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Re: a grain of truth

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Diana and All, I try to steer away from any mention of Quantum Physics or Quantum Mechanics because I don t understand it and because too many scammers
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 28, 2011
      Hello Diana and All,
      I try to steer away from
      any mention of "Quantum
      Physics or Quantum Mechanics"
      because I don't understand
      it and because too many
      scammers use these terms
      as catch words.

      Way back, after the Beatles
      and before Eckankar, I was
      a TMer and followed Maharishi.
      He only had a Bachelors degree
      in Physics (I was told), but spoke
      as an expert on Quantum Mechanics
      in relation to Transcendental
      Meditation (TM) and Unity Consciousness.

      Another scammer (from Canada)
      who claims to use Quantum Physics,
      in healing, is Adam Dreamhealer.
      I'm surprised Klemp hasn't used
      this approach to spirituality.

      Yes, it would be logical that what
      we call "God" (by various names)
      would be conscious of Itself. The
      question is more along the line
      of, How much (if any) of this GOD
      Consciousness can we experience?
      I guess that, too, depends upon
      us and each personal, conscious,
      and subconscious definition of
      who or what God is, as well as,
      numerous other subjective factors.

      We could say, and assume,
      that God is all consciousness
      and that this consciousness
      holds the physical universe(s)
      together while influencing
      other matter and non-matter.

      Could the universe be on auto
      pilot? Or, are there other factors?
      Maybe not!

      But, if God is everything, then,
      It is part of us and we are part
      of It. However, to what degree
      is our consciousness in proportion
      to God's consciousness? Does
      our intellect factor into this equation?
      To what degree are we able to
      visualize, imagine, dream, or
      delude ourselves? Why do we
      worship and follow others when
      what they (supposedly) say/said
      and do/did was their own individual
      glimpse (or not) into the God

      A true teacher shows one "how"
      to think, Not "what" to think!

      Anyway, it's an interesting
      topic and is difficult to approach
      without sounding like I'm parroting
      someone or something else as
      the Eckists and other religionists
      do. Critical thinking seems to be
      a mind function that religionists
      have relinquished over blind faith.


      dianastanley wrote:
      I'm afraid my quantum phyisics
      is showing. Instead of atom you
      could say unit of counciousness.
      I see counciousness as something
      all things exist in not that it exists
      in us although it seems like it as
      we are used to feeling sepperate
      from all other things.

      I believe God, so to speak, can
      only beaware of itself in it's creations.
      So in a way we are the body and
      mind of IT. I didn't put it very well
      but when you talk on this level it
      is hard to find the right words.
      Why this happened I have no


