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Question: Does Eckankar Practice Dualism or non-Dualism?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, The key word is practice. However, ECKankar s dogma is dualistic in that there is Good and Evil, and Negative and Positive. Klemp, the 14th Plane
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2011
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      Hello All,
      The key word is "practice."
      However, ECKankar's dogma
      is dualistic in that there is
      Good and Evil, and Negative
      and Positive. Klemp, the 14th
      Plane Mahanta, epitomises
      the Positive and Good, whereas,
      the KAL represents Negative
      and Evil while delving out

      The lower planes (below the
      Pure/Positive God Worlds of
      the 5th Soul Plane) are seen
      and defined as the Negative
      worlds. Twitchell referred to
      the Physical Plane (earth) as
      being "the ashcan of the universe."
      This negative dogma, also,
      includes what Eckankar defines
      as the upper Mental region
      or Etheric Plane. Thus, according
      to ECKankar's dogma/scripture
      all Lower Plane thoughts and
      expressions, can only be defined
      as Negative and only, seemingly,
      positive. What seems to be
      "positive" or "good" is merely
      illusion. Therefore, all books,
      words, and thoughts coming
      from Harold Klemp, or anyone,
      is mere delusion/illusion. Life,
      here, is seen as a "dream."

      However, ECKists do not
      practice what they preach.
      There's a lot of rationalization
      taking place and Klemp leads
      the way.

      Many ECKists have a non-
      dualistic view. They see themselves
      as SOUL and as eternal and
      One with all creation. The Sant
      Mat (EK) dogma, that Twitchell
      stole, states that SOUL is a
      spark of God (SUGMAD) and
      reflects the Divine essence
      like a piece of a broken mirror

      When ECKists contemplate/
      pray (HU)/meditate they will
      often experience a Oneness
      with the Divine. And, let's not
      forget... ECKankar Dogma states
      that Higher Initiates are Higher,
      in Consciousness, than the "God"
      that all other religions worship!

      Therefore, ECK H.I.s are seen
      as divinely "higher" and "One"
      with all of creation (of the lower
      planes 1-4) and, thus, they
      come to believe in and experience

      Anyway, what's your take on
      ECKists' struggle with their
      religious schizophrenia?

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