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Re: Article on Eckankar

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Krazykraut and All, I ll comment below and others can add their own facts, knowledge, info, and opinions as well. krazykraut wrote: Dear Group, thanks
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      Hello Krazykraut and All,
      I'll comment below and
      others can add their own
      facts, knowledge, info,
      and opinions as well.

      krazykraut wrote:
      Dear Group,

      thanks for your info on
      Omnec Onec. I wrote up
      a smal article on Eckankar,
      as I find that offical sources,
      even Wikipedia, are biased
      and leave out criticism almost
      completely. The article is
      to be published on
      a newage/cult awarness network.
      I attach the short article, you
      are welcome to comment on
      it. I would be particularly
      interested in finding english
      quotable references.

      Again, thank you.

      Eckankar is a cult founded
      1968 by Paul Twitchell.
      Before founding Eckankar,
      he lived in Ashrams with
      Kirpal Singh where he was
      kicked out after a fistfight
      with another member.

      ME: Actually, Eckankar was
      founded in 1965 by Paul
      Twitchell (65-71). And,
      Twitchell Did live in an
      ashram but Not "with" Kirpal
      Singh. Twitchell was initiated
      by Kirpal into Ruhani Satsang
      on Kirpal's first visit to the
      U.S. On Kirpal's second visit,
      years later, Kirpal initiated
      Twitchell's second wife, Gail.
      Also, Twitchell used "The
      Path of the Masters" as a
      reference book for establishing
      Eckankar dogma. The book
      was written by Julian P. Johnson
      who was a member of Radhasoami
      a sect of Sikhism. BTW-Ruhani
      Satsang is a sect of Radhasoami
      and was established by Kirpal
      Singh when he was rejected
      as leader and heir apparent
      of Radhasoami after his Master
      had died.

      Later, he studied a certain
      Kirpal Singh, Master of
      Sant Mat.

      ME: Sant Mat is a generic
      term and includes both
      sects of Radhasoami and
      Ruhani Satsang.

      Despite being influenced
      be eastern spirituality,
      Twitchell never visited

      ME: It could be that Twitchell
      might have visited India with
      his wife Gail in or around 1970
      after he had established Eckankar
      and after it began making money.

      Some time after founding
      Eckankar, Twitchells relations
      to Kirpal Singh deteriorated
      and he claimed he never
      accepted him as master.

      ME: Twitchell sent Kirpal his
      "The Tiger's Fang" manuscript
      (circa 1964-65) to get Kirpal's
      approval and to impress him
      in order to be elevated to a
      higher position in the U.S.
      Kirpal saw through the scam
      and exaggerations and didn't
      want to have anything to do
      with it or the liar Twitchell.
      Kirpal finally returned the
      manuscript circa June, 1966.
      After the manuscript was
      returned Twitchell reedited
      the manuscript and replaced
      his Master's name with Rebazar
      Tarzs... a "master" Twitchell
      invented in order to, basically,
      initiate himself, and, to a
      Higher Plane than his real
      Master (Kirpal) who rebuked
      him. BTW- Twitchell was a
      chela/student of Kirpal Singh's
      for 10 years.

      Twitchell also studied
      Scientology and became
      a clear. For some time he
      had the support of L. Ron
      Hubbard, and it is claimed
      he copied several Scientology

      ME: True. Twit and L. Ron
      were both narcissists, liars,
      bullshitters and conmen.
      Plus, L. Ron Hubbard was
      a paranoid schizophrenic.
      They had a lot in common
      but Twitchell wanted his
      own con/religion and not
      one with as much sic-fi
      connotations. Plus, Twit
      knew a lot about Sant Mat
      and wanted to pursue that
      but with a Western bent.

      Twitchells founding scriptures
      of Eckankar are plagiarized
      from other esoteric sources,
      just changing names in the
      progress. This is a taboo
      amongst cult members and
      never talked about, as reported
      by former members. Sources
      include Hubbard, Blavatsky
      and eastern mystics. [2]

      ME: True. Twitchell changed
      names, words, and the spelling
      of names and words while
      adding to, changing around,
      and omitting letters to disguise
      his paraphrasing. But he, also,
      plagiarized word for word.

      The current "Eckmaster" is
      Harold Klemp.

      ME: Klemp is referred to as the:
      Living ECK Master (LEM); Mahanta;
      Outer Master; Inner Master; Dream
      Master. These (and other terms)
      were established and invented by
      Paul Twitchell.

      Sant Mat has "living" Masters and
      Twitchell took this and created
      his own lineage to give a sense
      of "history" to validate his position.
      The "Mahanta" position/title was
      created by Twitchell in January,

      Eckankar is hierarchically organized,
      with the Eckmaster at the top.
      Disciples are told that Eckankar
      is the sole path to god and that
      leaving Eckankar is detrimental
      to their Karma.

      ME: Yes, Eckists are warned in
      their Holy Book, The Shariyat-
      Ki-Sugmad, that leaving the
      cult they would be cast into
      an Astral Hell. On another note,
      Eckists are told that there are
      other "valid" religions, but that
      Eckankar is "the most direct
      path to God-Realization" and
      is the true path to God. True,
      Eckankar is a hierarchy and
      Klemp has the sole authority
      to hire and fire Board Members
      and anyone! The Eckankar by-laws
      were changed (1983) after Darwin
      Gross was fired/booted so that
      only Klemp would have sole
      authority, for life, regardless
      of criticisms and misconduct.
      This is why members are
      intimidated to remain silent
      and not to ask too many questions
      or to gossip. The RESAs (Regional
      ECK Spiritual Aides)/Satsang Society
      Regional Leaders enforce right
      behavior and all guidelines and

      [3]. There are reports of members
      spending substantial amounts
      of money on teachings and cult

      ME: Yes, but sometimes the
      most money spent does not
      go to Eckankar. When attending
      seminars most of the money
      goes toward airline tickets,
      hotel, and other travel expenses.
      The entire seminar registration
      is about the cost of a one night
      stay in the headquarters hotel.
      However, Eckists are encouraged
      to spend their own money upon
      vahana/missionary advertising
      efforts and materials and this
      can add up to a substansial
      amount when including gas
      and other incidentals. The
      annual "donation" of the EK
      Membership Fee is required.
      Eckists are also encouraged
      to name Eckankar, in their Will,
      as a beneficiary. Donations to
      the ECK Spiritual Center (ESC)
      Building and Missionary funds
      are also encouraged. Locally,
      Eckists are expected to fund
      their local EK Center and State
      Newsletter, etc. Service, with
      time and coin, and Silence,
      from questions and criticisms,
      are the mainstays of Klemp's
      Eckankar. -Prometheus

      Web resources

      [1] http://www.eckist.info/doku/paul.htm
      [2] http://www.eckist.info/doku/plagiarismus.htm
      [3] http://www.eckist.info/doku/furcht.htm
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