      prometheus wrote:
      > Hello Diana,
      > interesting and thought provoking!
      > I see it somewhat semantically
      > different (I think).
      > Maybe it's that all consciousness
      > Is divided into individual states/
      > units/Souls. But I also see that
      > all "units" are unified and share
      > the (non-religious) Divine essence
      > of Being. I don't really see the
      > "atom" correlation as much since
      > human thoughts are extremely
      > powerful while not containing
      > atoms, although, thoughts can
      > control and manipulate atoms
      > in/of the physical universe.
      > I don't see that consciousness
      > is comprised of atoms, either,
      > since thoughts are not comprised
      > of atoms, although, the atoms
      > that comprise our bodies and
      > minds create thoughts (dreams)
      > and individual consciousness.
      > Brain chemistry and its pathways
      > are important, as well, so sometimes
      > it's the arrangement of various
      > atoms and their interactions
      > with/to one another.
      > I will say that it appears that
      > there are almost infinite degrees
      > and combinations for these atoms
      > to be arranged and to function
      > at any given point in time. Thus,
      > "Truth" becomes more a social/
      > religious/scientific term and
      > theory is merely a degree of
      > faith via observation.
      > As far as consciousness remaining
      > after the individual dies... I don't
      > know. Where is it? What impact does
      > it have, and on whom or what? Who
      > says it does remain and how do they
      > know? It sounds like a nice thought
      > and a reassuring pov, but....? Then,
      > again, there's the "Soul" view which
      > is very similar.
      > The one thing that I've observed and
      > experienced is that there are individual
      > (Soul) patterns, choices, and fate, as
      > well as, "nudges" and quiet "whispers"
      > that we all experience during our lives.
      > IMO, people are merely the human/individual
      > and physical expressions of the Divine
      > Consciousness while Soul/Spirit is the
      > conduit and observer within. However,
      > many are unaware of or reject this, and
      > similar philosophies, and choose to follow
      > ego and/or religion.
      > Prometheus
      > dianastanley wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi everyone. I have come to the understanding for my self, that
      counciousness is not divided into individual souls. It is one and when a form is
      available it manifestest as it needs a vehicle in which to know it self. Someone
      said counciousness is like a whale looking at its own tail. we are the tail.
      Because we are in seppret forms counsessness itdendifies with the individual
      form and comes to believe it is seperat from all other forms. We are tought that
      as children. We have a name and a body that is male or female. we are different
      from everyone else.
      > > Every living form from flowers to people have an atom of counciousness in
      > > when the body dies counciousness returns to itself.
      > > of course that may be all bullsh-t but right now I believe it!
      > > Diana
      > > --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@> wrote:
      > > >
      > > > Hello Tyson,
      > > > Welcome to the site. I'd like
      > > > to respond to your comments.
      > > >
      > > >
      > > > Tyson wrote:
      > > >
      > > > "Eckankars grain of truth is that we are soul and we are eternal thus we
      > > > manifest somewhere in gods kingdom. IT IS AN ILLUSION OT THIS WORLD THAT
      WE ARE
      > > > NOT ALREADY IN THE PRESENSE OF GOD. Paul had some spiritual experiences
      > > > unfortunately he was unwilling to work a regular job, or be a mediocre
      > > > writer, or just another spiritual writer. Thus the big lie of mahanta
      > > > consciousness."
      > > >
      > > >
      > > > ME: IMO all religions are false teachings.
      > > > One can only come to "Know" about Soul,
      > > > ETC. from personal and private experiences
      > > > during a lifetime. Tick tock, tick tock... time
      > > > is running out for Eckists to see beyond the
      > > > false teachings of Twitchell and Klemp. We
      > > > are both dual as Soul and as persons and,
      > > > yet, we are one with one another via the
      > > > Divine essence/creative/destructive force.
      > > >
      > > >
      > > > "There are spiritual travelers (masters, Jesus, Siddharta, Krishna ect..)
      > > > was not one of them. He had some cool out of the body experiences and a
      con mans
      > > > mind.Teachers or masters are there only to help awaken in us what we
      > > > know but have forgotten. I myself practice Sahaji which is learning to
      open the
      > > > spiritual eye so one can see and hear the music of the celestial sound
      > > > To have an experience with this is a blessing. Paul in his own self
      > > > vanity, used something beautiful and sacred for his own selfish means. Sat
      > > > means truth. Regardless of the fact that harold teaches love, he hides
      from the
      > > > truth also for selfish means. In this world I have come to believe that
      > > > selfishness is the first sin. Ek Ong Kar was never meant to be a religion
      > > > ameans to awaken to spirit, never meant for profit. The nine silent ones
      > > > exist yet another grain ot truth in pauls fiction."
      > > >
      > > >
      > > > ME: Those mentioned above were
      > > > "extroverted" masters. However,
      > > > IMO, there are many more who are
      > > > "introverted" masters and many of
      > > > those live "now" and are/were not
      > > > of the ancient past. Today, most
      > > > extroverts have demonic, self-centered
      > > > (and more negative versus positive)
      > > > tendencies/characteristics. It's become
      > > > a bipolar narcissistic world.
      > > >
      > > > BTW- The Spiritual Eye or Tisra Til
      > > > is merely the 6th Astral Chakra. The
      > > > 7th or Crown Chakra is easier to use
      > > > in order to leave the body through
      > > > the top of the head.
      > > >
      > > > Also, The Path of the Masters gives
      > > > another name for God other than
      > > > Ek Ong Kar... it's Ekankar. Paul added
      > > > the "c."
      > > >
      > > > And, I don't believe in any Nine Silent
      > > > Ones nor anything coming from Sant
      > > > Mat. It's all bullshit. One cannot share
      > > > their truth as a religion. One can take
      > > > and use some of what another has
      > > > learned via their own revelations into
      > > > the Divine in order to prime one's own
      > > > pump, so to speak, but after that it's
      > > > up to You directing You.
      > > >
      > > > We all need to become our own spiritual
      > > > leader/teacher and take responsibility
      > > > instead of following others. I'll admit
      > > > that Jesus did have some very good
      > > > lessons to teach. Unfortunately, those
      > > > who lead us today, religious/political,
      > > > cannot hold a candle to those teachings.
      > > > They all give lip service to those lessons
      > > > of love, empathy, tolerance, forgiveness,
      > > > and compassion. Look at Klemp! Did he
      > > > forgive Darwin? No! HK's never even mentioned
      > > > Darwin's death! Yet, Darwin gave Harold
      > > > almost all of his initiations including the
      > > > 12th! People, like Klemp, are hypocrites
      > > > who say one thing and and do another.
      > > >
      > > >
      > > > Prometheus
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