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  • Sharon
     Whoops - Aimee, I sort of wandered off before I really made the point I wanted to make.  You said you were thinking of going back to Christianity.  The
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 22, 2011
      Whoops - Aimee, I sort of wandered off before I really made the point I wanted to make.  You said you were thinking of going "back" to Christianity.  The point I wanted to make was - if you want to, go!!   You're free - you can do anything you feel like doing!   If you "go back" to Christianity, I daresay you'll look at it differently.  The thing is, when you leave ekult you often feel lost, floundering, like the rope holding your boat to the dock snapped, and you're floating on a vast ocean, etc.  

      After ekult, it's very unlikely that you'll find yourself in another religious/spiritual group as a "true believer".  On the other hand, some ex-eckists do end up in another religion or spiritual path - and that's okay, too.  Some of them are basically just going from one cult to another, in a cultic way, but others genuinely do find good experiences elsewhere.  I'm thinking of one in particular right now, they joined Sant Mat, fully informed and with their eyes open - it suited them and enhanced their personal spirituality.

      Now, for the life of me, I can't explain that voice that told me to go to Mass.  But, there's that strong possibility that yeah, our "inner master" is ourSelves and that's our own voice.  Or, maybe we all have something like a "Guardian Angel", or spirit guide.  Or maybe we've got our own "Alien", we're their personal lab rats or something.  Anyway,  I had a lot of things like that happen ever since I was a kid.  Many people do.  

      I've always been interested in religions, starting in elementary school when my mother bought the World Book Encyclopedia, and I sat down and read the whole thing, and used the study guide to focus on areas of interest - and mythology was a major interest.  I'm still interested in religions, but just as a curiousity and learning experience, not in the sense of trying to fill some emptiness inside me, or needing to find purpose or whatever.  And the last thing I'd be interested in is using religion to be part of a social group.

      When I was younger, because of my mother's becoming a Jehovah's Witnesses, I hated "God" and considered all religions "bad".  Well, many years later, sure there's "bad" everywhere, but there's also a lot of *good* in religions.   That's the kind of world we live in.

      One thing I've learned is - as AA writes below - what's important is connecting to "the internal 'pillars' of our own heart, head, and imagination."   Which could be "God" - the "God" that is "ourSelf".   Going to a church & belonging to some religion doesn't guarantee that "personal" connection to God/Whatever, just as *not* belonging to a religion or having a firm set of beliefs doesn't mean we *don't* have that "connection", or awareness.  Gee, I hope I'm making some sense here!!   

      Everyone's different, and has different feelings & beliefs in their own "spiritual" world.  Some atheists can actually be closer to "God" than someone who's very "religious" and follows their own chosen religion to the letter.  

      Aimee, if you feel like going back to Christianity do it - but don't feel like you have to do or believe anything in particular about it.  When I'm in a "believing in God" mood, I can use any religion (or non-religion) to sort of express those feelings, that "connection".  When it comes to something as personal as our relationship with "God", we need to make our own "rules", if any.  And that can include using established religions, without totally buying into or believing everything any particular religion teaches.

      Posted by: "Austin Atma" austinatma@... austinatma
          Date: Fri Oct 21, 2011 3:55 pm ((PDT))

      >>"However, what's the need with joining another religion? Is it
      >>a need for being part of a social community? If so, then volunteer 
      >>or join a secular community group." (I think this is a Prometheus quote)

      >Sometimes I think the more religion, the more difficulty we're having connecting to the internal "pillars" of our own heart, head, and imagination.  And by "own" I just mean 
      >self/other understanding and discovery through common sense connections with life and everything in it.  

      >All too often we will choose infantile fantasy over common sense and authentic connection.  

      >Pass the chocolate and airbrushed reality ;-).

      What????  Don't you like chocolate????   Hey - pass it on to me!!!!   And you know, I have no problem with my infantile fantasies getting along with my common sense and authentic "connection".   Airbrushed reality has its place in the world.  Oh, laughing here, I just remembered an old Wiccan friend many years ago, she did the whole coven & formal ritual thing - well, when she visualized, she'd always imagine the God looked like Sting!!   Hey, whatever works....heck, visualizing Sting certainly makes more sense than visualizing wimpy unattractive Harold Klemp!  <gg>

      I like what you're saying here, AA - but it depends.  Back when I was an eckist, I had a good Christian friend who'd join a particular church or denomination for a short time, and then move on to another.  Not because of any dissatisfaction or non-fulfillment, but simply to learn different things in different ways.  I enjoyed going to different church services, too.  Very interesting, but usually the music was just too darned loud!

      This is the thing - everyone's different.  There's good & bad in everything.  There are some secular volunteer groups that are absolutely fanatical & cultic about their own particular cause.   Oh - a funny thing - now, I'm not a "social" person, but a funny thing in that year I  did Catholicism, no one talked to me!   It was *very* non-social, but of course, I didn't make an effort, wasn't interested.  When I showed up at the carnival because I'd signed up as a volunteer, the woman assigning the jobs gave me a sort of strange look, like she was wondering who I was and where I came from - there's usually a "core" group of active people in any church.  On the other hand, I've been to several services at a young relative's church, and ohmigod those people, especially the older ones, attack like vultures!!   In a sort of sweet and caring way.  It's a bit of a fundamentalist church, they're like that.  Want to save everyone from hellfire.  <gg>  

      Okay, I'm probably rambling here - but the point I think I'm trying to make is, it's a really big world filled with all sorts of stuff, and you can look at anything in so many different ways...and in most of them, you can find both good and bad.  Even in <shudder> ekult.  Yeah, let's face it - it "works" for some, and there are even some eckists who know the "truth" but stay with it, for many reasons.  And that's okay, too.  

      Okay, gotta go, have a great weekend, everyone!  



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