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Eckankar: Another Ho Hum New Age Diet

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  • prometheus_973
    When Eckankar s leader, Harold Klemp, talks about the Mahanta he s talking about himself, but a younger looking version right? Really, look at his official
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2011
      When Eckankar's leader, Harold Klemp,
      talks about "the Mahanta" he's talking
      about himself, but a younger looking
      version right? Really, look at his official
      picture provided on the Wisdom Notes
      page of the EK Mystic World newsletter.
      And, this is the official picture that is
      to be displayed, according to the Guidelines,
      in ECKankar Centers and at official EK
      functions. This is the past (Causal Plane)
      image that Eckists are to visualize on
      the "Inner Planes" when seeking out the
      Mahanta (consciousness).

      But, don't all Eckists experience this
      so-called Mahanta Consciousness
      every now and then and more often
      with more initiations and via imagination?
      Why then does Klemp make it limited
      to an individual (himself) and have it
      directed towards a past (15 year old)
      image of himself?

      Klemp wants and needs to be all powerful.
      He doesn't want to share and that's why
      Higher Initiations are rarer to obtain...
      especially the 8th! In reality there should
      be 3 12th Initiates, 33 9ths, and 333 8ths!
      There would be if there was any other
      LEM than selfish and vain Klemp at the

      HOWEVER, a Black Cloud lies over grumpy
      old Harold's head and it becomes the Tough
      Luck of his dreamy followers. BUT if these
      same H.I.s permitted Soul to steer their
      route their spiritual Journey and Destination
      would be calmer and less delayed. This
      is the painful Truth that Eckists don't
      want to and can't hear. What would they
      have without Eckankar... Soul and Spiritual/
      Religious Freedom that's what!

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