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Re: Aliens - Actual or Imaginary?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Etznab and All, Yes, it seems that Twit and ECKankar (Klemp) want it both ways when it comes to religious dogma concerning non-physical Astral/Psychic or
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 13, 2011
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      Hello Etznab and All,
      Yes, it seems that Twit
      and ECKankar (Klemp)
      want it both ways when
      it comes to religious dogma
      concerning non-physical
      Astral/Psychic or God World
      Projection by various imagined
      "bodies" and actual Physical
      Travel via space craft (UFOs

      BTW- How can a person do
      "Astral Travel" in a flying saucer/
      UFO? Doesn't this require an
      Astral Body? Why does one
      need a space craft if they can
      Astral travel or is this like lucid
      dreaming where you can dream
      up whatever is needed?

      Here's the problem. ECKankar
      can't even prove Rebazar exists
      and he's supposed to have a
      physical body and been around
      for over 500 years! Where is he?
      In your dreams? Why? He's got
      a real physical body right? Where
      is he? It's not a belief of faith
      right? So why doesn't he fly in or
      "project" himself to EK Seminars
      for, at least, H.I.s to see and hear?
      It's never happened and never
      will. ECKists are more likely
      to see the Easter Bunny at an
      ECK Seminar than Rebazar!

      And, what "Plane" would a
      person be coming from who
      does actual time travel or is
      from a parallel universe? It's
      the Physical Plane! Otherwise
      it's mental plane and imaginary!

      If one has a physical body
      and is traveling in time
      from one physical place
      (planet) to another physical
      place (planet) why is this
      a "spiritual" event and
      of higher consciousness?
      Is higher intellect and
      greater technology the
      same as having higher
      consciousness like God
      Realization? Not according
      to ECKankar!


      etznab wrote:
      Another article on topic. SPACE TRAVEL BY OUT-OF-THE-BODY PROJECTION - Paul
      Twitchell, Introduction to Eckankar, 1966. (Venus is mentioned on p. 46)


      etznab wrote:
      > Recently saw article by Paul Twitchell from The New Cosmic Star, dated
      February 1968, entitled: UFO's Are Visitors from Astral Plane.
      > Quoting excerpt from article:
      > "The logical explanation for UFO's is that they are not visitors from outer
      space, secret developments by any government, nor the result of mass hysteria.
      They are perfectly natural astral projections of the psychic world."
      > *********
      > Maybe it's just me, but I'm curious about why Eckankar teachings like to have
      it both ways. For example, I've heard talk by Harold Klemp and others (in so
      many words) suggesting UFO's are not space aliens so much as they are from the
      psychic, etc. It sounds to me a little like denial about visitors from other
      planets and outer space. However, I can't see denial after considering stories
      about Gakko, or about Eckankar, from Venus. I can't see denial after considering
      all those races from other planets mentioned by Paul Twitchell in The ECK-Vidya,
      Ancient Science of Prophecy book (Some of them supposed to come take over planet
      Earth in the future).
      > Surely the Eckankar writings are replete with stories about people and races
      of people from other planets, aren't they? So it kind of throws me for a loop
      when UFO's are associated with the Astral and psychic planes. Maybe the message
      is only that "the majority" of UFO experiences are not "real" aliens, but
      psychic plane and imagination?
      > Any thoughts about what is the answer? Like (so far as what Paul Twitchell and
      Eckankar wrote), is it both?
      > Etznab
      > The New Cosmic Star article link is here.
      > http://tinyurl.com/6vsuyoo
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