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HK's Latest How To Book: "The Spiritual Life"

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, This is Klemp s eighth book in his Immorality of Soul series. I find the advertising for this book interesting- It states that these words will
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 2011
      Hello All,
      This is Klemp's eighth
      book in his "Immorality
      of Soul" series.

      I find the advertising
      for this book interesting-

      It states that these
      words will enliven
      your perspectives on
      Soul's awakening and
      that the spiritual exercises
      given will build up Soul's
      spiritual momentum
      for change and growth,
      relationships, and the
      setting of spiritual
      goals etc.

      How do these redundant
      Mental Plane words of
      encouragement or the
      visualizations via spiritual
      exercises build up spiritual
      momentum for growth
      when Klemp slowed down
      initiations (growth) 25
      years ago? And, how does
      this help with relationships
      when most ECKists, usually,
      have on-going conflicts
      within their family? Many
      ECKists don't even talk to
      family members or try to
      make peace. ECKists simply
      ignore family members and,
      thus, ignore the issues
      or conflict and, therefore,
      miss the opportunities for
      spiritual growth via forgiveness,
      tolerance, and a loving heart.

      Klemp says nothing to encourage
      ECKists to resolve conflicts
      with family members. Instead,
      Klemp confuses ECKists and
      tends to encourage them to
      turn away from family (karma),
      as he did, but then talks about
      having a loving heart. Remember,
      Klemp didn't go to his own
      father's funeral to be with his
      family. Instead HK went to
      see the Black Magician (Darwin)
      at the 1971 EK Worldwide.
      What a hypocrite! This is why
      East and West don't really mix
      well together. One can't rationalize
      about it being their karma and
      then empathize via a loving
      heart with compassion, tolerance,
      and forgiveness.

      Plus, it states that this
      book "The Spiritual Life"
      will give you special
      insight whether you're
      brand new to the ECK
      teachings or a longtime

      Apparently, longtime
      (30-45 year) H.I.s are
      at a similar level of
      consciousness, with
      1st initiates, since this
      book will benefit them
      as well!

      When was the last time
      an EK discourse was written?

      I keep seeing workbooks
      for these 15 year old and
      older discourses but no
      new "spiritual" insights
      let alone any "profound
      truths!" Basically, Klemp
      is going through the
      motions for the hanger-
      ons.... those who are
      afraid of change and true
      "spiritual freedom" from
      dogma and religious rules.
      HK's a "mini-master" who
      runs the org with benevolent,
      and not so, dictators... his
      RESA police via their spy

      ECKankar (Klemp) is living
      in the past with a somewhat
      new PR and packaging for
      old words and concepts that
      aren't all that insightful or
      clever! It's that "New Age"
      twist that creates an apparition
      of truth which is always
      elusive and just out of one's
      reach. However, in reality,
      it's all smoke and mirrors
      as the Black Magician, Klemp,
      works his magic with deceptions
      upon his trusting but weak-
      minded believes and supporters.
      It's so easy when the crowd
      has been programmed to
      accept the illusions as reality.
      Wizard of (o)Z anyone?

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