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Re: Klemp Is Sill Using Scare Tactics On Eckists

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  • dianastanley43
    I believe harold is seriously mentally ill. I saw it when i worked with him. Given his role now as God it has pushed him over the edge. So there can be no real
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 26, 2011
      I believe harold is seriously mentally ill. I saw it when i worked with him. Given his role now as God it has pushed him over the edge.
      So there can be no real explination for what he does and says. How can it possibly make anysense. Eckankar will pass away when he does.

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > In the September 2011 EK Mystic
      > World, "The Wisdom Notes," Klemp
      > attempts to make a case, with the
      > help of a couple of psychological
      > studies that show brain patterns
      > change due to Internet usage. This
      > change, supposedly, causes a negative
      > effect upon one's ability to concentrate
      > compared to reading a book. Klemp
      > preaches that (his) paper books are,
      > therefore, better than reading the
      > same text from even Kindles or i-Pads!
      > HK, also, states that young people
      > have become obsessive about texting
      > and that this is a hinderance to spiritual
      > growth. Of course Klemp (a recluse) has
      > overlooked the fact that young people,
      > even introverts, are communicating
      > more with their peers (from all around
      > the world) and are being more sociable,
      > while learning and developing new brain
      > patterns compatible for the computer
      > age.
      > However, I find a few things interesting
      > with Klemp's Wisdom Notes. First, he still
      > has that younger looking picture of himself
      > on the page. What's with that? Is Harry
      > vain and obsessed with his past image?
      > Klemp needs to live in the reality of Now
      > versus the past!
      > Also, in this article, Klemp starts off
      > three sentences with "But." In a past
      > article in a H.I. Letter HK stated that
      > Eckists should Not use "But!" He said
      > it was "a nail in the coffin of invention"
      > and some other crap. He even quoted Kant
      > in order to make his point. So, it seems,
      > Klemp's as much of a hypocrite as other
      > religious leaders. Do as I say, not as I do!
      > Interesting, too, that HK uses the EK "Principle
      > of the Threes" to lead off three sentences
      > with "BUT" when he described its usage
      > in negative terms. Is this Black Magic he's
      > using? Why would he use a negative
      > word that changes or reverses the meaning
      > of a sentence Three Times? Hmmmmm.
      > And, yes, Klemp revisits the EMF/EMR
      > harm done by electronic devices... so
      > stay away from those cell phones and
      > computers. What's even funnier with this
      > attempt to manipulate Eckists is that,
      > next, Klemp gives an Internet address
      > for a book that can explain the dangers
      > the Internet can cause to the brain! LOL!
      > What a dumb ass! I say this because he
      > can't even see the hypocrisy staring
      > him in the face.
      > In conclusion Klemp gives a warning
      > that these "electronic tools" may also
      > alter and weaken one's relationship
      > with the Mahanta (his alter ego).
      > So watch out for the evils of Googling,
      > especially, if you Google "Eckankar
      > Survivors Anonymous!"
      > BTW- Do you think that Klemp is
      > a Tea Bagger? I'm thinking that the
      > way he distorts and manipulates the
      > truth that he has to be a Tea Bagger!
      > Prometheus
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