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How Much Money Does Klemp (LM/Mahanta) Make?

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  • prometheus_973
    I guess we ll never know since ECKankar doesn t have an open book policy! Why is that? Shouldn t any H.I. have the right to know? Anyway, let s assume that
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 2011
      I guess we'll never know
      since ECKankar doesn't
      have an open book policy!

      Why is that? Shouldn't any
      H.I. have the right to know?

      Anyway, let's assume that
      HK's paid $65,000 per year
      but also has dental, health
      care, retirement, paid housing
      and utilities, a car, secretary,
      handy man, security/chauffeur,
      travel expenses and an expense
      account for clothing, etc., etc.

      BTW- I wonder what Joan's
      income is as well?

      Anyhow, back to Harold Klemp.
      Now, since EK authors and
      musicians are paid 50% in
      royalties for the work that
      is done for ECKankar I'm
      assuming that Klemp, also,
      gets 50% in royalties for
      everything with his name
      on it.

      Therefore, this latest and eighth
      book of the series "The Spiritual
      Life" is one more source of income
      for Klemp. But, how many books
      does ECKankar print in a first run?
      1,000, 5,000, or 10,000?

      How many ECKankar Centers are
      there worldwide? 300? The Satsang
      Societies would have several copies
      of this book at each ECK Center.
      Of course, this book would probably
      be in English only for now.

      And, there are also Internet sales,
      as well as, Seminar sales.

      Then there are book sales at
      Spiritual/New Age/Body, Mind,
      Spirit/Metaphysical/Psychic Fair

      There's always a retirement of
      the old covers and titles and a
      "new" series/cycle of books with
      new titles and covers taking their
      place. New versions of old fabricated
      and embellished stories are told
      as examples to strive for or to
      dream of happening (to you) on
      another plane of consciousness.

      More promises of enlightenment
      and spiritual growth are given,
      but with hidden strings attached...
      the outer initiations that are capped
      at 7 for almost all ECKists. But
      not to worry, there're always the
      "inner initiations" and one's
      imagination will fill-in the blanks
      with worthless dribble from this
      fake master.

      The purpose for Klemp's "new"

      To keep hope and delusion alive;
      keep up the appearance that Eckankar
      isn't stagnant and passé; to feed
      Klemp's hugeeee elephant sized
      ego of being "intelligent" and an
      "author;" to bring in more money
      for the org and for Klemp. Isn't he
      the greatest!

      Really, how much money has
      Klemp made with just royalties
      alone? Millions I'm sure! More
      Snake Oil anyone?

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