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Klemp's Christmas Message to H.I.s

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, In the latest 12/2011 H.I. Letter the Mahanta/ LEM, Harold Klemp, has a rather unspiritual but organizational/leadership message for his Higher
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 17, 2011
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      Hello All,
      In the latest 12/2011
      H.I. Letter the Mahanta/
      LEM, Harold Klemp, has
      a rather unspiritual but
      message for his Higher
      Initiates (ECK Leaders).

      Klemp reread Aesop's
      fables, again, and decided
      that some of the critical
      messages in these stories
      apply to H.I.s today:

      *The Two Crabs:

      A mother crab criticized
      her daughter, "Why do you
      walk that way and sidle along?
      Why don't you walk straight
      like people?"

      The daughter just smiled.
      "I would be happy to, but
      I walk just like you. Show
      me how and I will gladly

      Klemp comments that
      this is a reminder to lead
      by example.

      However, ECKists aren't
      children and ECK Leaders
      aren't any more all knowing
      as is Klemp! They are just
      as clueless and delusional.
      Aren't ECKists able to think
      for themselves and walk
      their own walk? Are they
      to simply imitate someone
      else's walk? Where's the
      individualism and uniqueness
      of Soul? Why the cookie
      cutter approach? Oh, it's
      that hierarchy thing and
      putting on a good show
      when "on stage!"

      *The Woodsman and the Fox:

      Hunters were stalking a fox
      and the fox begged a man
      chopping wood for a place
      to hide. He pointed to his
      cabin and said, "You'll be
      safe there." So the fox ran
      and hid under the cabin.

      When the hunters came
      they asked the woodman
      if he had seen a fox run
      by. He pointed to his cabin
      but told them "No, I haven't."
      The hunters didn't understand
      the woodsman and went on.
      after they left the fox came
      out and took off in the opposite
      direction. The woodsman
      yelled to the fox, "Hey, aren't
      you going to thank me?"
      The fox said, "If your fingers
      had been as truthful as
      your tongue I would have."

      Klemp's point is: Actions
      speak louder than words.

      However, the woodsman's
      actions, pointing to the
      cabin where the fox was
      hiding were, also, dishonest
      to the fox's safety. Maybe
      this wasn't all that clever
      of an example for Klemp
      to use.

      *The Lark and Her Young:

      A lark had her nest of fledglings
      in a cornfield and every
      time she left for food she
      told them to listen to what
      the farmer said and to
      report it back to her when
      she returned. Later that
      day she returned to find
      them quivering with fear.
      The farmer had told his
      son that "The corn was ready
      to harvest and to go to the
      friends and neighbors and
      they would harvest the corn
      tomorrow." The mother bird
      told them not to worry. The
      next day there was no harvesting.
      The next day, when the mother
      bird returned to the nest, again,
      her fledglings were in a panic.
      The farmer told his son to
      enlist the help of his uncles
      and cousins. Once again the
      mother bird said that everything
      would be okay. Sure enough
      no one showed up. The next
      time the mother bird returned
      the fledglings told her the
      farmer told his son to "sharpen
      two corn knives and they's cut
      the corn themselves." The mother
      now said that it was time to
      leave the nest and that, "When
      a man decides to do the work
      himself, he won't be disappointed."

      Thus, it seems like Klemp is
      telling ECK Leaders to do everything
      themselves and don't delegate
      because you'll be disappointed
      when it doesn't get done or is

      Except, that's not what Klemp
      is saying. He's telling "effective"
      ECK leaders do delegate to
      others they take responsibility
      and crack the whip to ensure
      that every team member meets
      every "deadline" of the master

      What's funny is that Klemp,
      obviously, doesn't read the
      "how to" propaganda taught
      via the ESC/RESA hierarchy.
      HK's not using proper terminology.
      "Deadline" is not to be used
      because it sounds negative
      and violent. Instead, "goal line"
      is to be used. "Goal line" is
      much more positive and is
      nonthreatening like with
      football or hockey! I know
      that this seems to be nit-
      picking, but Klemp should
      remember the Crab fable.

      Anyway, next, Klemp has a
      non-Aesop fable but states
      that many are ascribed to

      *Socrates and His Friends:
      Socrates once built a house
      and it seemed like everyone
      who saw it had some criticism
      of it. One criticized the outside
      design, another person the
      inside design, and someone
      else said it was all too small.
      Nobody had a kind word to

      Socrates replied to the criticism
      by saying, "My house is small,
      but I wish I had enough true
      friends to fill it."

      HK: Many may claim to be one's
      friends, but only a few are loyal.

      ME: Well, this can probably be
      filed under "the art of (seeing)
      the obvious."

      Next, comes the real spin/lie!

      HK: The source of Socrates
      great wisdom was the ECK
      Adepts. And, today they still
      offer much wisdom to you.

      Now, if Klemp had simply said
      that the "source" of Socrates
      great wisdom was the Holy
      Spirit or the ECK that would
      have been more generic and
      closer to the truth. Socrates
      was a karmically advanced
      Soul according to Eckankar,
      and others, so why did this
      great Soul need to obtain his
      "great wisdom" from Beings
      (ECK Adepts) as his "source"
      versus the ECK (Holy Spirit)
      or God?

      Klemp is a deceiver! He's
      two faced! He preaches
      two opposing messages.
      One is codependency. The
      other is self-mastery and
      responsibility. Yet, with
      these two opposing views
      HK (the hypocrite) confuses
      H.I.s and in order to keep
      them off balance. On one
      hand H.I.s are to be "responsible."
      On the other hand H.I.s
      are to rely upon ECK Adepts
      and the Mahanta!

      This is a psychic trick similar
      to the one Twitchell mentioned
      in Letters to Gail 3. Twit told
      of mentally calling your waitress
      to your table and then reversing
      it with mentally pushing her
      away. This push pull trick, Twit
      said, can drive a person crazy
      if kept up. It will certainly confuse
      a person, especially, if they have
      placed trust in you.

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