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How ECKankar's Delusion and Lie is Propagated

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, I find it interesting that, for H.I.s, visualizations and dreams are considered to be proof of their inner spiritual connection with the Mahanta
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9, 2011
      Hello All,
      I find it interesting that,
      for H.I.s, visualizations
      and dreams are considered
      to be proof of their "inner"
      spiritual connection with
      the Mahanta (Klemp), and
      of HIS unconditional love.

      In the article "My Greatest
      Love" (09/2011 H.I. Letter)
      an EK H.I. tells about a
      profound spiritual experience
      she had after singing HU.

      BTW- It's funny how the
      original term "chanting"
      was changed to sound
      more Christian, and less
      foreign and fearful, by
      calling it "singing."

      So, this H.I. "saw" herself
      walking toward the Mahanta
      (Klemp) with an armful
      of golden flowers, her
      gift from the heart, to
      present to her beloved
      teacher. However,as she
      approached him she saw
      the pedals turn light blue
      and the centers turn to
      gold! Klemp took a handful
      from her and handed them
      out to the people surrounding
      them. HK, then, gestured
      for her to mimic him and
      she was grateful to do as
      he suggested.

      Next, this H.I.s says that
      she "contemplated" upon
      the experience and realized
      that the flowers turned blue
      because of the Mahanta's
      presence. (In ECKankar,
      the color blue is associated
      with the Mental Plane and
      to the Mahanta). She states
      that the revelation and
      hidden meaning behind
      this vision is that "her
      personal gift of love" was
      now, mystically, changed
      into "unconditional love."
      This reminds me of how
      the communion host and
      wine are mystically turned
      into the body and blood of
      Christ which, also, represents
      unconditional love.

      It is interesting that H.I.s have
      to be reminded via minor visions,
      which, btw, seem to occur as
      often as a "Blue" moon, that
      they have Sugmad's unconditional
      love. Isn't that a given? But,
      Klemp sees the need for the
      reenforcement of this belief
      needing to be placed in the H.I.
      Letter for the benefit of those
      H.I.s who don't have any "spiritual"
      experiences or visions. Mainly,
      however, the reason for this
      article is to inspire service,
      dedication, and codependency.

      The article goes on and on.
      She, next, states that this
      HU Chant/Sing i.e. Spiritual
      Exercise (S.E.) showed her
      that her gift of love to Spirit
      (ECK) was her willingness
      to be an open channel to
      serve others in the name
      of the Mahanta. Or, IMO,
      she could by-pass the middle
      man Mahanta (Klemp) and
      do everything in the name
      of Sugmad (the EK God)
      i.e. the Mahanta's boss!

      It seems that Klemp is
      not only promoting the
      "service" theme, but is
      showing his Higher Initiates
      that they don't need more
      higher initiations to have
      spiritual experiences... their
      "real" Christmas gifts are
      not visions of sugar plums,
      but are visions of blue flowers
      and hidden meanings or
      interpretations of unconditional
      love. Are sugar plums blue
      or purple?

      Anyway, this H.I., also, states
      that her experience showed
      her what she has to teach...
      that she can speak to all with
      God's love in her heart and
      share the gift of the holy HU.

      I find it interesting that terms
      like Spirit and God are interspersed
      in this article for H.I.s since
      these are words/terms used
      for the public.

      Interesting, too, that the Blue
      Light vibration/consciousness
      is associated with the Mental
      Plane and to the Mahanta. Is
      the KAL in disguise and is
      actually the Mahanta?

      Next, the article has some
      quotes from "Wisdom from
      the Master on Spiritual Leadership:
      ECK Leader's Guide."

      What is your (Mahanta) mission?

      Okay. First, let me say that
      Klemp finally acknowledged
      (listened and learned) that
      he needed to put some of
      his somewhat vague suggestions
      and instructions into a real
      dos/don'ts book for his H.I.s.
      It took him about 20 years
      but he finally figured it out.
      Funny, that someone so clueless
      is supposed to have the highest
      "spiritual" consciousness of
      any and all humans and most
      Souls in general!

      Okay, back to HK's H.I. mission:
      1. Speak with love
      2. Talk about the Light
      and Sound of ECK
      3. Keep these goals
      in mind.
      4. Your spiritual cause
      must glow and light
      your way
      5. You must stay the
      course regardless of
      dark or uneasy moments

      If an H.I., naturally, has
      the Mahanta standing
      beside them why would
      have dark or uneasy
      moments? Isn't Klemp
      doing his job? BTW-
      That made me think.
      If an H.I. trips over a
      stick and falls while
      walking along the
      contemplation trail...

      Next, Klemp asks H.I.s
      How they "begin" this
      mission... which is a
      rather redundant question
      since most "began"
      their service "mission"
      20-25 years ago!

      6. First, treat yourself
      like the child of the
      Holy Spirit

      7. Give this same regard
      to everyone (sounds like
      the Soul=Soul adage)

      8. You are forever a teacher
      for every wandering Soul

      9. Be there for all who seek
      a greater love for God (No
      Sugmad here!)

      10. Teach the wandering Soul

      Does it really require: an annual
      EK religious membership; service;
      donations; attending worship services;
      seminars; having a RESA; an ESC;
      an EK Temple; a list of guidelines;
      a book of H.I. dos and don'ts?
      Is a middleman Mahanta a requirement
      in order to be able to HU, or to
      have any inner and outer guidance
      by Soul and by Sugmad (God)?
      Does on need to be an H.I. Ekist
      to be a good example for others?
      No! But why preach to people as
      a missionary/vahana anyway?
      That's in violation of the ECK Law
      of Non-Interferance. Eckists have
      overlooked this because Klemp
      violates it with his greedy agenda
      of selling his wares and needing
      a free sales staff to do so!

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