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HK: All In Good Time

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, Recently, 11/2011, in a New From ECK pub, we hear about the highlights of a recent pep talk that Klemp recently gave. It s to change up the focus
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2011
      Hello All,
      Recently, 11/2011, in a "New
      From ECK" pub, we hear about
      the highlights of a recent pep
      talk that Klemp recently gave.
      It's to change up the focus for
      Eckists when they contemplate
      and pray and live their delusional
      lives of pretending "as if."

      Klemp quotes an old adage
      by saying, 'Everything happens
      in good time---in its own time."

      Then, there is mention of examples
      where he talks about stories
      with remarkable coincidences
      which illustrate God's perfect
      timing and this helps to change
      attitudes, situations, and resolve

      I keep thinking that this dialogue
      has an underlying objective...
      to appease, comfort, and misdirect.

      HK, next, mentions The Longevity
      Project---a study that leads
      to a long, happy, and healthy
      life. HK's conclusion is that Good
      Health will make it easier for
      Eckists to focus and strive for
      God Consciousness since it
      will take them forever and a
      day to make it to an initiation
      level that results in grabbing
      the golden ring of "mastership"
      at the God Con/Realization

      HK states that all people will
      run their course and that this
      is the nature of life... but to,
      also, remember that you are
      Soul! Next Klemp restates more
      redundant EK dogma with,
      You are not the body.... You,
      Soul, are eternal. I'm wondering
      if old Harry is seeing the gray
      wavering light at the end of
      his tunnel?

      Next is another quote that
      states, Our teachings are
      about learning through
      experience... and, we can
      learn spiritual lessons
      through the experience
      of others and the examples
      (from other people's stories)
      the Master gives us.
      All In Good Time:
      (CD) $15.00
      (DVD) $18.00
      An Excerpt from
      All In Good Time:
      (DVD*) $15.00

      *Note: Broadcast DVDs
      may also be used at local
      Eck events and are available
      to RESAs, regional Vahana
      team leaders, and EMCs.

      So, what it's all about Alfie?

      Well, it's obvious that Klemp
      is selling his wares in order
      to receive those 50% royalties.
      But what else?

      IMO Klemp is, also, giving
      hope to those frustrated
      and tired longtime H.I.s
      who are either chasing their
      tails for that next initiation
      and position or are stuck
      at the 7th.

      It's a delay tactic... just one
      more year.....it's always one
      more year and a boat load
      of more promises with silly
      one dimensional, embellished
      stories that aren't really that
      remarkable, especially, when
      compared to those stories
      of miracles and intercessions
      told by Christians! This is
      what's really comical about
      Klemp's Eckankar....

      that the most advanced spiritual
      path ever can't even top the
      experiences of Christians who
      Klemp had claimed* follow
      a 2nd or 4th Plane entity (God)
      versus that of the 14th Plane

      *[Autobiography of a Modern
      Prophet, pg. 385]

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