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HK's Steps To Self-Mastery

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  • prometheus_973
    Is anyone else getting tired of hearing about Klemp s EK Seminars and his silly talks about the same old steps to self- mastery or hearing about and reading
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2011
      Is anyone else getting tired of hearing
      about Klemp's EK Seminars and his silly
      talks about the same old "steps" to self-
      mastery or hearing about and reading
      the same old dribble that has been re-
      packaged from decades ago? And, isn't
      seeing paintings of steps and archways
      and gardens with beautiful flowers with
      a mountain in the distance sort of the
      same old redundant crap that are always
      being promoted and dangled before Eckists?
      Yes, it's part of the glamour and prestige
      of travel to beautiful and magical "inner"
      worlds! It's fun pretending isn't it!

      How many Eckists remember their dreams
      and when they do what "spiritual"
      significance do they purport? Oh, I know.
      They saw the Klempster with a blue aura
      around him, and that means that they're
      on track! But doesn't the color "blue"
      signify the mental plane? Where in the God
      Worlds does the color "blue" have meaning?
      This whole "Mahanta" title was created by
      Twitchell in 1969... even Doug Marman
      agrees! Therefore, the "blue light" is only
      a Mind Plane ekperience that was created
      to sell a religion to New Age thinkers!
      Many of these people are magical and
      metaphysical thinkers who want and
      need to believe in something unique
      and special in order to feel unique
      and special themselves. They have
      been lied to for so many years by
      physicians, politicians, and preachers
      but, now, think they have found the
      Truth... except Twitchell lied too.
      Therefore, Darwin was a continuation
      of the lie and fraud and Klemp inherited
      all of it and has continued the facade...
      like the Wizard of Oz!

      Also, just because Klemp, or one of PT's
      fictitious characters (EK Masters) appear
      in dreams doesn't mean they are real.
      What one's mind is focused upon at
      bedtime is usually what they will dream
      about because the mind has been programmed
      to recall HK's image and/or the images
      of other EK Masters/characters.

      However, often, the subconscious mind
      will insert its own impressions and this
      creates confusion when combined with
      conscious programming.

      Thus, "spiritual" relevance becomes more
      clouded by mental exercises that repeat
      limited and self-serving outcomes. Eckists
      are much more like other religionists than
      they could dare admit. Look at the hypocrisy
      of the LEM's hierarchy when it is claimed
      that Soul=Soul! Eckankar is simply a,
      1-4 Plane, dogmatic mind game!

      BTW- Is the ECK-Vidya still sold? I don't
      think so! Yet, there will be an ECK-Vidya
      Workshop at the Worldwide Seminar!
      Strange, that it's no longer sold or used
      in EK Book Discussions but is "discussed"
      in a Workshop at the Worldwide Seminar.
      I doubt if a person would be able to say
      that it all sounds like a rearrangement of
      the zodiac and a reinterpretation of
      astrological signs with name changing
      would they? And, look at how that was
      proven to be wrong after hundreds
      of years! Or, would the new version of
      propaganda be that Twitch had it right
      in the first place? It's interesting how
      one can use 20/20 hindsight to create
      a new lie and disguise it as truth.

      Anyway, it seems that Klemp's "Steps for
      Self-Mastery" are for deluded Eckists to:
      bring in more suckers; take training for
      everything; do workshops; take and teach
      classes; dig into that Vahana "toolbox;"
      and dream on because Klemp isn't handing
      out what you really need for Self-Mastery...
      initiations 9-12!

      More "busy work" is always needed to
      keep Eckists distracted and feeling good.
      But it's kind of tough seeing someone
      who hasn't paid their dues to get that
      higher initiation that should have come
      to you or another more deserving. Plus,
      when that Eckist is a twit and doesn't
      know or volunteer as much as you and
      is not as good at explaining Eckankar
      to people etc. etc., well, you get the
      picture. I've seen this hap[pen all too
      often and then had to deal with these
      people in coordinator/vahana positions
      and it wasn't easy. There was no "higher"
      consciousness involved and "spiritually"
      wasn't hidden within, on the "inner,"
      anymore than the next person/Soul!

      The initiation promotion system seems
      arbitrary but it's not. It's pretty much
      a personality contest along with factoring
      in negative impressions you've exhibited
      to others who have the RESA's ear, or
      phone number. LOL!

      And, if certain people have more H.I.
      friends and seem nicer or more passive
      (i.e. loving) than you they are usually
      promoted faster. However, in order to
      become a RESA one can't be passive and
      nicely acting all the time... unless you
      delegate power to others who are more
      narcissistic and who can be quite mean

      Back to Initiations-
      Look at how few 8th there are and ask
      yourself, "Why?" After all, Klemp is supposed
      to be the highest or best Mahanta ever!
      Just read between the lines... it's all in his
      PR. So, where are those HighEST Initiations?
      We know that there are a few 9ths, although,
      for some strange reason a 9th can't say
      they are a 9th but Klemp could say it and
      has said it to the ECK Board. It's another
      secret and a "mystery" that has Eckists
      guessing, assuming, and imagining what
      ever to make their religion work for them.
      Like with other religions Eckankar was
      created by men and so was their "God."
      Why hasn't Klemp given out some 12ths
      after all these years? It's because he doesn't
      want to share the power, although, he'd
      still be the top dog Mahanta. Still, he doesn't
      want to take the chance, unless, he could
      give the 12th to Joan who couldn't become
      the LEM let alone the Mahanta!

      The truth is the God/man Klemp is selfish
      and a narcissist!

      HK can't and won't share! Or, maybe, he's
      simply incompetent as an ECK Master! Klemp
      might not even be an ECK Master. It could
      be that he was removed, years ago, and has
      blocked and manipulated the dreams of his
      followers to prevent them from knowing Who
      the real and true Mahanta is! HK's, perhaps,
      even blocked and disguised himself as Rebazar
      in order to influence chelas. Has Klemp become
      the Black Magician... like his former Master...

      Anyway, it's another perspective and something
      for Eckists to contemplate upon.

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