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More H.I. Letter Stories (minor miracles?)

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, Actually these H.I. stories and experiences are far less profound than many Christians and other non- Eckists have. Thus, they re not even minor
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 19, 2011
      Hello All,
      Actually these H.I. stories
      and experiences are far
      less profound than many
      Christians and other non-
      Eckists have. Thus, they're
      not even minor miracles...
      they've read too much into
      the experience due to a bias

      Here's one called, Being A
      Channel For ECK:

      An H.I. gets a call from a new
      initiate that he's in the hospital.
      The H.I. goes to the hospital
      and sees a group of people
      standing around his bed so
      they decide to be polite and
      wait for them to leave. The
      H.I. assumed it was the newbie's
      old prayer group and it was.

      On the second visit the H.I. asked
      the Inner Master for guidance
      and suggested that the newbie
      HU mentally (on the inner) since
      he was too weak to HU vocally.
      The H.I. also told him to practice
      the presence of the Mahanta/LEM.

      On the third visit (notice the use
      of the Principle of the Threes) the
      newbie told the H.I. what happened
      when the prayer group came back.
      They had suggested that his illness
      was the handiwork of his enemies
      and of Satan. He disagreed with
      them and told them about the
      Law of Cause and Effect which
      is an ECK principle in one's life
      and about Karma.

      Is it any wonder that the prayer
      group stopped coming. Anyway,
      the newbie recovered and began
      studying the EK books. And, the
      H.I. felt grateful that the Mahanta
      used him as a channel to help
      this new Eckist on the "path" of

      IMO- This would have been a
      much better story if the "group"
      visiting the newbie had been
      ECK Masters! But, no such luck.

      Anyway, it's nice that this H.I.
      feels good that his religion is
      better and has more to offer
      than Christianity. Besides, it's
      fun to pretend and it's a nice
      feeling to be in control. Plus,
      it's a distraction from problems
      and facing everyday life, especially,
      when trying to figure out, Why
      me? But, isn't that what all religions
      offer! Faith and Belief are merely
      the mental acceptance with the
      emotional expression and physical
      demonstration of specific dogma
      while filling in the blanks with
      an ego driven imagination.

      Here's another H.I. story:

      Inner Connection-
      This H.I. was wondering how
      many Eckists had met "Harji"
      when he was out and about
      in Eden Prairie. She was pondering
      as to why they've never met
      again physically. But, that
      same night she had a dream.

      She was in her cubical at work
      and these life-size, colorful,
      cardboard cutouts of Klemp
      i.e. the Mahanta/Inner Master
      began drifting back and forth
      in front of her. She laughed
      and realized how unnecessary
      it was to have a physical meeting
      when she had the "most" important
      contact... the "inner" form of
      the Mahanta who is with her
      at all times. I wonder, does the
      "inner" form look like the "outer"
      form because that's just scary!

      So, once again, we hear ECKists
      state that the LEM or "outer"
      Master is unnecessary and
      is, thus, obsolete. I wonder
      why Klemp is promoting this
      view? Well, it could be that he
      knows that the imagination
      will satisfy their needs and
      desires where he can't.

      She continues by saying that
      when she turned around she
      saw Klemp standing there
      with the most loving gaze
      she's ever experienced. And,
      that this was more than the
      Darshan it was the Tiwaja!

      Let me refresh our memories
      on the definitions of each.

      Darshan- There are two parts
      of the Darshan: meeting with
      the Master outwardly and
      being recognized by him, and
      meeting with him inwardly
      and traveling with him; seeing
      and being seen by him, and
      the ENLIGHTENMENT which
      comes with this act. [EK Lexicon].

      Tiwaja- Also Tiwaga. The gaze
      of the Master which also has
      the power to uplift and heal
      all things; one of the mighty
      acts of God granted to one
      who becomes a CHANNEL for
      the spiritual power. [EK Lexicon]

      Hmmmmm. It seems to me that
      this H.I. is mistaken, but Klemp
      is allowing her to misspeak.
      The Darshan (part 2) with the
      Inner meeting seems better and
      more advanced. The Darshan
      offers Inner world travel and
      Enlightenment while the Tiwaja
      offers the ability to be a channel
      with "spiritual" Power.

      BTW- Why hasn't the "spiritual
      power" of the (Inner Master's)
      Tiwaja/gaze healed "all" illnesses
      of Klemp's H.I.s? Many H.I.s have
      come down with cancer and have
      even died! Why didn't HK's Tiwaja
      heal them? Really! It's just more
      feel-good lip service. And, it's
      never Klemp's fault if it doesn't
      work, it's yours... the ECKist!

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