information that could be checked. His companion, Cathy O'Brian,
      claimed to have survived years of torture and abuse at the hands of
      her CIA handlers in Operation Monarch (these two seem to be the
      source of most of the Monarch material). O'Brian maintained she had
      been tortured in unimaginable ways since the time she was a child,
      that her cult handlers successfully created dissociative identity
      disorder in her, which was cured by Phillips, who also managed to
      hide her from the CIA. She was so savagely tortured, she said, that
      her back was a complete mass of scar tissue. Phillips added that he
      had once tried to count the scars but lost count somewhere in the
      hundreds. We never saw the scars, photos of scars, or doctors'
      reports about scars.

      O'Brian stated that she was forced to have sex with a plethora of
      political figures including George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy
      Carter, and Gerald Ford (whom she said she knew as 'the neighborhood
      porn king'). She also said she was abused by Hillary Clinton (but
      not by Bill). Politicians were not the only ones involved--O'Brian
      stated that a number of baseball figures were in this satanic/CIA
      mind-control plot. She told me personally that virtually the entire
      country music industry is set up by the New World Order to make
      money. According to O'Brian, most popular country singers are
      Monarch slaves who had alter-personalities created with good voices
      for singing. Phillips and O'Brian, along with Bowart and others,
      claimed that the CIA is currently abusing people through Operation
      Monarch. Phillips claimed 20 years of experience in genetics and
      said that the cults would breed slaves selectively to create musical
      geniuses. To test his vast experience with genetics, I asked him
      what he thought of the Human Genome Sequencing Project. He had never
      heard of it. It seems impossible for anyone with even a rudimentary
      knowledge of genetics to be unaware of the biggest project ever in
      that field. Nevertheless, one author claims that Phillips
      is 'currently deprogramming at least six Monarch slaves.'"

      Well, of course, there is more, but I have to ask this: what kind of
      individuals buy into this garbage? I just don't get it!!! Yet, many
      are believing it and trying to "spoon feed" others with this

      The paranoia that is being created by all these conspiracy theorists
      is beyond belief, IMO! I am posting this information so that Truth-
      seekers will have more insight into these mind-control cults and
      disinformation that are being promoted by Mario on HCS, especially,
      in his flurry of recent long posts.

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